Thursday, March 31, 2016

♫♪leaving on a jet plane♪♫

soon soon soon... I'll be leaving on a jet plane!  headed to sunny and warm Florida!  Just at the right time.. its supposed to be COLD like in the 20's here and snow!  Get me outta here!

I am seriously in need of getting away. I am worn out and need a pick me up!  

I'm looking forward to seeing my mom and my brother in Deltona and my dad, step mom, my sister Tula and her husband as well as my step sister Cindy in Jacksonville.  
after that..  I just want the beach!

We fly in tomorrow to Sanford and pick up our rental car.  My cousin Michelle, who I am going with, says we are getting in the car and going right to the beach!  OK.. I'm good with that!  lol!  then we will go to my mothers for the night and we'll spend Saturday with her and my brother.  Sunday were heading up to Jacksonville and spending the day and night with my dad, stepmom and sister.   Monday morning we're having breakfast with my stepsister Cindy then heading to Daytona. where we have a hotel on the beach through Thursday.   My mom will visit us there  and my mother in law and some aunts will visit us there as well.   And finally, Thursday night back to my moms and Friday we come home , but lets not think about that part yet... 

I just know its going to go way to fast.   I shall catch up when I return and I'm sure that I will have lots of pictures to share!  
hi ho hi ho.. off to Florida I go!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

hippity hoppity happy easter day!

Happy Easter Morn!   Dont forget the real reason we celebrate this day.  I am thankful every day that Jesus lives and that I know I am saved by the blood of the lamb.. 
and someday I shall meet him in person!

Wishing you all a Joyfilled Easter Sunday!
Heres one of my favorite songs to celebrate today

Happy Easter!!!!  Love you all!
love this one too..


Wednesday, March 16, 2016


 Good morning!  happy Wednesday!  Im thinking that today is a beautiful day... even if the weather is a little rainy and cool.  Im ok with that..   the first day of spring is just days away.. and I know brighter days are coming!  
Im off from work today and planning on having a fun day.  starting out here at home.. needed to work on some bears for an hour or so..  

Then I'll be heading to the city to do a little shopping..   truthfully that part could prove to be painful as I need to find a bathing suit.  I'm heading to Florida in just 16 days!  woohoo!    staying with my mom a couple nights, my dad a night and then a few days at a hotel right on the beach.  I CANT WAIT!  (well except for the plane ride.. that part I cant stand the thought of... )    anyways...
soo a little bit of shopping this morning.,

Then I'll be meeting up with my cousin (who I am going to florida with) for a light lunch and a little beach trip planning!    after that, I shall be heading back here to meet up with Jennifer, Bethany, Vanessa and one of my dear friends to go to Buffalo to see the musical BEAUTIFUL about Carole King's life!  I am so excited about that!  Her "Tapestry" album is my all time favorite album since I was about 13 years old.   Ive worn out several of them.. the vinyl album, which I still have with a million scratches and skips on it, and Ive gone through 2 or 3 cassettes..  I dont have a CD of it.. I should get one.  But, I listen to the album on youtube all the time.. so why buy the CD?  lol!
Her one song Beautiful is probably my most favorite one..
♪♫"You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart, then people gonna treat you better, you're going to find Yes you will, that youre Beautiful as you feel!"♫♪

happy day girlie pies! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

three tiers of Easter treasures!

so much cute stuff.  So many of my little treasures were made by artsy fartsy friends and received through swaps.  I'm thinking pretty much those swappy days are over.  and I'm ok with that.  I really have more then I have room for!  lol!  well, I could make more room..  I would really like to have a couple shelves of just vintagey Easter stuff..  but seems its hard to come by.  I have been on the look out and have come up with zilch.. unless I look on line and I think people on ebay just want too much.  but I will keep my eyes open.  ..   If I just didn't have to work..  think of all the time I could spend in search of more treasures!  lol!  well, then I wouldn't have money to blow on stuff though!  lol..
so back to my original thought..   I have too much anyways!

cute stuff .. very very cute stuff...

hmmm..   I'm thinking I need some Easter lambs.......  I have made a few..   Oh dear..   I need more time..   now I have a little lamb dancing in my head..  as well as a little needle felted wobble head chick and bunny..  but.. there are bear orders....  that I need to finish..  Technically I shouldn't even be sitting here.  I should be working on those bears.    vacation money!  lol!

speaking of vacation that's something else I need to be thinking about.  I need to dig out my summer clothes and see what I have to take to Florida and what I need to buy.   Fat.  that is the issue.  what will fit????  sorting and trying things on will not be fun...  oy vey.. lets not think about that right now...   

sooo..  bunnies  bunnies bunnies..  see that little pink bunny above?   that is me! I have very few pics of me as a kid.  I was about 2 in that picture I think.  I wish I had all of our family photos.. I don't know who has them or if they even exist anymore.  When I go to Florida I will inquire about them! I do think my sister has some.

okeedokie.. was just popping in for a minute.  I really have to go work on the bears for an hour and then get ready to go do make up for my daughters musical.. guys and dolls.  omg.. they did a great job!  
toodles Chickies!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

just playing around!

good morning little chickadees!  If you're my face book friend you may have already seen these pictures from Sunday morning.    I had a little play time with my Figgy pie and Frannie pants!

I sat on the kitchen floor playing with all my Easter wind ups!  Torry, Lilly and I had played with them the day before and I noticed that Figgy and Frannie were watching from the side lines.. (they don't like to be around my pies...  silly cats!)

by the way... isn't she stinking cute???  
check this one out too...  freak'n cute as heck... kisses for the new bunny!

They got a new bunny this weekend..  cute thing!  I used to have some rabbits.. their names were fluffanutter bunny butt and uncle wiggly bunbuns!  lol!

Anyways.. so I entertained the kitties for a while.  Figgy was much more interested than Frannie was.

Or perhaps it was they that entertained me.  Regardless.. we had fun!  I think my husbands thinks I'm nuts..  lol!

well..   I'm ok with that.  you cant beat being silly in my book, Especially when you mix silly with cute.   there should be a word for that..  silly and cute..  I don't know what it would be...  but it would be a good word!  lol!

ok.. I need to go work on some bears for an hour before I get ready to go to work.. 
Have a great Wednesday!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

the sweetest bouquet from the sweetest heart!

Up early as usual.  Torry informed me the other day that he needed to have an overnight friday night because his mommy and daddy were going to a party and only his grammie can watch him!  how do you say no. lol!!  But when I wake up in the morning I have to sneak.. seriously sneak around in my house.  Because if he wakes up when I do.. he will get up and talk. and talk .. and talk!  And my ears will fall off.    I dont like my ears to fall off before .. oh you know... 9:00 am!  lol! 

He is pretty darn awesome though.  He brought me these flowers.  These are the sweetest flowers Ive ever recieved.   He told me on the phone this week that he had flowers in his backpack for me, but not to worry because they dont have to go in water.  He said but they are not paper flowers grammie.  But they are not real he said.   He told me that he got them at school.  So Ive been waiting all week and last night was the night. 

And you know what he said to me,  we were putting the flowers in a vase and he said, "Grammie I just wanted you to know how much I love you and next time I'll get you real ones"   And I said You dont ever have to give me flowers again, because these are the most special flowers Ive ever recieved and they will last forever.   and they will, because, I will never throw them out. 
Bethany told me the story behind the flowers.  His headstart teacher was throwing them away and he asked if he could take them to give to his grammie.   Isnt that precious? 
I am blessed!
I love my grandpies!  Every one of them!
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

candy jar woes

 So.. I was at Homegoods and I saw a big jar in their Easter section filled with Easter candy with big foil wrapped bunnies in it.. I can't describe it well, but believe me when I say it was stinking cute!  I wanted it but it was 39.00 and I couldn't make myself spend 39.00 on a jar of Easter candy.   If I had been thinking more clearly, I would have realized that I will end up spending that much on candy for all my kids and pies and that I could have enjoyed looking at it on the kitchen counter right up to Easter day and then I could have given them all the candy.. or I could have just never eaten any of it and just put it out year after year.  (I have some foil wrapped bunnies and chicks that I've had for years that I store away each year! lol!  I hope no one ever tries to eat them! lol!)  
Anyways...    so like I normally do, I became obsessed and couldn't stop thinking about that stupid jar of Easter cuteness.  Homegoods is an hour away and I just couldn't make myself go back to spend all that money on it.   But..  I SHOULD have!  lol!  Because then I got the idea to make my own.  And by the time I bought the jar, the 4 big bunnies and all the other candy fillers.. I spent MORE then the 39.00.. and it didn't turn out even remotely close to being as cute as the jar at Homegoods..  soo..  I am seriously considering giving this jar of candy away and going to buy the stupid jar at Homegoods..  Do not do the math because then you will realize just how deep the sickness goes..   Lol!! and dont judge me! LOL!!   I know Im a little nuts.  If I go back and buy that jar.. I'll surely post a picture! 

 In other news, I spent the weekend putting out all my Easter cuties and also working.. (work notes.. lots of them...)   As for the decorating.. it is getting more overwhelming as the years go by.  But I don't see myself cutting back anytime soon.  well, I suppose that's not totally true.  I only put out the things I love.  there were a few things that didnt make the cut.  The problem is that I LOVE SO MUCH!   lol!! 

I only have 4 bins of Easter stuff and buy Sunday afternoon I was already dreading putting Halloween out!  LOL!!!!!  SERIOUSLY!

But in the end.. the cuteness wins and now its done and the only obsessing going on is whether or not to take a trip to the Homegoods store! heehee..  (I probably wont...)
Happy March first!