Thursday, November 26, 2015

turkey turkey turkey turkey turkey!

Ive had visions of Turkeys dancing in my HEAD for weeks!  and now.. I just want some TURKEY in my BELLY lol!  with mashed taters, sweet taters, squash, veggie casseroles, gravy.. rolls...  STUFFING and PIEs!!
I am soooo very thankful every single day for sooo very much!  
and Im thankful for my bloggypie friends!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

busy busy busy!

Good Morning bloggy pals!  I had yesterday off for Veterans day and was busy from 4:15 am til I dropped onto the couch at about 9:00 last night.  I managed to pack up Halloween in the morning.. then I went on a secret mission with ALL my pies Torry, Marla, Violet, Lilly, Scarlet, Ella and Carson and my daughter Jen (the only other one who knew what my plan was.)   when the secret part was finished,  I took them all out to lunch, minus the babies, we dropped them off at their homes first.  wish I had had my camera with me.  They were all so so good.  not a single behavior issue.  We did have one unfortunate incident, when precious little violet fell in the grass and cut her face on something.  nasty little cut, right near her eye..   broke my heart!  I felt horrible returning her to her mom injured...   The kids were having so much fun running around and playing and then boom!  she was down.
After all that, I came home and dragged the thanksgiving bins down (only two).   and then it took me the rest of the day and evening to put everything out and to clean up.   We ended up ordering pizza and wings because I was lazy and tired.  

and now.. I must get back to work on my memory bears!  Ive pretty much been a bear making machine.  Here are a couple pics of two of the orders I just completed.  there was a an order of 6 that I just finished also, but I delivered those with out taking pics first. 

I seriously still have about another 30 bears to make, as well as a few other odds and ends orders.    all good.. my plan is still to have them all done by the end of the month.  fingers crossed!
and so now..
I need to get ready for work.  kind of have a nasty little headache this morning.. hoping another cup of tea and some tylenol will end that.  
Have a great day!!!
OHHH!!  PS!!
update on the gender reveal party!  
another princess!!  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

chitter chatter...

See the turkeys??  I dont..not here anyways. These turkeys are still packed away..   Halloween is still up and needs to come down. But I just dont know when that will happen!  so busy with bears that I shouldnt even be sitting here right now!  lol!  Seriously.. maybe I'll just go from halloween to christmas...  but I will miss my little turkey friends....  lol!

Today were having a little birthday party for this little sweetie pie who turned 2 yesterday.  I made her cake this morning and have her gifts all wrapped!  I'm all ready her.   I just love all my babies so much I can barely stand it!

Then, my own baby Robert's birthday is monday!   we get a little birthday busy at this time of year!  After Robs, is big Torrys, then bethanys, then little Torrys and right after christmas is Marlas!  then the end of jan is Vanessas and Scarletts.   Not that you care when all our birthdays are!    sometimes I just ramble on about stuff! Lol!

And speaking of stuff, yesterday I took Marla to a doll show.  lol.. there were moments she loved it and moments she was ready to leave!   She loved the barbies that she got there, but was frustrated because barbies shoes wouldnt stay on her feet!   She had busy day yesterday because after the doll show date with me, she went to see the Snoopy movie with her other gramma!  she deserves lots of special days!  
so in other news...
I have a secret plan in the works...  but I cant tell you.. because I have daughters and daughter in laws that might peek in here every now and then.. and I cant be sure if they still do or not.. so no secret telling here..   you too, shall have to be surprised!   just say a quick prayer for me that it all works out!  like really! 
and one more thing..  Tiffany and Robert are doing a little "gender reveal party"  on monday evening.. so I shall soon know if Im getting a boy or girl grand pie!  fingers crossed for a boy!!  Torry would love a boy cousin.  but I sure do love my princesses..   so Im happy either way .. of course!
okeedokie.. Im off to work on bears.....
Happy Day my friends!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

well, yesterday I had pink hair with pink spiders in it.  that was fun!   I dont know what I was "supposed to be".  I just told people that my hair was a pink spiders nest and that I had bugs in my hair!   I did my hair with pink hair chalk.  Im trying to decide if Im needing to do it again today.  Im not sure Im going out anywhere as I have a million teddy bear orders to work on. so probably really no need to go pink again today.  I could just throw the spiders back in.  I just painted the spiders and glued them onto hair clips.   they stayed in all day.

Then, I thought I needed a queen spider necklace to wear, so I needlefelted this one before I went to work yesterday.  but she needs a crown!  I may have to make her one this morning.  well see.  
Im feeling that I could very easily be convinced to go somewhere fun instead of working on bears... but Im going to try to stay focused!  lol!  
Torry pie is staying overnight tonight after he goes trick or treating.  So my evening will be totally unproductive in the bear department.  
This funny girl,  Betty bone Cracker, rode around in my car all day yesterday.   who knows how many people noticed her.  I did get a few comments.  like from my son who said,  did you really drive around with her in your car all day?   lol.. well yes I did..  is that so unusal?   lol!  ok.. so not everyone does stuff like that.  but I just think we gotta have fun when we can! 
Anyways..  I need to go eat something and then get busy on some bears..  so Have a great Halloween my little ghoulfriends! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 

Monday, October 26, 2015

party teeth!

Jennifer, my friend Brenda and I spent the weekend in Ohio with my friend Kelly for her Halloween party.  We had such a good time.  I really didn't take a lot of pictures, but when I did, I mostly used my phone so they are not great quality at all. 
 Kelly knows how to throw a fun party..  its those little details that bring it all together...  you know, like fun rubber teeth for everyone!  OMGosh did we laugh!  or CAckle!  Im pretty sure I was screaming in laughter over this next picture....
 I about split a gut over this one.  seriously.   Kelly has fun friends and we had a great time and it went by way to fast! 
We had time for a trip to the world market before we came home and I found this awesome glasses that I just had to have!  And don't they look marvelous on Boney Betty? (I have three skellys and Ive never named the third one til just now). I also bought the cutest melamine Christmas dishes. 
Have to hurry off this morning..  after being gone all weekend.. the house needs my attention!
Happy MOnday!  its mammogram day for me..  such fun!
Happy Day my friends!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

good morning!

MOrning Ghoulfriends!    Just messing around on the computer this morning.. wasting a bit of time that I should be sewing!  lol!    Heres afew pics of our porch this year.  I didn't decorate or even buy a pumpkin  for outside this year because they are still working outside.  the weather isn't cooperating .. which irritates me..    If my husband would have started in early summer instead of waiting.. like forever, it would be all done by now.   but Whatever..  just what.. ever!  (this topic does really sort of tick me off...  but I shall deal with it.. what other choice do I have?  lol!) 
So anyways, since he wasn't going to get to the inside of the porch for a bit still,  I decided to go ahead and decorate out there.. so boney and Bonita are hanging out, out there greeting anyone that stops or passes by! 

 Heres Bonita, kicked back on the porch swing.  Shes hanging out with her raven, 
Ive been a bit obsessed with the skellies this year.  I just think they are cute.  (but are they? )  well, whatever.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  lol!
So as I was looking at that picture of Boney with the flag behind him, he sort of reminded me of a politician.. so hows this?
Haha!  better they some of the knuckleheads and criminals that are running for president.
why not a bonehead!  lol!
ok.. no nasty comments on my political views  K?
love ya ghoulfriends! 
toodles for now!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

pinterest and halloween fingernails!

  happy sunday!   Ive been waiting to be able to blog again so I could share this day with you!  a few weeks back we had a pinterest craft day.  Each of us had to choose a project from pinterest, buy all the stuff that we needed for each of us to make them and then teach the "class" for it.   We had such a great day and we played from about 1:00 in the afternoon until midnight!

I made a bunch of food..  mummy dogs, veggie pizza, fruit pizza, pumpkin pie and something else.. I cant remember..  and later that night we ordered a pizza.  or did we just talk about it...   yikes!  I cant remember!  LOL!   A few days prior to our craft day, I had Marla over and we made these Halloween kabobs.  they turned out so cute and Marla LOVED making them.  However, we didn't eat any of them and I threw them all away days later.  but they sure were cute!  lol!
 Bethany had us making these wreaths.  they were made out of pool noodles!  and they turned out so cute.  mine is the black one about.. which I still haven't finished!  maybe I will do that today!  They all turned out cute though.
 Vanessa had us making these really awesome "spell books".  we used old encyclopedias and glued things on the covers and then modge podged damp papertowels over them and then when they dried painted them black!  they really turned out cool.   Then Jens project was these cute little magnetic chalk boards. 
My project which I just realized was not off of pinterest..  was these little pumpkin and gourd folks!  The whole day was so much fun.  they only thing that could have made it better was if tiffany would have joined us, but she was not available that day and isn't really into Halloween.  
We are planning a Christmas craft day for sometime in November though. 
 so that was old news.. this is new news..  LooK at my cute Halloween fingernails!!
 I do believe I have been struck with a new obsession.  Its sort of like Crack.. you know you can get addicted to crack after one try..  well It may be the same for  Gel nail art!  My dear friend Brenda took me to get my nails done yesterday for my birthday!   OH my goodness!  what fun!  Im already planning the next trip!  lol!   and then Christmas and winter and valentines.. etc!    Ive been collecting pics on pinterest in my "If I had finger nails board"!    wanna see?  so many awesome ideas!
And so I shall leave you with this.. I have to admit, just because its funny.. that I just had a bit of a blonde moment. (ok.. white moment..) anyways.. I remembered that I could use my computer to take a pic of my oh so very cute finger nails! so there I was.. all posed with both hands up so I could see all ten fingers.. all ready to take the picture... and then.. I realized I had to use one of my hands to press the button... DUH!!!! so I cant show both hands.. but they're both the same anyways.    I like to make the little skellies talk!  LOL!
OK.. Im on call and have three unpleasant visits to make today  I should go get those out of my life so I can hopefully relax and work on bears the rest of the day. 
toodles ghoulfriends!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

we are siamese if you please!

I haven't done as much Halloween crafting as in most years past.  but I did make these Siamese Siamese twins!  aren't they hysterical?  I got inspired one night by something I saw on pinterest and then could barely sleep that night because I had all these ideas rolling around in my head about how I might make them and  I couldn't wait to get up to get started!  I think I got up at 4:30 that morning!  lol!
I love how they turned out.  They crack me up.  so they keep me company now here, next to my computer.   my new favorite halloweenie
Ive been working on this Halloween kitty mat on and off for a couple weeks but keep getting side tracked with other things.  I really should finish it.  but for now I have to concentrate on bears.   I have a bunch of orders. 
I want to tell you about a craft day/night we had..  my daughters and one of my daughter in laws and I had a PInterest craft party one sunday a while back.  but I'll have to tell you and post pics in another post.  we made some really neat things that day!
Speaking of pinterest, Have you seen the stacking pumpkins with the mums in them?  Ive been dying to do them.  Nessa, Bethany and I made two stacks to put in front of their house this weekend. they turned out so cute.  Im really thinking I should make one for myself.  Ive been avoided doing anything outside because the house is being worked on and painted.
 I guess I can just live vicariously through them.  But they really are stinking cute and cheap to make!    And aren't my little pies stinking cute too?  lol!
They are all sooo precious!
and smart! 
(this pic stolen for tiffs facebook page!)
and beautiful!
OK.. I really need to go get ready for work.  Plus figgy and frannie are wanting their breakfast. 
I have gone through about a third of a box of Kleenex while sitting here this morning..   not impressed with how I might be feeling...    like Im getting a freaking cold.   oh well.. too much to do to have a cold.. working late the next two nights and then Im on call for the weekend and next week...   toodles for now my friends! 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

glad to be back!

finally back.  Well I don't even know where to begin.  Ive been busy.. but with all the same things that Ive always been busy with.. grandpies and family, crafting, decorating, working, playing..  
lets see.. I had a birthday a week or so ago and turned 29 again.  My family surprised me with a little surprise dinner party and they all pitched in and gave me this awesome new computer!  I just love them all so much.  I told them NOT to spend their money on me.. and of course, they did.   It was a pretty chaotic party at the restaurant.. but that's how my family rolls...  in a totally beautiful chaoticness!  It can not be helped.. there are a lot of us.. and we are always trying to fit in small areas!  lol!  anyways..   I am truly blessed and I thank God every single day for the people in my life.
I of course am all kinds of obsessed with Halloween.  You know I cant help myself.   this year I finally have some blowmolds!  I see some of my peeps on IG lighting up whole cities with their collections and I had to find some of my own!  lol!  I had one already.. the pumpkin on the cat.  then I mentioned to a friend at work that I was wanting to find some and the next day the little ghost was sitting in front of my office door!  sweet little thing!  (both my friend and the ghost!)  Then that same day I found 4 more on Craigs list!  and my awesome hubby drove down to Dansville and then out to Penfield to pick the the others up!  now I have the little crew in this picture... and yes.. I am feeling the urge to have more...  LOL!  just a little problem, I really don't have a great place to put them.  I would have put them on the porch, but I have not decorated the porch as the house is under construction and the porch has been being repaired.. 
well that's another crazy thing that is going on.  our house is over 100 years old.. and the porch was dropping in the front.  Tony managed to fix it with out having to tear it off and rebuild it.  I didn't want new windows or to have to pay for new windows.  he managed to save them all.  so that's being done and our neighbor is painting the house and my hubby will soon be putting a new roof on it as well..   lots of work. 
So what else?  all the pies are good..   did you know that we're expecting another one ?  I cant remember if that announcement was made before my computer died or after.   Any ways.. yuppers.. getting a new baby!  Rob and Tiffany are expecting in April!  we love us some babies round here!  lol!
So my son thinks that my Halloween decorating is a little extensive.  lol.   I think so too!  lol!  Im glad that I know some others who are just like me!
Tomorrow Im going to visit someone who is also a Halloween fanatic.. I'll ask if I can take pictures!
such fun!
have a great day my little blogger buds!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Im back!

Im back!! no time to play right now.. but hopefully tomorrow!  woohoo!! see you soon!

Friday, September 18, 2015

missing my friends!

I miss blogging my friends,  but I so don't want to buy myself a new computer at this time of year..  you know,. Christmas is coming and I have 17 immediate family members to buy for and only 7 paychecks til then! much as I'm dying to splurge on myself.   I just can't justify it. I have to admit that I'm about going nuts wanting to post halloween pics and host a swap.. but can't do it.   Anyways so glad that some of you are on facebook and some on instagram.  Just wanted you all to know how much I miss you all! Xoxoxox!

Monday, August 3, 2015

I have issues!!

Here I am!!!  Ive been lost!  computer decided to have big issues..   seems that I might have lost everything on it.  I could still access the internet though!  thank you lord!  but Ive had to find new ways around to my blog and flickr.. and its been frustrating.  The biggest issue was that I could not access my photos or upload new ones off my camera...  But Ive been able to use my phone to upload to facebook and instagram.    
Finally this morning I realized that I could upload from my phone right to flickr!  which means I am back in business here!  wooo freaken hooo!  The pics are of a lesser quality and I cant access pic monkey to edit them.. but I can edit a little right on my phone and through flickr.    So I guess this will do!  Im just glad that I finally realized how to do it!  
Mom aunt deb Sara and lou
so what have I been doing the last two weeks?  oh you know.. going to the beach as much as possible..  working as little as possible..  and visiting with my family.  My mom came up from Florida, and my aunts were up from Delaware and Illinois and my sister from Missouri.   My sister stayed here for a few days and it was nice to see her.  her husband died this past year, so it was good for her to get away for a bit.   I also got to see my niece Sara and great niece Lexi lou!  I had nice visits with everyone.  I just wish they all didnt live so far away.. or that I like to travel...  (I hate to travel!)
With some fam
(me and my mom)
we ate a lot and chit chatted the hours away.  I do love my family... crazy as they all are.  They are all pretty dang precious.

(my sister Val)
I took my sister to the beach two days in a row.. she loves it as much as I do!  go figure.  She told me that they dont have any beaches near her, so she goes to a public pool. 

Found this on my phone!  Lol
I had grandbabies over night two different nights.  I kept violet and Scarlett one night.  violet is a nut.  she woke up in the night and just talked and sang to herself for 2 hours!  lol!!!  
And Torry had been really wanting to spend the night badly, so I had him overnight saturday night this past weekend.    I dont mind having them over night.. its the mornings that are hard for me.  I get up at 5:00 and I like that peace and quiet time.  Everytime I have a grandpie here in the morning.. it takes me out of my routine and then I forget to feed the animals or forget to take my pills... and I dont function right the whole day then!  lol!   but I love my pies!
OK.. so I will try to get caught up with you all.   I have been so frustrated by the computer that I havent even read any blogs, which I could have done.  I was thinking I was going to have to give up blogging altogether! lol!! but nah, here I am!
have a great day my little friends!! 

Friday, July 17, 2015


Happy Friday!!  Its been a crazy busy week work wise.. and Im so far behind there.  I did EIGHT homevisits yesterday.   EIGHT!  thats a lot for one day.  oh the stories I wish I could tell you!  craziness abounds!    Monday I went to an all day training on the AMish and Mennonites in our area, Tuesday I did six homevisits.. Wednesday I was in the office all day trying to do office work and get some notes in.. not so successfully..   Yesterday was those 8 visits and today I am taking a bunch of teenage girls to an all day program for youth in foster care.  Then Im off monday, so I'll have a three day weekend.  though I'm seriously thinking about going to work on monday 'cause I have so much work to do and Im off again next friday and then the following monday and tuesday.   but I think I'll wait and see what the weather is going to be.. if it is less then perfect, I'll probably just go to work!  
Whats everyone doing this weekend?  I'm thinking tomorrow I might take off early for a day of shopping and poking around at some coops and garage sales.  Sunday Rob and Tiff are having an open house house warming and I am looking forward to seeing the house all put together!  I know they have been working hard on it.
but for now..   you know how it goes... 
hi ho hi ho.. off to work I go!  have a happy day my friends!

Monday, July 13, 2015

how about another day off!?

Exhausted!  I didnt do a lot this weekend.. but I was busy.  I really cant even remember what I did on friday.  I had the day off..  but what did I do???    I know thursday night I went shopping with Jennifer.  Friday seems to have vanished out of my mind!  What ever it was, I remember being very tired at the end of the day.  oh.. I remember.  I babysat for Torry, violet and Scarlett in the morning, then went to a cottage work party for about an hour and a half and then went shopping with jennifer friday night..   not thursday night.  I have no clue what I did on thursday night then.  LOL!  (I am losing it!  lol!)   

Saturday I had plans of going to beach alone for the day.  I had picked up these magazines and a book  (oh.. thats what I did on thursday night..  I shopped on thursday too.. duh!)  anyways..  I was planning on packing some snacks and some drinks taking my beach chair and umbrella and hanging out on the beach for the day quietly alone.  but some little guy knows his grammie too well and he called me on saturday morning crying that he missed me.. (even though he had just seen me the day before! lol!)  and he wanted to come over.  I think he said.. "grammie will you come get me?"    I hemmed and hawed a bit, but then I thought..  there is no way I can say no to him! lol!   So soon I had a beach buddy for the day.  Hes very good for me so I dont mind taking him.  but the 5 trips to the bathroom got a little old!  and the carrying bucket after bucket of water was also tiring!  but a grammie does what a grammie has to do!  And he was getting much braver in the water, which meant I had to pay much closer attention! LOL!  so anyways..   I was totally exhausted by the end of the day.  took him home and then hubby and I went out to dinner.  

Then Sunday,  Booboo (thats grandpa in case you didnt know, thats what the kids call my husband) anyways  Booboo had cleaned out and refilled the kids pool on saturday, so I had said they could all come over on sunday to play.  And I also babysat for Marla and Lilly for the day.  I took them shopping (yes more shopping) in the morning with me and then everyone else was here when we got back.  The kids spent the day playing in the water and the pool.  Jen and I made pigs in the blankets for everyone for lunch and then afterwords, I made 9 chocolate milkshakes!  I took the girls home around 5:30.. came home and vegged out!  I was pooped out!  I didnt even make dinner.  I had popcorn about 8:30 last night and went to bed at 10:00!  early for me!  Now I need a day off just for myself!  lol! 
Today Im going to a training for the day on AMish and Mennonites.  that should be interesting.  But this week promises to be extremely busy as I am way behind at work and I have jury duty on wednesday.. fingers crossed that they wont need me and if they do, that it wont spill over into the week!  I have to call in on tuesday night...  we'll see what happens.  
Okeedokie that was my weekend.. now I have to get ready to go to work!  
happy Monday!