Saturday, August 31, 2013

paris markets and baby girls

paris market
Hi girlie pies!  OMG.. I have to admit that it is getting harder for me to keep up with blogging.. but dont worry.. Im not throwing in the towel.. You know me, I just keep on keeping on. or at least I try to!  (until I hit a brick wall! LOL!)
pm 2
Yesterday Jennifer, Tiffany, marla pie and I went out for the afternoon for a little fun shopping.  there was a little artsy flea market set up in an old theatre in rochester called the "Paris Market"  It was quite sweet.. but a little disappointing as it was 5.00 to get in and oh so very small. None of us bought anything, but I figured if I got some good pics Id be happy.  plus it was amusing and pretty to look at.   And of course we had gone out to lunch at a lovely bakery and went to the parkleigh which is a fun store to look through.
pm 3
And we made a stop at Joanns to buy teddy bear eyes..  lots of bear orders going on here...
pm 6
I wish I had bought this pillow cause I loved it!    I saw some neat halloween pillows at the christmas tree store yesterday too...  Oh gosh.. I have to get my head out of the halloween clouds and get focused on these bear orders!! Yikes!  halloween just keeps popping in!!
pm 7
Arent these candle holders beautiful?  I snapped this pick to show Vanessa to see if its something she thinks we could make to go on the tables at their wedding.   speaking of the wedding.. .  yikes... 5 weeks from today!!  OH girlies please do pray that I would get ambitious and lose some more weight by then!  (Im serious about that! praying that is..)
So just look at this dolly pie!  is she not gorgeous?  I know Im a little tiny bit biased...   I know..   but really....
omg.. love her to pieces!little miss princess pie
just look at the face!  OMG!!  I love her to freak'n pieces!
jen tiff and marla
I love all of my family so much...  sometimes I think I might just burst my heart!  I guess we'll be having a cook out on monday here for labor day and big tonys birthday.  though... the weather doesnt look very promising for monday.  well.. what ever.. If we have to cook inside..  At least I have this:
new oven 
A brand new oven!  I came home Thursday night late after work and a couple other stops.  tony wasnt home and I had no clue where he was.  It was dark in the house and when I walked in the kitchen and turned on the light there was this big surprise!  Hubby bought me a new oven!  lol!  I was pretty shocked and boy did I need a new one.  He can be such a good boy.   I think he loves me... I think I'll keep him. 
Ok.. on that note.. I have stacks of clothing on my kitchen table for bear making.....  and Im about to sign off this computer for the day.  
Happy  Weekend!! Happy Labor day!!  (though Im sad that summer is trying to come to an end...  ) 

Monday, August 26, 2013

wedding shower pics..

ness and tiff
OK, so here are some of the shower pictures.    If you really want to see more you can click on anyone and they will take you to my flickr page and you can see them all there, plus about 6000 more pictures! LOL!!  (not kidding...)  First pic is of our adorable bride to be Vanessa and of last years bride, Tiffany.  They are both lovely.  And I think my whole family is blessed to have them be part of us!
We had the shower at Vanessas mothers restaurant (which is now closed, but they still own the building and everything is there. )  Its the perfect place to have a party! above is Nessa, Bethany and Jennifer.
Here are all my girls plus vanessas beautiful cousin Lindsey.   We had a gorgeous day for her shower.
Oh, here is the panty parfait!  the girls put this together for her.. Theres a little poem with matching undies to go with each verse.  its quite cute.
Here are some pics of Vanessa opening some of the gifts that i made her.  She Loves Burlap!  so Ive been playing with burlap all week making some special things for her.
I loved how the pillows turned out.. "mr Right" and Mrs Always Right!!"  LOL!
wreathshadow box
I think she liked them!  She got lots of great stuff and a lot of gift cards which is really what they mostly wanted.  
burlap banner
I think there were about 50 guests and there was tons of food,  beef on wic, cheesy potatos, pasta salad, taco salad, rueben dip, rye bread bowl, chicken wing dip.. cut up veggies,  pies, and cupcakes.. wine, pop, ice tea and pink lemonaid.  I might have left something out...    I made three apple pies and brought a whole one back home with me...   its gonna get me in trouble! 
my friend and I made carmel apples for the shower favors...   BAD idea.. wont ever do that again.  they just didnt turn out very well.   but they looked cute on the tables! lol
carmel apples
so thats about that.  
so now, summer is winding down.. I had to work today, tomorrow and wednesday then I'm off for five days.  Wish I was going somewhere fun.  but I'll be mostly home.  I do plan on the beach for thursday, but otherwise, I have a big teddybear order and I need the money for the wedding... so I shall be working on that order all weekend. 
I cant wait for everyone to get back to blogging and commenting... Its way too quiet out here!
toodles for now!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

beach baby beach baby!

marla 2
Spent yesterday afternoon with my precious pies!   One LOVES the water and the waves,
torry 2
the other prefers the sand!
beach babies
what a beautiful day it was to sit back and enjoy the babies.
beach babies 2
Im glad Tiffany came, I would never be able to handle both babies at one time at the beach.  How did I do it with four of my own???  lol!
she has no fear!
Marla is insane! 
one prefers the sand the other the water!
I just love this pictures above.
beach babies 3
and this one too.. lol.. I love them all..   I hope Im not boring you with all my grandbaby pics!
torry says, eagles grammie!
Torry loves the "eagles"!  he thinks all birds are eagles.. lol
making carmel apples and sipping something frozen!
After a fun sunshiney afternoon, it was time to come home and make the carmel apple favors for Vanessas wedding shower.    So glad that my Sandy came over to help.   so, we took the opportunity to enjoy some frozen refreshments while we worked!
hope these taste ok!
I would have had a difficult time getting these done by myself, and I think I can honestly say that I wont be making them again! lol!!
so, for today, I have to finish a gift and make apple pies for the shower tomorrow.. but I feel the beach calling me back..  and Im thinking I may steal away for a few hours later on..
 torry's shadow upside down 
Yes, I do feel like I need to go back!  Summer will soon be over and I need as much beach time as I can get! LOL!
happy Day girls.. I will be back with shower pics soon!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

this past week.....

tony  trupos 35th birthday
Geesh!  I feel like I havent blogged in forever.. almost a whole week!  I dont know what my problem is!  yikes.. Weve just been busy I guess and Ive been on call.  And all I have to say about that is you just wouldnt believe the messes that some people live in! 
Ok so what else?   we had son in law Tonys birthday on tuesday night.  My daughter threw him a little party.  they have the cutest little cottage right on the lake. she has it decorated so stinking cute. ( I should go there one day and take a bunch of pics.)   Torry pie and I had to go sit by the lake and feed the misquitos for a few minutes while we were there!   *itch itch!  lol!
jen and torry
lets see.. what else.. ( torry would put his pointy finger against his face and say.. "hmmm.. I think'n"  ).  Well, Bethany ended up at the hospital this week, they were afraid that she had a pulmonary embollism!  but after days of testing they "think" it must be an infection.. but still have not put her on an antibotic. ????
I dont get it.
Vanessa's wedding shower is this sunday, so I've been working on some gifts and some shower things.  still have lots to do!  but I have off tomorrow and of course since the shower is sunday, I have all day saturday too.  If I wasnt on the computer right now, I could be working on her bride crown!
lunch with marla pie
Yesterday Tiffany and Marla met me for lunch at work.  she is so freaken awesome.. I just want to squeeze the stuff'n out of her!  Tomorrow, tiffany and I are taking Torry and Marla to the beach!  probably the last time I will get there this year...  well, maybe not. 
And what else is new....  PEACHES are out in full force!  I had peaches for dinner last night and peaches for breakfast this morning.. they are so yummy!
I shall be back sometime after the shower with lots of pictures!  And then I can show the few things Ive made for her. 
have a great thursday Girlie pies!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

no pictures today girls.. just some reminising!

I feel like Im missing out on something by not going back to school shopping!!
It goes soo fast!  It seems not so long ago that I would send all 4 of mine off for a first day of school.  new backpacks, carefully packed full with new trapperkeepers, notebooks and nice new sharp pencils!  and of course an array of fancy erasers and crayons or markers and depending on the grade, highlighters!  Each with with new sneaks, new clothes... each one squeaky clean, almost every hair on their heads perfectly in place; some spiked and some in pigtails.  lunches carefully packed and marked for each child accordingly.. (they didnt all like the same things..  of course!)  and there we would be on the first day.. everyone ready to get on the bus when the bus pulled up out front.  Ha!  that was the first day.. it seemed that every day the rest of the year it was more like me yelling.. "hey.. hurry up youre going to miss the bus!  I'm not driving you.. you better hurry...  What?  Robert!  your not even out of bed yet??   omg... lets gooo!!"  LOL!! 
and now.. they dont live with me any more.  and I dont have to do any of this.. we moved on from first days of school.. to final days of senior years, then graduations, colleges, and then weddings and grandbabies...  wow!  where has the time gone!?  and Now I find myself thinking that I wish I could stay home and keep my grandbabies with me so they didnt have to go to sitters.. and so I could take them to school and pick them up after school and have fresh made cookies and milk waiting for them. Would that all be sweet?

but I have to go to work and deal with boys who end up in foster care, often because they refuse to go to school from their own homes... 
Life is so funny isnt it?
When I was a kid, evn as a little girl, I didnt like going to school.. and then as a teenager..  I did not go to school.  my parents split up and I didnt care about anything after that.. and I got into lots of things I shouldnt have, to say the least!   I started ninth grade in one school, basically skipped the whole year and failed.  went to ninth grade a second time at an alternative school called school with out walls.  somehow, I managed to pass that year.. though honestly.. I did very much of nothing!  then at the same school for 10th grade, but only for a couple months, because as soon as I was 16, I dropped out!  
amazing.. that for some reason I signed up for, showed up for and passed a GED test...  and thankfully I did that because years later as an adult with small children I went to college for 4 and a half years to get a social work degree and graduated summa cum laude.  And guess what?  I LOVED school!
well, I dont know where all this came from this morning...  maybe because its crisp and cool out this morning and it reminded me of my kids having first days of school... and the rest just progressed from there... eiy yie yie!!  I got off on a roll...
Now, I have abou 20 minutes to get ready for work... YIKES!!
Im on call for CPS this weekend..   hoping that its not too busy.. I have other things I want to do too!
No pictures today girls!
Happy day!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

chilly chitter chatter...

chicken and bisquits
Brrr!  its gotten pretty chilly out tonight.  I even had to close up a bunch of windows.  Its feeling very fallish out there!   way too early for that, I hope it warms back up soon.   I worked late tonight and was really hungry for something warm and yummy when I got home so I made chicken and bisquits and promptly over ate!  I really need to knock that off!  not even two whole months til the wedding and still wanting to lose more weight before then. 
nathaniels lamb
I finally finished the little lamb in memory of Nathaniel for Tiffany.  I hope she likes him.  he still needs his tag. And, I finished the ties for Tony and Nessas wedding.  Cant believe thats going to be here so fast.. and then the baby too.  So much going on!  showers, partys, weddings, babys, birthdays, company coming! and then of course all the holidays!  My hubby turns 56 on thursday.  I probably should plan a special dinner for him. 
wedding ties
Speaking of Holidays.  two girlies asked if I would be hosting a halloween swap.  before I make my decision is there anyone else out there doing one or interested in doing one?  It seems that someone else mentioned it.. somewhere in blogland.  well, let me know.   I'm not really sure I want to host one.
halloween doll
and.. speaking of Halloween... Look what found its way to my door last wednesday!  I bought this from Jill at bucks county folk art.  isnt she adorable?  love her!  
OK, my friends.. I am feeling really tired tonight.  I think I'm actually going to go watch tv with my husband. unless he turns on races or something violent... then I'll be back! lol

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My weekend in Ohio...

1 me and kelly
I'm back!  had a great weekend with two dear friends. 
2 sandy
Lots of laughs..
3 mudslides
A few drinks...  burnt flipflops... (LOL!)
5 Cheers!
ferry rides.....
6 ferry ride7 ferry ride with dumb man in the way..
14 time to head back11 guarding his post
too much yummy food.. (not very weight watcher friendly!)
9 put in bay
driving around the island on a golfcart all afternoon! 
13 on the rocks

8  LOL!!!
being silly!
what could be better?
Now to get caught up on your blogs! 
Happy sunday night!