Thursday, August 30, 2012

pooped out!

lake 5
(this pic taken last august!)
hello all.. 
spent today at the beach for work!  We took all our teenage foster kids for the day.  I .. AM ... POOPED...
they tired me out. Plus I forgot my sunglasses, so my eyes are pretty tired from the sun.  
but, it was a good day.  The kids were well behaved for the most part... there were a couple little problems, but nothing unmanageable.
I am dying to go shopping for halloween craft supplies.  If I wasnt so tired I'd go tonight.  maybe tomorrow night right after work... we'll see.   I want to spend my weekend just hanging out at home, crafting and relaxing.  I wouldnt mind going to the lake one day of course..
I think I'm going to go take a shower and put my jammies on.. I may actually have to go to bed early tonight!  I'm too tired to even work on any artsy fartsy halloween projects.... 
wow!! soooooo sleeeeeepy!!!!! 
see yas later!

Monday, August 27, 2012

monday morning chattering....

Took a little road trip this weekend and went to meet Natalea and Sandy for Lunch and a visit to Vidlers five and dime store.   I forgot that I love this ride, the scenery on the way is so pretty.  However, I didnt get the best pics because I was driving.. There were several places I wanted to pull over and take pics but they were on hill tops and each time there were people behind me and I couldnt do it fast enough!
 So I snapped a few bad shots out the windows as I was driving... probably looked pretty dorky or dangerous to other drivers....
 There is a section down there where there are about 30 windmills.  Not used to seeing them were we live, it is neat to see them.  And it makes you feel like youre really somewhere else!  like in another world!
 I wish I could have gotten a pic from a hilltop where you could see a bunch of them off in the distance.. that would have been a striking picture... 
anyways... blah blah blah!  And at the end of the road I got to see Nat and Sandy for a nice little visit!  It is so nice to meet up with my artsy fartsy friends!  And these two are so funny !   I love hearing about their adventures together.. they are both crrrrazy!  I love hanging out with them.. but I would never be able to keep up with them when they go out dancing and partying!  Im too OLD and they have too much energy!  lol!
 IN other news.. now that I have my computer back... I can post these other pics.  Bloggy gal pals have been sending me these banners in the mail.. Elizabeth put them up to it.. they are mail hugs!  Thank you to LYnn at the wienee ranch! 
 Thank you to Sandy and 521 lake street!!
 And to Meri at imagimeris! 
 And thank you Meri for All the other goodies you threw in the box!  so much fun stuff..  I didnt get it all in the picture, and forgot to take a pic of the wind up toy of the boy riding a bike!  I'll get that another time.
thank you so much girls.  I have 4 other banners that I already showed you, so I shall soon string them together and hang them in my disasterous craft room!
 SOOOO... .  It is time!!  with the wedding behind us, I can think about crafting other stuff now!  you know "other stuff" means HALLOWEENIES!!    I'm doing a round robin halloween book with Natalea, Sandy and Elizabeth... so much fun. 
 Figgy and Frannie are wanting to join in on the halloween crafting too!
 You can see the cover of my book, though it wasnt finished yet in this picture.
so arent figgy and franny adorable?
 I guess I should do the dishes, feed all the animals, water the plants, inside and outside, pack a lunch, have some breakfast and get ready for work...  have a great day everyone!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

some more wedding pictures!

 This bunch of pictures were all taken by Tiffanys Uncle Mike Whiting.  Love all these shots!  There are so many more I could post.. I dont even know where to begin!
 Marlaina and her cousin Abby the flower babies!
 The happy family!  came back down the isle to the music from Rocky! lol!
 the girls!
 Some of Tiffanys special touches! 
and her bouquet

 This next bunch is off Little Tony giving the best man speech which ended up being rapped to the tune from "fresh prince of belair"  It was about how they met.. she was working at subway, so he called her the princess of subway.  It was hysterical and you can see they definitely got a kick out of it.
Looks like Robs dying here!
We all laughed pretty hard.. I wish I could figure out how to upload the video from facebook....
I loved seeing them enjoy themselves so much.

awwww... their first dance as mr and mrs robert Neroni.

this is the cake topper I made them.  Her theme was bees!  The there were several real ones gracing us with their presence that day as well!  if I could post that video, you would see Robert swinging at a few!
OK.. off I go to work on some halloween things!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

and in other news!!

 This girl... (no not me..)

Is going to marry this boy!
engaged the night before his brothers wedding!  He painted glow in the dark paint on their bedroom wall..
"will  you marry me!"
Sooooo..   The wedding planning doesnt stop here.  It starts over!  Vanessa is thinking a barn wedding.
woohoo!  here we go again!
And I couldnt be happier for them. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

a few wedding pics

 I still dont have my computer back, but these are some of the pics I took that tiffany was able to upload to face book for me.  I cant wait to see all the "real" photos from the photographers!
 I dont know how I will be able to share them all with you.. I might beable to post most of them on flickr.
 Little Torry pie was so good saturday and sooo handsome!
 They had to play this "shoe" game, sort of like the newly wed game, they were asked a question about which one of them was whatever, and they had to hold each others shoes up to answer.  It was funny to see when they agreed or didnt agree!
 Lots of fun for everyone!
 There was a photo booth that I cant wait to see the rest of the pictures of!
 me and big Torry.. one of my favorite pictures from the day!
 a little bit of cake smashing!  OMG  do we have cake left!
 Me and the old hubster!
 they were flash mobbed! 

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I wish I wish I wish that I had my own computer so I could upload the pics I took of the wedding to show you!  You just need to see them..  Everything was perfect.  Tiffany was a gorgeous bride, Robert a handsome and charming groom.  Their vows they wrote for each other were really really beautiful.  There would be no question as to how much  or how deeply they love each other after hearing the words and promises they shared with each other in front of 200 people.  
the maid of honor and best man (little tony) made  wonderful speeches,  Little Tonys surprised the heck out of me.  He wrote a rap (to the tune of the Prince of Belair) about how rob and Tiffany met each other.  OH MY GOSH!  my kids are so talented it knocks my socks off!  Then Jennifer and I pulled off a little flash mob on Rob and Tiffany.  when Robby was in high school his buddies and him sang Build me up Buttercup at a chorus concert.  (it was hysterical when they did it.) So we set it up that all of a sudden during dinner the music would start playing and those boys would stand up and start singing build me buttercup.  Then two of the guys came over and picked them up off their feet and carried them to the dance floor, where about half the people at the wedding came around them and mobbed them singing the rest of the song.  It was hysterical! 
And then there was the family pictures.. the food and the dancing.  I danced danced danced..  uh.. can barely walk this morning!  And, of course the decorations.. Tiffany did a beautiful job.  I LOVE that she is so creative!
There was plenty of alcohol and food... lots of food left over, When the alcohol started to get low, someone broke out with some more! 
It really was a perfect day and night.  the weather was awesome.  it got cool in the evening but dancing kept us warm.  The sky was filled with stars and gorgeous.  I requested Dancing in the moonlight from the DJ and actually for the first time in my life got to actually dance in the moonlight to that song!
so much more to tell about, but I have to get dressed and go clean up  after the reception now.  well, after I take some aspirin.. cause I seriously am very SORE this morning!
After clean up Im heading to the beach for my son in laws fathers surprise 70th birthday party. 
Last night dancing in the moonlight.... today relaxing at the beach!
PIctures soon !!  I promise!
oh.. and one more thing made the day extra special... but its still a little hush hush..  (and no, no one is pregnant!)  lol!  I'll tell you soon though!
happy day everyone!

Friday, August 17, 2012

ONE MORE very busy day!

(Picture from bacholette party)
Yesterday I did some shopping for alcohol and more pop and veggies.... and stuff.. got my haircut and made the ring bearers pillow.   a very busy day.  the hardest part though was unloading it all!  Now, there is sooo much work to be done today.   As now.. we can start counting down the hours! 
some things are hard.. like knowing how much alcohol to have.  there will be 200 people.  who knows how many will drink and how much they will drink.  theres alcohol.. hopefully theres enough.  Im worried because there are opinions that think we need a lot more.. but when I was buying it all, I just kept thinking.. who is going to drink all this stuff?   there will be two kegs of beer too.. and a TON of pop and water. 
If theres not enough alcohol, then I will feel bad,  but at least it would be used up then! and I will be glad of that.. because I dont know what to do with it if its left over!  I hired a girl to bartend.  And then.. how do you know how much and what exactly to buy for mixers.. Im not a drinker.. so Ive no real clue.. oh well, it is what it is.  And I dont really want anyone to get wasted there either.

I had to "steal" these pictures from other places!  the ones above of the girls bacholette party and this one of marlaina and her cousin I got off of Tiffanys aunts facebook page.   Isnt this a cute picture?  They look like they are saying.. "whoa.. whats on your head ?"
Marlaina scared us to death last night when she fell out of the highchair.. Im sure you all remember the sick feeling in the pit of your stomachs when something like that happens.  We almost took her to the hospital for xrays, but then she was crawling and smiling again after a while.  my poor little princess pie!  I just LOVE her to freaken pieces!
So, today will be very busy!  starting in just a few minutes, I will be baking~  snickerdoodles and peanut butter cookies!  and then peach cobblers for tonights rehersal dinner.  The cookies are for the wedding reception. 

I've got to go pick Jen up after I make the cookies.  shes going to do my tootsies!  Poor brave girl! my feet are just about 52 years old and they look it! lol!  But Jen is a good girl and she loves her mommy!
the tents are being set up this morning between 10:00  and 11:00, so we'll be spending most of the day and night down the street at my girlfriends house where the wedding will be setting up as much as we can do today.

Alot of it will have to wait til tomorrow morning. so we'll be there at 7:00 am  filling hellium balloons and setting tables.. etc...   LOTs of work!
Im very excited now.. my baby  is getting married and I do love the girl he is marrying.  and.. the icing on the cake.. they are planning on moving out very soon!  woohoo!
Still dont have my computer back.. but hubby said maybe tomorrow morning he will pick it up.  that would be good.. I will need it on sunday!  I'm sure I'll have tons of pics to post!
Happy weekend girls.. be back after the wedding!
Oh.. and the weather??? calling for picture perfect and 73- 75 degrees~  who could ask for anything more!?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

just a few words....

Run run running to keep up!  
 this is going to be a crazy weekend.  But the weather is looking like it will be perfect!  still lots to do.  just need to get through today at work.  it'll go by fast.  training this morning and a program with the boys this afternoon... then I'm off the rest of the week to prepare for the wedding.
still dont have my computer back so I cant upload any pictures!  POOOHEY!  so my blog has to be pictureless and boring for the time being.
toodles girls!

Friday, August 10, 2012

finally friday!

kelly 7 
So glad its friday.. only a week to the wedding now.. just was checking the long range weather forcasts... uhh... not looking so great...  now I can kick my worrying into high gear...  yikes!  what are we going to do in the rain...    I'm thinking maybe we should get another big tent!  We already have 2 that will seat 100 each.  there are 200 people coming.  perhaps we should get the third tent for dancing and whatever.  oh dear oh dear!  I need to think positively..   the weather is always changing.. It will be nice.. yes.. it will be.. I'm just sure of it......   (oh dear oh dear!)
kelly 2
Here are some pics of the little birthday bear friend that I sent my friend for her birthday.  I think she should have received it today.  I hope!  I hope she gets it before she sees it here.   I have lots of crafting stuff to do for the wedding this weekend.  but I also have to babysit all day tomorrow for torry and baby pie.  its bachelor and bachelorette day.  so Im pretty much thinking I will get nothing done tomorrow.   Sunday will be THE day to do it All!   wish me good focusing.. and good luck!  I will need to get in the zone and be very productive!  maybe tomorrow I will be able to get my craft room cleaned enough to be able to be productive in there.   its a mess right now!
 kelly 5
so, you know I'm always asking people for prayers.. if you just wouldnt mind sending up a little bubble prayer for perfect weather for next saturday.. Id so appreciate it.   I guess it will be what it will be though.  My will and Gods will dont seem to be lining up together this summer though and that worries me a little.
 kelly 6
Heading out with Jennifer tonight to go to the homegoods store.  she called me earlier and said they had lots of great halloween stuff out....   uh oh!!  I'll probably be squealing all through the store!  lol! I have to behave though.. really.... Need all my money for the wedding now..... but we'll see... dum dee dum dee dum.. I hope I can control myself! 
I hope I get my own computer back soon.   I will not be able to post any new pictures until I do.  please computer guy.. hurry up!
have a great weekend girlies!