Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

jibber jabber

trick or treat 2
Almost Halloween.. And Im thinking how much I dread putting all my cuties away!  but I have a few cute thanksgiving things that have to come out for a couple weeks..  only 1 bin!  and then of course.. the day after thanksgiving.. christmas comes out.  
trick or treat
Do you all know people that dont decorate?  I wonder what thats like.  I can not even imagine.   though sometimes I do think I should give up the cuties and just decorate like, for fall. with more natural things... pumpkins, gourds, leaves.. and for christmas with just greens and candles and berries.. etc...   but I would miss all my little friends!
trick or treaters
OH well.. somehow, Ive managed to collect all this stuff and whats the sense in having it, if I dont put it out and enjoy it, even if only for a few weeks out of the year!  lol!  And I do get excited when its time to unpack it all and I get to see each piece again after it being stored away for a year.  theres sooo much cute stuff!!
trick or treat 5
The hard part is figuring out where it all goes each year!  I always have to go to my flickr site to look at pics to remember just how I had it all the year before!
trick or treat 4
Anyways... thats all for this morning.. just a bunch of jibber jabber..  about unimportant stuff!  
and Halloween is only 2 days away and then its over for another year.  I'm going to my daughters house to hand out candy there because she will get lots of trick or treaters and I will get none!  I'm taking Bony Neroni with me! LOL!
for now.. its off to work I go.. the next two days promise to be boring as I have two days of training...  I hate sitting at trainings.. I really do have Add.. and i t is soooo hard for me to just sit there...
oh well gotta do what we gotta do...
toodles ghouls!

Monday, October 28, 2013

company and a busy weekend!

so a few months ago, I received a message from my friend Marlene who Ive known in blogland for probably 5 years or so.  she asked if she could come visit and if I would teach her to needlefelt.   so of course I said yes!
at the lake
plans were made and the months passed by, and suddenly it was time for her to come.  she took a bus all the way from New Jersey!  Quite honestly, I feel honored that she would want to travel two whole days just to spend a few hours with me. 
marlenegetting tired!
Her bus arrived Friday afternoon a little before 5:00, we whisked her off from the Rochester bus terminal for another hour of riding in a car to the big town of Medina for Pizza and wings.  Main St Medina was totally packed with kids out for beggars night.  Its sort of like a pre trick or treating night when the kids hit all the area businesses!  way toooo busy!  anyways, a quick dinner with Marlene, my friend Sandy and my daughter and torry pie, then off we went to see the musical Les Mis.  what a great show!
we got home late, had coffee, tea and applecrisp then off to lalaland!  On I taught Marlene how to needlefelt.  she made acorns, a pumpkin, a candycorn doll and an owl!  she caught on very quickly.  In the afternoon we took a little break and went for a drive to a craft antigue co-op and to the lake.  then home for lasagna and salad and another visit with bethany and torry pie.  Torry pie just loved Marlene, which is interesting because he takes a long time to warm up to most people.
Getting her back to the bus terminal was a little hectic the next morning.  we had to leave my house at 6:00 am, but my battery was dead in my car!  had to wait for hubby to get up and jump it.. then once on the expressway, the route we needed to take was closed! but we got there with 15 minutes to spare.  In fact the bus was sitting there, and she got right on it!   such a long trip just to visit me!  but we had a fun visit and she said it was worth it! lol! 
sunday I laid low and played in my craft room  I made this little kitty and painted the orange pumpkin.    I think Im done with halloween creating now..   Christmas is really starting to creep into my head now! LOL!
fall kitten
speaking of christmas, stay tuned!  Im going to host a challenge.. not a swap.  but an elf challenge!  I'll post more about it soon! 
smiling faces
Thats all for now folks.. Ive got the itchies.. and Im tired and heading to the couch! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

had a little halloween crafty time...

kitty and candle
Good morning friends! Ive had a little time to play in my craft room over the past couple days.  (well, when I havent been at work..)  work definitely gets in the way of my creative play time.  but I have to tell you that is one of the reasons I get up so early.  Getting up at  5:00 am leaves me 3 1/2 hours in the morning to putter and play before I go to work.  I love that time!  hubby leaves at 5:00, so it is perfectly quiet and uninterupted time.   though this morning right after my husband left, someone knocked on my door.. scared the bejeebees out of me!  I thought it was my husband coming back and unable to get in because the door was locked so I just opened the door.  I should have turned the light on to check to see before I opened my door!  It was not my husband.  It was ok though,  it was just my son, stopping by before going hunting. but it shocked me when I opened the door and it wasnt tony!  people dont usually just knock on your door at 5 oclock something in the morning!   And we definitely shouldnt open the door with out checking to see who it is!  LOL!  silly me.
Tomorrow my friend comes!  looking forward to hanging out with her this weekend.  We're going to see this production of Les mis tomorrow night.  Click on les mis to see a preview of it.  This is from the lake plains players, a theatre group that my daughter is involved with.  Jen is in it, she plays an old whore! Yikes!  It looks like its going to be really good!  
miz bumble bee
hmmmm.... trying to decide whether to dust and take down cobwebs... or just leave them as halloween decorations!  LOL!  In any case Ive got stuff to do so off I go!  but first I'll give myself 15 minutes of blog hopping.. not nearly enough time, but it'll do for now!
have a great thursday my friends!
hey, ps girls.. the cat pumpkin?  easy peasy!  a dollar pumpkin candy bucket from walmart, and I just painted right over it and glued some wool ears on!   I have another one that Im doing too that Ive modge podged newspaper over.. but probably wont get to finish it til sunday afternoon.  toodles!! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

a bony wave!

bony 2
Hello out there!!  (lol!)  
bony neroni is greeting all the passerbys in my porch window.  He looks so cool there.
marla 1
Yesterday was such a nice day.  I puttered all morning, and then I had a surprise visit from my daughter in law Tiffany and my precious Marla Pie.. who I had not seen in TWO whole weeks!  I was so happy to see them..  And Marla is a freaken nut!  OMG!! I love that baby so much! 
marla 3
We hung around here for a bit, and marla proved to me what I already know which is that she is brilliant!  not even two yet and look how she holds a pen!  and not only that, you know most kids make great big marks on paper with their pencils or crayons...  Not Marla, she writes teeny tiny very controlled little marks.. what do you think?? budding artist??  You bet this grammie is gonna do her best to foster that in her!!  lol!
marla 4
so not only did she amaze me with her amazing pen holding skills,  but she kept asking for Torry, so I showed her a video of him on my phone and she figured out how to play it over and over.. and how to flip through the pictures on it..   see?  what did I tell ya?  shes amazing!  LOL!! (Iknow.. im biased.. but indulge me anyways.. heehee!)
stuffed peppers
So we went out for a bit to the pet shop for birdseed and to look at the kittens and birds.. then to walmart  and then to get cider and donuts to take to Torrys house.. but they werent home, so we visited my other precious and very pregnant daughter in law Vanessa!  (I am blessed with a wonderful daughter in laws!!)
Then last night I finally got around to making the stuffed peppers and apple pie that Ive been dying for all weekend! 
OH SOOO GOOOD!!!!  I wish you all lived close, Id make more pies and have you all over for tea and pie!  
wouldnt we have the best fun?!
did you see that I cooked my stuffed peppers in a giant muffin tin?  what a good idea if I dont say so myself! lol!
marla 6
soooo today.. 
cleaning my craft room and then heading off to see the broadway musical of Ghost!  I cant wait!  
so till later.. Toodles ghouls!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Happy Saturday!  Happy Weekend!  I love my weekends.. I know, we all do.. but I reallllly do!  lol!
This is me and figgypie having our teatime!  this is how we start out every day.. he gets tucked inside of what ever I'm wearing and hangs out with me til I have to get moving.  I think hes a cold cat.  Hes always trying to warm up under a lamp or blanket or by sitting next to the stove!  poor little punk'n!  I love my kittens and they love me  too!
so my plans for today are to hang out at home and bake and clean and craft!  Im going to try to stay away from the time stealer..(the computer), other then to find some good 70's music to blast now that hubby has left for work!  lol!
Im thinking apple pie, pumpkin cookies and stuffed peppers which I've been going to make all week and havent done yet.. 
I think its supposed to be cold and rainy today...a good day to stay in and be cozy!
have a great day girlie pies!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

halloween kitchen

window tree
morning glories!  burrrr.. its chilly in here this morning,  We havent turned the heat on yet.. but will probably have to this weekend.. not supposed be higher then the mid fiftys... and rainy... so  its time to clean out the registers and change the furnance thingy.. (gosh.. I cant come up with that word for the life of me.... you know the thing that catches the dirt etc...)  YIKES!! darn brain!  Anyways.....
kelly shrine
finally posting these halloweenified kitchen pictures!  Theres more... but these are the major parts of it.  Like  I said before... I probably have too much.  but its all stuff I love to see..
long shelf 3
Every new holiday season, when I get out the corresponding bins and open them up and start unwrapping each piece, its exciting to me.. and overwhelming... but Its like seeing old friends that you havent seen in almost a year!  lol!  really it is!  (I know... nuts huh?)
long shelf 2
I have noticed this year and even last year, that I am able to keep myself from buying much more.  This year I've only bought pumpkins and craft supplies.... I think...  unless I've forgotten something... (which obviously is possible, but I dont think I have... )    The biggest reason for not buying more is I dont have anywhere left to put things!    I would like another skeleton or two...  hoping Kmart doesnt sell all theirs and that they get reduced!  couldnt you just see two skellys having tea or playing a board game at the table on my front porch!?  and the third one would stay in my craft room.  Well fingers crossed that I can get them on sale, because I just cant make myself pay 50 or 60 bucks a piece for them this year. 
long shelf 1
do I post too many pictures?? does anyone have trouble opening my blog up?  I know if you have a slow internet service or dial up it might not open up very quickly.  I hope no one has that problem!  sometimes I worry when I post a lot of pictures.
3 tiered halloween
sometime this week I want to post some pics from Vanessas baby "sprinkle".   we had a really nice time and Nessa got lots of adorable baby outfits for my soon to arrive new grand pie.. whose name shall be Violet Eloise Neroni.  not sure what I will call her.. violet pie.. letty keeps popping up in my mind, but not sure nessa and tony will like that..   who knows.. something will evolve when she gets here.. I cant wait to see her! and get my hands on her!  I dont know why I cant just call them by their names.  LOL!
tiny halloween beartiny halloween teaset
OH dear.. this is going to be a long rambling post.... maybe I should spread my words out.. dont want to bore you!!
another tree in the other window
Have I told you that I have a bloggy on line friend coming to stay with me next weekend?  Marlene Haveron, Miss Bee.  she is coming to hang out and to learn how to needlefelt.   Im excited to meet her and to have company for the weekend!
My daughter is in les mis that weekend so that will be the kick off when she arrives, we'll be heading out for dinner and then to see the show.. Im excited to see it.  Jens part is very small.. she plays an "old whore"!  lol!  she told me that I probably wont even recognize her on stage.
canned pumpkin
This Sunday Im going to see the broadway performance of Ghost with my daughter in law Tiffany, her mother and two of her grandmothers!  I am sooo looking forward to that too.  so much fun! 
speaking of Tiffany, I have not seen marlaina since the wedding.. I need to see her!!  I miss her so much!
halloween sweet potato
whew!  getting to the bottom of these pictures.. which means I dont need to ramble on any more!!
little kitchen shelf
I bet your glad!!  lol!
have a great day my ghoulie pies!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

finally finished my halloween books...

 dancing in the moon light
Yesterday I had the day to myself to do what ever I wanted..  It started out on the computer as it usually does, talking to my daughter Jen on facebook at about 7:30 am.. when we decided to go to breakfast!  so off to Bob Evans we went and had a big ol' bunch of  food!  double blueberry pancakes, and a breakfast bowl of eggs, sausage, potatos, cheese and gravy!!!  yes.. I ate pretty much all of it.  well, Jen and I split the pancakes.. and I didnt eat the bisquits.    anyways.. it was fuel for the rest of the day! lol!
cover 1
So when I got home, I spent the the day in my craft room.  I didnt do any house work.. and I didnt even make dinner.  I had popcorn for supper and I dont think my husband even ate last night... (whoops.. ).  I puttered and played and hung out in pinterest and had no interest in making dinner!   lol!  that happens alot around here... 
(not making dinner...well, and hanging out on pinterest!)
haunted house
Last year we had done round robin halloween books. Myself, Natalea Kandefor, Sandy Camarda and Elizabeth Andrus all did pages for each other's books.. but I never finished mine.  so finally today I took the time and finished it.  I also had started another very similar book last year that still had a few pages to do and it also needed its cover and back cover.. so I finished that too!
pumpkin patch
Both books turned out so neat.  These pages with the scalloped edges are from the first book with the other girls and the cover for that book is the second picture above.
The other book doesnt have scalloped pages.
cover 2
I love buying halloween papers and embellisnments.. And since I dont scrap book, this gives me the perfect opportunity to buy and use them! 
pumpkin dolls
It seems that it shouldnt have taken me all day to do these.. but it did.  Im a slow crafter.. and Im a very unfocused person.. probably have ADD..  I have issues...   but I them all done!
Then last night I made these little guys!  I used Super sculpey, which I havent used in a long time.  I would have used paper clay, because I like it better, but I didnt have the patience to let it dry.. and the sculpey can go right in the over for 15 minutes and then be ready to paint!
clay friends
I love their little toothies!
OK...So... yesterday, I got looking around here.. well  first, I have to tell you that on the way home from breakfast I stopped about bought 8 small pumpkins and a dozen gourds to put in my window boxes...   I already have a bunch of big pumpkins out there..   but I convinced myself that I needed more to put in those window boxes...
then I started looking around my house, inside and outside .. and Ive come to the conclusion that I think I must be crazy.  Most people dont do this.. My  house is pretty much wall to wall halloween....   but its all so cute, but maybe its too much...  Maybe I have some mental health issue.. sort of like a controlled hoarder... I am obsessed, not normal... I wonder if there is a name for this .. or, perhaps, Im just a creator and collector.. and maybe a little tiny bit eccentric..  
what ever it is.. I do know that Im already dreading putting it all away in a month!!
I have no room for any more.. I have a small house!  Oh well, I guess it is what it is and I am what I am!
and for right now,  I really have to tear myself away from the computer and get out of my halloween induced stupor and go get ready for work.. toodles ghoulie pies!!
Happy Day!

Friday, October 11, 2013

halloween creations and baby pies too!

punkin head friend
so finally Ive been able to do a little bit of halloween crafting!  I made this little pumpkin girl the other morning before I went to work!  I actually had started her last year, so she was a quick and easy finish.  I think she turned out cute.. but she needs a name.  not that it matters if she has a name her or not, because I will surely forget it later!  my memory sucks! I have to keep changing passwords on all my accounts because I can never remember them!!  You would think I would be smart enough to write them all down and put them somewhere safe!   but no...
from kim
Kim K has been busy creating Halloween treats too!  she sent me this awesome witch on a pumpkin box for my birthday!  isn't it stinking awesome?!   I love the clay face and Im so glad that Kim posted where she got them.  I just might be placing an order there soon myself!
I also received this thanksgiving piece below from another dear friend, Sandy Camarda!  I love it.  she had posted one on her blog that I was drooling over and next thing I know, theres one in my birthday mail!
thank you so much Kim and Sandy!
from sandy
Another package received recently was for Debs spoolie swap.  Oliva Ohlson was my partner and she sent me wonderful box  full of halloween treats!  Love that little crocheted pumpkin and the spoolie!  Thank you also Oliva! I hope you received my package.  you should have gotten it on wednesday I think. 
from Oliva
this is what I sent Oliva below.  hopefully she has received it and Im not ruining her surprise.
for spoolie swap
And just a couple more things, my friend Brenda had a birthday right before mine, but I just couldnt do anything for her before the wedding, but right afterwords I got busy and made her a couple ornaments for her big orange halloween tree!
Batty and Boo!  I love the bat!  I had to make another one for myself!
Hey, has anyone seen the little tiny plastic pumpkin party favors with the little handles on them?  they used to be everywhere and I had a bunch of them.  I now have none.. not sure why and i have looked all over.  none anywhere!  I need some..   I still have to check the christmas tree shoppe.  maybe there!  fingers crossed.
Im freezing!  still havent turned our heat on, but I have to say, its only about 60 in here and my hands are ccccc cold!  I might have to convince hubby to clean the furnance and get it cooking!  I m having a little baby "sprinkle" for Vanessa on Sunday and I dont want our guests to freeze!  A "sprinkle" instead of Shower,  she has everything she received for Jacob still brand new,  but she needs pink stuff now! !  so we're have a little sprinkle party for her with just our immediate family and a couple close friends.  Im looking forward to it.  and mostly Im looking forward to adding a new baby to my PIE collection!! lol!  Vanessa and Tony are kicking around a couple names for her, one of the names is Violet and another Scarlet.  I like both names, but probably violet a little more. oh my gosh.. I just cant wait to meet her!!!!  only a few more weeks!
she has perfect lips
And speaking of pies!  I love these two pics of my other babies!  Look how stinking cute they are!  marlas little puckered lips just kill me!  omg.. I love that sweet little face!
And then theres this one.. another favorite pic.. this one is from my birthday.. I actually might have already posted it.. oh well if I did.. see it again!  I just want to squeeze the stuff'n out of both of them!
grammie bought torry a little skelly of his own!
And sonow,  I want to do a little blog hopping before I have to run to get ready for work..  so see yous later!
wedding flowers and halloween friend 
Happy weekend and woohoo.. thanks to columbus day its a three day weekend!
also happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!
oh.. and the pic above with the flowers in the rustic box is one of the table arrangements from the wedding. Tony made all the boxes out of old pallets and took them to their florest to be filled.. they turned out beautifully!