Saturday, May 29, 2010

kicking off the summer!

WOOHOOO!!! Its memorial day weekend. I couldnt be happier! I LOVE SUMMER!
Looking forward to long weekends and warm sunny days at the beach! Starting TOMORROW! We'll be picnicing at the lake. I have a lot of work to do tonight so that we can go to the lake early and spend the whole day. My hubby doesnt really want to go, but its just down the road, so I figure he can stay home and show up to cook and eat! Such a party pooper! Once he gets there though, he'll be happy to be there. Its so relaxing.
Lets see, we'll be having, zwiegles hots (and cheddarworst for my friend Torrey!) And I'll be making strawberry jello pretzel dessert, brocoli salad, tossed salad, deviled eggs and baked beans, plus whatever anyone else decides to bring! I decided to do our picnic cookout tomorrow instead of monday cause the weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow. monday it could rain in the afternoon. i thought we can still cook out at home on monday if the weather cooperates.
Tonight I'm going to make my salads and pretzel dessert. But first I'm heading out for a bike ride! I love riding my bike.. I had thought I was riding two miles but my daughter clocked it for me and I was going a little over 3. This morning I up'd it to 5 or maybe even a little more. but thats where I'm heading out too soon!
Do you just love these little dolls? They're made by "vintage by crystal" I just love them. I think I'm going to have to have a whole collection of them!

And, how about these two cuties!! they are the sweetest little pumpkin heads ever! and look at frannies growing belly! I figure in about two weeks we should have another big litter! SO Excited!! I wonder if Figgy will be father of the year again???
I'm reallly excited about next weekend.. Its our Niagara sisters retreat!
and I only have to work 3 days this week.. off monday and friday! But I still have to work on my special swap piece to take with me!
Ok.. my bike is calling to me before it gets dark out! If I get all my work done tonight, I'll be back to do some blog hopping! see yas later!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OINK OINK OINK and a morning update!


Im a little fat pig..

hear me oink...

oink oink oink oink

oink oink oink!

I ate sooo much junk tonight at a foster parent meet and greet... I think I must have thought it was an EAT, MEET AND GREET!

chips and salsa, chips and chickenwing dip, crackers and shrimp dip, COOKIES!! (not just one or two!) fruit pizzas, veggies and dip.... bread and dip... diip dip dipdipdipdipdipdipdipdipdipdip, veggie pizza... then I came home and made a pizza for my husband and ate PIZZA again.

OK.. now I dont feel so great!

I dont know what happen to me... I totally went off the deep end!


tomorrow is a new day!

oink oink oink~
a little edit here:
still sick from eating all that junk last night, wont be doing that again anytime soon! woke up with a belly ache and a back ache in the night!! But, I did ride my bike 2 miles at 6:30 this morning. What a gorgeous ride! What a beautiful morning! Its so nice out, but supposed to be a scourcher of a day. I saw two big beautidul deer in the field down the road, they were watching me, watching them! They probably wouldnt have run away if I hadnt yelled "good morning little deer friends" at them! and there was a white duck walking through someones yard quacking up a storm.. I think he was saying "goodmorning sunshine! goodmorning! goodmorning!" well, really, he was probably saying.. "oh! look at that beautiful princess on that pepto bismo pink bicycle!! I wish she had a basket so I could hop in and go for a ride with her!!" Yup.. I'm pretty sure that was what that cute duck was saying!
OK.. out of my lala land.. and off to the shower and to work. We have a boring training all day on autism. I have so many notes to write, the last thing I want to do is sit and listen all day. Oh well.. I'll be doodling up a storm, cause thats what I do at these things.
sees yas later!

Monday, May 24, 2010

here I am!

LOOK at these yummies! they are Cannolis from the new Hungry Girl cook book. I've been dying to make them and finally yesterday I did. YOu know how usually when you make something out of a cookbook, it never comes out looking like the picture in the book? Well these do! They look exactly like the ones in the book! and they are OHHHH SOOO GOOD!!

Want me to share the recipe? They are only 3 points each too. Ok.. heres the recipe.
Holy Moly Cannoli Cones:
1 cup plus 2 tbsps fat free ricotta cheese
2/3 cup coolwhip free, thawed
2-1/2 tbsps splenda no calorie sweetener (granulated)
1 tbsp sugar free , fat free vanilla instant pudding mix ( I used 2 Tbsps)
1 tbsp powdered sugar
1 tbsp mini choc chips... ( I used 2 tbsps)
6 sugar cones (like the kind by keebler)
place all ingredients except choc chips and sugar cones in a medium bowl. Using a handheld electric mixer set to high speed, mix untill fully combined and fuffy. Fold in half the chips.
Transfer mixture to a large plastic bag, squeezing it down toward one bottom corner of the bag. snip off with scissors, so that you have a makeshift piping bag. Gently squeeze the ricotta mixture into the cones. Sprinkle the remaining chips on tops.
eat and enjoy!
Im telling you, they are really good!
I have been working on some crafting this weekend. I was on call again, but still had time to play. I finished my little gifties for the girls that I'll be going to Niagara with. Cant wait to go!!! Only 10 more days ! I'm so looking forward to relaxing and creating with some sweet bloggy gal pals! These two pics are sneak peeks of what I made for them. I still need to make my big swappy thing. Just as soon as I figure out what it will be! lol!
This next pic is a bunny pinkeep that I made for my friend Cindy (thimbleprins). She was in my bunny swap, but her partner never sent her anything. Cindy had made the sweetest doll holding a bunny for her partner and was so disappointed not to get anything back. I just had to make something special for her. I hope shes recieved it by now! I dont know whats going on with swaps lately, but I've heard quite a few girls complain about not recieving things back from their partners. thats so unfair. Anyways, I hope Cindy likes this.

I finally started buying my flowers tonight. I ended up buying 6 hanging baskets from the amish. This was the first time Ive stopped to look at their plants. They were really nice and only 10.00 a basket! Great price. I've looked at two other places that I normally buy from and theirs were between 15.00 and 30.00 per basket. I feel like I got a great deal. I still need to buy all the flowers for my pots and window boxes. Hopefully by this weekend I'll be done planting, then I'll take some pics to show yas.
I was like superwoman tonight. I got out of work at 5:00, ran into tops to pick up a few things, stopped and bought the flowers, came home put the flowers in their new home spots and had dinner (last nights left overs), did the dishes, went for a 2 mile bike ride (two miles isnt so far on a bike really) and then went for an hour walk with a few girlfriends and was back home by 8:30!
Now.. I'm pooped, so in the shower I go and then off to bed!
sweet dreams little bloggy friends!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

my daily rations !

I know, I know, I know.. I shouldnt complain. I have lost 52 pounds so far and that is wonderful and I'm very happy about it and I feel much better and much healthier! But I still feel FAT! I still want to lose another 25 pounds. I lost that first 40 pounds so quickly and the last 12 sooo slowly! I was hoping to lose another 25, well, 23 really, by the end of June when I go to the ocean. But realistically, I dont think thats going to happen by then. (darn it!) But I wont give up! I'm going to keep trying! I suppose I should change my goal date to a later time.. maybe september, since thats when I originally started and that would make it a full year to lose 75 pounds. I guess thats reasonable.
So, this is what I eat on a typical day..
I started out with a small bowl of special K with choc bits in it, 3/4 of a cup and a 1/2 cup of fat free milk. I also had a ww english muffin with ... Are you ready for this? POWDERED PEANUT BUTTER! Just discovered it.. its really good. you mix a tbsp with a little water and spread it on! It is peanut butter, but with hardly any fat. the lowest points peanut butter Ive found is peter pan whipped peanut butter which is 4 points per 2 tbsps. This is 1 pt, per 2 tbsps! And I only use 1 tbsp! It has to be ordered from someplace in Goergia! but is worth it.
so anyways, thats 4 (technically 4.5, but I dont count halves!) points to start the day.
then I packed 2 clementines and a vitatop for my morning snack. (2 pts) for lunch I had half a sandwhich on ww bread (2 pts), 2 cups of fruit (2pts), my jello fluff (no pts) and a fiber one bar (1 pt). I eat the popcorn through out the day.. (1 Pt)
OOPS.. forgot something! there was a luncheon at work today and I ate a sliver of a piece of angel food cake.. (2 pts!)

When I got home from work, I had more no pts jello and a fat free grahm cracker (1 pt)
then for dinner.. I had 1/2 cup of egg beaters cooked with asparagus, tomatos, red peppers, purple onions and mushrooms (2pts). I also cooked one of these apple maple chicken breakfast sausages.. (1pt) but it doesnt count, because I didnt eat it.. didnt like it much. But I have to count a 1 pt for my english muffin and more of that peanut butter! So 4.5 points for dinner.
Total for the day at that point.. 18 ish points! I get 22 a day.. so a while ago I had a 1/2 cup bowl of Breyers no sugar added vanilla ice cream (1 pt) on top of a choc vitatop (1 pt) with a tiny sprinkle of walnuts and a squirt of lite choc syrup (1 pt) and a squirt of lite whipped cream (no pts). for a grand total for the day of 21 points.

Really youre supposed to eat the full allotment of points for the day.. so if I really wanted to, I could have a bowl of popcorn of something! Plus I went for an hour walk.. which adds activity points.. if I wanted to use them.. but I'm full.
Well I'm off for the night.. I took tomorrow off and Jen, Beth and I are going to buffalo in the morning for the Creating Keepsakes Convention. They always have the best stuff there. I'll be sure to buy a bunch of stuff that I just have to have and may never use!
Even though I'm off tomorrow, I'm on call for the weekend. but at least I'm free for the day. The last time I was on call I ended up with 19 1/2 hours overtime! Hopefully it wont be too busy this weekend.
ok.. my back is aching.. I'm actually headed for the couch, something I rarely do!
talk to yas later!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday, I played! Today I work!

I blew yesterday totally off, just to play! Luckily I cleaned my house on friday morning! Jen and I set out early yesterday morning for Rochester. We went to the parkleigh on park ave. They have so much awesome stuff there! I've been looking for a new purse for about a year and I'm very particular about purses. I usually buy Isabellas Journey bags, but havent even found one of their's that I go nuts over in a while.
The PArkleigh sells a lot of Vera Bradley, which I have to say I'm not a huge fan of. But they have some new bags out. When I saw this purse, It didnt matter how much it cost, I had to have it and the wallet that went with it. They are called ChaCha bags! (used to have a black cat named chacha!) Isnt it the sweetest purse ever? Jen bought one a few weeks ago, the same one, only in black and red. they didnt have this one then, or she would have bought this one! I'm so happy with my pretty little chacha bag!
I bought this adorable tote bag there too! I couldnt pass it up. Just too freaken cute! I could spend a few thousand dollars there in a heart beat, I think!!
So, from the parkleigh in rochester to the holiday inn in batavia for my of my favorite things ever.. A doll and bear show! I always look for beat up tiny baby dolls.
I just love them. I found these little sweethearts yesterday!
Arent they adorable? I think this one below is my favorite of the day. There were lots of old and new dolls. I prefer the old. but I do like to look at all of them!
I should have taken pictures, I dont know why I didnt!
Just didnt think of it I guess.
After the doll show, Jen and I went to eat at Applebees. They have some really good weight watcher meals there. I had a grilled chicken island salad.. oh sooo good Pineapple, apple, mandarin oranges. cabbage, lettuce, grilled chicken and I cant remember what else. A huge plate all for only 6 weight watcher points!
On the way home I stopped at the grocery store,
where I found these tiny little african violets for .50 a piece..
arent they sweet??

And this mirror.. We got for a buck at a yard sale on the way to rochester!
Im going to paint it a creamy white. pretty for a buck huh?
I am not a good garage saler.. Im not that patient. Gonna start stopping more often though.
The girls out here in blogland find the neatest stuff at yard and estate sales!
OK.. so I played yesterday, today I've got lots of yard work to do. Its supposed to be 70 ish this afternoon.
Ive already made dinner this morning, so I wont have to worry about that later...
stuffed peppers.. yum yum yummy!
have a great sunday everyone!
off to my yard work I go!
anyone care to join me???

Friday, May 14, 2010

Things that make me happy !

Sandy at Sandys creations is hosting things I love friday. As almost always, in my crazy life.. I'm running late... I grabbed my camera and started snapping pictures when I got home from work.. well, after I went grocery shopping... not that that matters, or that you even care!
so here are some pictures of things that I love and things that make me happy! my pepto bismo pink bicycle! need to get a basket!

one of the shelfs in my living room I love tiny things!!
(bet you didnt already know that! lol)

the colorful tags and books that I've gotten in tag swaps!

Figgles and frannie pants!

shelf in my craft room of sweet things.. see my grammy?? isnt she adorable!

so may sweet things ! look carefully in these pictures..
a lot of you will see things youve given me!

more more more!

a family of circus mice!

very precious treasures!

more treasures!

I just love stuff!

birdies and babies!

love my those tiny longaberger baskets! want more.. but they are sooo expensive!

♪♫ count your blessings.. count them one by one ♪♫

and.. threw this in for the heck of it, just picked it up tonight at the grocery store.. what a great issue.. grab it if you see it!
Happy Weekend Everyone!! I'm planning on doing some blog hopping early tomorrow morning.. so see you then!
sweet dreams!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

wanna know sumptin?

Ive got a little secret !
but I let the cat out of the bag to my mother and to my mother in law today..
there are a few others I need to tell..
but now I feel like telling my sweet and precious blogland friends!

I'm gonna be a grandma.......


what ever will I do with a grandbaby??????????????
eiy yie yie!

now.. dont get me wrong..
On one hand I'm thrilled at the thought.
on the other... Im terrified.

I've always told me kids not to have any babies,
because I dont want to worry about anyone else in my life.
I already have too many worries!

but, I always knew that one day...
one of my children would bless me with grandchildren.




so, Bethany would be the one blessing me now.
She and her boyfriend are very excited and will make wonderful parents.
However, Bethany is a diabetic and considered a high risk pregnancy.,
so if you wouldnt mind sending up some prayers for a uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery!
And.. of course.. for an absolutely perfectly healthy and beautiful baby..

Oh, and while we're asking for favors from above?? I think id like a girl.
yes, If I must play this game.. a girl would be my choice!
A boy would be perfectly wonderful as well...
but, girls like dolls, and pink and crafts and cute clothes.. and pink.. did I say pink?

Ive know for a couple weeks.. but didnt want to post on the internet until I had told some family members first.
yes, this one of the things that had been causing me stress and was putting me over the edge.
not that I wasnt happy,
just in shock (We didnt think Bethany would be able to get pregnant so easy. At least thats what her doctor told us a few years ago.) She has polycycstic ovary syndrome.
babys are blessings..
and now that I've had time to wrap my head around it..
I'm thinking..

OH MY GOD! I'm going to be a grandmother!!!
eiy yie yie!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mothers day!

Hi all! I'm not too good at this bloggy break stuff! I've been peeking in all weekend! but thats ok.. much less then I would have normally been on. Ive been on call and have put in a ton of time yesterday and today. Today alone I had in about 7 hours total! I was going to cook stuffed peppers for dinner, but there was no time, so we ordered pizza and wings. And I ate like a piggy! 3 pieces of pizza, 2 mozzerella sticks and and 5 boneless chicken wings.. complete with blu cheese! Then I had strawberry shortcake with icecream! Its all good though. After all, its mothers day!
My kids bought me the pink bike I had wanted! woohoo! now, if I just had pink hair to go with out.. oh what a happy freak I would be ! I'll take better pics tomorrow of my sweet new ride! I have to find the perfect basket for my bikey now!
So, since Ive been on call, I still havent gotten the things done that I needed to. Three of the bears are finished. but thats it! so, I still will be sort of on my bloggy break. I will surely take a peek in everyday, but will be on less time at least through this week. We had a wind storm yesterday so now there is even more yard work to be done! Once I get out there and start moving it wont be so bad.... just got to do it!
so off I go again. I hope everyone had a sweet mothers day!

All the kids came over, except for Little Tony and his girlfriend. He had to work late and then they went to his girlfriends mother. I didnt want him to stress about seeing both mothers today , so I told him not to worry about coming over and we'll see him during the week sometime when hes free. I didnt want him to feel bad. Its hard to share the holidays isnt it!?
OK.. off I go again!
hugs and see yas soon!!
a little edit here:
go visit my friend Flora at boneheadstudios!!
YOu just have to see the amazing ALICE doll she created.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Creative well gone dry...bloggy break...

hello dear blogland friends! I have so much going on lately, eiy yie yie! My life is crazy.
Crazy.. yes, but blessed as well. I really should never every complain about anything.. because truely, I am a very happy person! Even when I'm miserable.. I'm still happy! does that make any sense!? but I am struggling lately to get anything done, at home and at work! Cant seem to focus on anything that I should be focusing on! And, Im seriously not managing my time well at all.

Which leads me to say, that I'm going to take a little bloggy break. (yeah, right.. lets see how that goes!) I really have things that I need to do here and I keep finding myself sitting in front of the computer! It is a time hog. I have many bear orders to work on . there are 10 here now and another 8 at least coming. I just keep putting them off though and I really cant do that any longer! So until I have the first two orders finished (6 bears).. I'm staying off. Maybe that will inspire me to get them done!

That should only a few days! I'll still be checking my email, so I'll see your comments. I just cant get on and start blog hopping and screwing around!
Besides the bears, I still havent done any yard work. I HAVE to get out there and get busy! Why dont you girls come help me!? I hate yard work and never really know what the heck I'm doing out there. I just need to get out there and get started! I need some inspiration!

Speaking of inspiration.. My creative well has gone dry! I actually had to drop out of a couple swaps. I am just blank! It really sucks. there are things I want to make, And things I need to make, but I cant seem to figure out which to do or how to do them. and then I think, why bother.. what on earth will I do with it when I'm finished!? Does that ever happen to any of you? Its frustrating.

YOu are noticing the pictures that I posted I hope. the first of my little naughties! Figgy and Frannie.. they are pregnant again. I think I already mentioned that in my last post. I know, I know.. so soon.. I didnt know she would go into heat so soon! Oh well.. this is the last litter. and they are so cute. I wonder how many she'll have this time?
AFter the kitties, are two pics of gifts that I recieved from my sweet friend Cindy Owens. she is SOOO kind and caring. She had already sent me a Cheerup package a week or so ago and then this came yesterday. I JUST LOVE IT! thank you sweet Cindy!

And then the next bunch of pictures are from the mayday basket swap, hosted by artsymama. Nicole Austin was my partner and boy did she spoil me. she got the short end of the stick in this swap! Thank you so much Nicole for all the sweet things!

So, anyways.. email me if you post anything that you think I need to see, or if you see anything in blogland that you think I shouldnt miss! I'll be back in a few days.. I just need to take a break and try to get on top of my life. I am lagging behind in all areas!!
OH! and thank you for the prayers the other night. I know I havent told you what you were praying about, but your prayers worked. I just had a kid that got a few tickets and needs the prayers.. He will need more on june 7th! (I'll remind you to pray then!)

OK... so Off I go girlies.. Gonna make some popcorn and then start stuffing bears! See you in a few days! I'll miss you all!
toodles! and huggles!!