Sunday, March 30, 2014

where did the weekend go?

 Really?  its sunday night already?  how did the weekend go by so fast?  seems like I just left work!..  oh well.. such is life.  Friday night I did the make up for Jens show, Into the woods, and then Torry pie stayed over night.  Lets just say, I got very little sleep.  but we had a good time.  He keeps me hopping.  he is a busy boy!  he is loving wind up toys right now.  we spent quite a bit of time playing with some giant wind up chicks... having races!    He also wanted to know where the skellys disappeared to, so I took him upstairs on a skelly hunt!  he found them in the closet!  (doesnt everyone have skeletons in their closets?  lol!  I have two in mine!heehee!)
Saturday I took him to tim hortons for breakfast and then home.   and then before I knew it it was time to go back to the school to do make up again for last nights show.  then we had a snow storm...  like.. yeah, really..  an ugly nasty snow storm, bad enough that when my daughter left the school at 11:00 pm, she came here to sleep rather then driving  home.  This is out my kitchen window this morning on MARCH 30th!  whats up with this weather?!
 So today, I got up thinking I had til 2:00 to putter around.  But I was off by two hours.  Jen came back over and I helped her do her cast gifts for 55 students and tried to clean up the house a little bit because my mother in law and my husband aunt were coming to the show and then over for pie afterwords..   so I was rushing like a maniac.. 
anyways.. thats pretty much the whole day.. Tonys mom and aunt left around 7:00 and I put my jammies on and puts some laundry away, and here I am..   just about ready to head to the couch.  I am tired!
OH! did you notice in the two bunny pics the little honey comb eggs??   my new treasure!  I bought them on ebay... sooo thrilled to have them!  I dont know why people say the "won" something on ebay.. because really I dont consider it winning.  lol.. okeedokie..   toodles for now!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

morning smiles!

just a couple cute things to share with you.  several projects going on at once, but I did finish this one yesterday morning.  Im making chicks too that were inspired by kim K, but Ive been waiting for the paper clay to dry.  might get to them tonight!  This morning I have to make a sleeping beauty's crown for my daughter.  she is directing the musical  "into the woods" and needs a crown, otherwise Id probably be playing with those chicks this morning!

I had violet here one evening last weekend and she is a doll!  I had uploaded a picture of her and she just started to laugh when she saw herself!   shes such a happy little thing!

and adorable too!
and speaking of adorable.....

look at miss marla princess pie!  she came to visit me sunday..  she is such a little lovey.. I seriously could just hug the stuffing out of her!

I am blessed!

Also, Im happy to say that the curve balls that came my way a couple weeks ago and knocked the wind out of my sails will be behind me after today!  there may be a few little residual scars.. but those wont keep me down. 
and.. someday spring will come..  we just dont know when....   mother nature is so confused!
have a great day bloggy pies!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

1 little, 2 little, 3 little chickies..

 I finally finished this.  I started it last year.. maybe even the year before.  I dont know.. cant remember when for sure.
 I got as far as the chicks and the bunnies, and then did not feel like adding all the eggs!  (lazy!)

 But finally dug it out and finished it this week.   sort of sloppy.. but done.   
when it came to the eggs I really didnt take great care in making nice stitches...
oh well, its still cute.  and I like it.  not quite sure what I want to do with it now.  Im leaning towards finding a rustic looking old frame.  hopefully I can find something.  
fingers crossed.  Im heading out shortly to do a little shopping at homegoods.  Im hoping they have something that will work.
by the way.. mother nature is not very nice.  and this weather sucks... rainy, windy and cold..
I guess it beats snow.. but thats in the forcast for tonight.  
makes me whiney !
 and hungry!
yes. it makes me want to eat.
I think I'll go make some choc chip cookies before I leave.
happy weekend bloggy pies.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

a little birdie told me...

I thought it would never get here... what a crazy winter we've had.. so glad to say good bye to it.. and so stinking happy to celebrate the first day of spring today! 
Even though there is still some snow on the ground 
and its cold and wet out...  

but.. I know whats coming.. and that makes me HAPPY!
oh.. and really.. you guys are the sweetest peeps on earth.  thank you so much for the sweet comments you left me yesterday.  I love you all!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

oh girls..

oh girls.. 
thankfully I am feeling a better.  last week was one of the lowest weeks Ive ever had in my life.
Still cant talk about it here, but Ive had time to mull it all over in my mind and found a way to make a plan to deal with it all..  
dont worry, Im fine, we're all fine.
still blessed in soooo many ways.. 

God is good... He has our backs...
 even when we fall short and fall on our faces.. 
he will pick us up and brush us off and hold us up til were back on track.
So thankful that I have been blessed with a positive spirit
 I can always find a way to see the bright side.. sometimes it just takes me a few days.. or weeks..
 but I get there! 
in any case....  just wanted you to know that Im feeling better.
thank you for all the sweet and concerned emails! 
you're all the bestest!
and some people wonder why we blog???
And soo..
st pattys day is behind us now and the first day of spring is tomorrow and all this snow and mud and cold will soon make way for sunshine and flowers.    
And its time to play with bunnies and chicks!  
I have to admit that I have been in a creative slump.. no inspiration..   Ive dug through all my eastery craft supplies and looked through pinterest of which I have at the moment over 550 things pinned on my easter board!  but still as cute as so many things are, nothing has really excited me!  (that is a depressing thing!)
And then this morning... I clicked onto Kim K's blog and saw these!  two of the chicks are by Laurie at magpie ethals and kimmies is the one in the middle...
omg.. are they the cutest darn things ever? 
Guess what i'll be making soon!?  
As soon as I finish this post and do a little blog hopping, I'll be clearing off my messy craft table and pulling a few things out.. then I'll be ready to start making some chickies of my own when I get home tonight!
For now I'm off to do some quick blog hopping..   have a great day bloggy pies! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


 Always good to have some bunny ears lying around!  
This year was violets year to rock the ears!

 Last year was  princess marlas year!

And the year before was Torry pies turn!
Next year there will be another little someones turn.
I just happen to have three pair of ears.. so I have plans for the next time all three babies are here at once.

Monday, March 17, 2014

happy st pattys day!

Thinking I should wear something green today.  maybe I'll pin on a little pipecleaner shamrock.  I made boiled ham and cabbage last night, which we will eat tonight.  we dont like corned beef.  well I do a little, but tony doesnt.
so thats that.. now lets just get this little green holiday behind us so we can move ahead with Spring and Easter!
We so need spring.. Our yard is such a mess,  there are tree branches down that have been buried in the snow since the storm before christmas.  And of course, when the snow melts, we get mud.  There is lots of work to be done out there.  As soon as the mud  is gone and it warms up again.  Yeah, Im not going out there to work until then!
OK..  gotta go find a shamrock to wear.  have a great day!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

good morning friends.

I almost forgot to post about Marla pies birthday party.  Her birthday is on December 28th, but Tiffany was smart and held her party off until last weekend.    omg... she is just so stinking sweet.  I cant even tell you how much I love this girl. 

she got lots of presents and loved her new clothes as much as the toys!  typical girl!  lol

after she opened the little green shirt she wanted it on right then.  

Ta Dah! 
We celebrated Tiffanys birthday last weekend too as hers was yesterday.  I made her a little lamb pinkeep  to go with her gift. We all had a nice time at their place for the party. And or course torry and violet were there as well.. 
so grammie was in pie heaven!

The rest of the week went down hill from there... but we wont go into that..  take my word for it.. it sucks...
There were a couple other bright spots though.  Actually this came in the mail prior to last weekend, but I keep forgetting to post it!  I had won a giveaway on Debbys blog.  she is selling origami owl charm necklaces and charms.  Ive been wanting one for quite a while so I was thrilled when I won her giveaway.   she knows me well!  she picked the charms out, the heart with family on it, the camera, the kitty!  the birdcage and the flower.  I love it.  thank you so much Debby!

Then, two days ago I received another package of sweet saint pattys treats from Michelle and ashley!  thank you so much girls!  I LOVE them and my little st pattys table is packed full now.
I'm trying to refrain from posting lots of eastery stuff yet..  because I dont want to totally overlook st pattys day! lol  This is my thoughts on that.. below.. I know I posted it before.. but I have to  keep telling myself this. 
Not sure what Im doing this weekend.  I know Im babysitting for violet this afternoon and evening.   I probably should go get some groceries..   or not.  maybe I will stay home in my jammies all day..
Have a great day my friends.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Good Morning!!  Yeah its Friday!!  and its the weekend!!  and today is going to be bright and sunny and 40 degrees!!  now I have to run and vacuum before I go to work... 
heehee.. figgy and frannie are getting into the easter spirit! LOL!
happy day bloggy pies!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I shall think about bunnies and chicks... 
because enough is enough 
of this!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Happy Monday!  I did it.  I broke down and put Easter out this weekend.  And St Patty's day too!  Its
st Patty's day in my craft room and Easter through out the rest of the house.  still have lots of tweaking to do!  
I posted on facebook that that I must have some sort of mental health disorder because I'm obsessed with all this holiday crafting and decorating and several people posted what they thought the disorder was..
I'm thinking there are a bunch of us out here with the same disorder!  here's the list of possible diagnosis's:
OCD  (overwhelmingly cute disorder!)
then there was a sweet friend that called it "love of joyfulness, love of talent, artistic spirit, best mom and grandma syndrome!"
I thought they were all cute, but my fav is from my cousin Paul,  HYPERDECORAPHILIA!
So there girls there are names for our sickness!  pick your favorite and own it! lol!
thank you to Kim K for the oh so sweet st Patty's day goodies she sent me!  I do love my Kimmie K!  shes a pie in my eyes! (get it?  Kimmie pie? )  OK.. I cant help myself sometimes.

Still way too much snow around here, I cleaned about 7 inches off my car yesterday morning... I know I don't need to say that I'm tired of it..  so I wont say it... I'm just thinking it really loudly in my brain... in fact its screaming in my head!
but the good news is, there are only 17 days til spring!  It will come.. and boy do we deserve it! 
have a happy day! 
think springy, bunny thoughts!