Monday, April 27, 2015

Just another tequila sunrise... I tricked Ya!!  I only wrote "tequila sunrise" because it sounds so much more interesting then "just another rainy Monday.."  LOL!!
 So.. Happy Monday bloggy buddies!    Does it seem quiet in blogland to you?  It seems very quiet around here to me.  Or maybe people are too busy to comment.  I get a lot of daily visitors but comments are waning... (is that the word I want?)   Please if you visit, comment.   I so like to know you've been here.    Sometimes, especially when I'm in a hurry in the mornings or on my lunch, I do pop in visits and don't leave a comment..  then I try to come back in the evening and leave one.  Anyways.. maybe its just the time of year and we get busy in other areas of our lives.   I know lots of you who live in a gentler climate are already out gardening  (jealous here!)   ummm not here.. not yet.  maybe this coming weekend cause, its supposed to be nice then! 
so what did I do this weekend?   well Ive been nursing this awful cold or sinus infection or whatever I have.  still have very little voice... but way more then I had.    
Torry pie stayed over night on Saturday so his mommy and daddy could go out.    hopefully I didn't infect him.  I tried not to maul him... (but it is so hard to keep my hands to myself when it comes to any of my grandpies!)   I felt bad for him because I didn't have the energy to entertain him like I usually do.   but he was fine  and he was happy to be here.  we went out for ice cream and he was very happy about that!  yesterday morning we made banana cream pie, which he would not try and cinnamon rolls, which he would have eaten all of if I had let him!  lol!  he did eat a lot of them! lol!
Hes such a little joy.. hes such a little boy!!  sooo full of energy.. no slow button.. no walk button.. its always full speed ahead for him and look out if you're in his path! Seriously!   LOL!  
 Yesterday I spent all day working on bears, watching Doris Day movies and a few episodes of Call the Midwife..  Lots of orders in the works..   I'll be sure to show pics as each order finishes.
for now.. I'm off.. I need to leave early for work today gotta get gas  and a box of kleenex!  
have a great day my bloggy friends!

Friday, April 24, 2015

happy birthday tony neroni jr!

Here I am!  been busy this week I guess..  doing what?  Ive no clue!    thankful its friday.  I had yesterday off to take care of some things, that I didnt even end up doing.  But we did celebrate little Tonys birthday last night with a taco party!  Believe it or not.. I have another whooper of a cold.  So taking yesterday off worked out for me as I actually took a nap.. remember... I dont nap.. ever.  Supposed to be on call this weekend, but Im going to try to get someone to switch with me because.. while I could handle it if it were just a cold.. I have absolutely NO VOICE!  The cats cant even hear me calling them!  seriously!

Do you like the dolly picture above?  the one dressed in blue arrived here this week from our friend Deb Messner @ cozy blanket blogspot!  I love her.  she is the sweetest doll.. she has a couple minor issues, as in she has a little odor to her, neither Deb nor I can figure out what it is, but its not that noticable unless youre holding her up to your nose.   The other odd little thing about her is she has the shortest arms ever.  so much so that I was calling her flipper! lol!  poor little thing.  I should not be making fun of her short comings...  LOL!   but she sure looks sweet sitting with my Jasmine  and they both are wearing party hats in honor of Little Tony's birthday! lol!!  (thank you btw Deb.. I really do love her!)

 And so, as I mentioned above we celebrated my son Tonys birthday last night.  I cant believe he is 28 years old.. my kids are getting old I swear!  where does the time go?  he was just a baby.. and now he has two babies of his own!  doesnt he look like Violet in this picture?    sometimes I look at her and have flashbacks!  Happy Birthday little Tony!!  

I made german choc cake with german choc coconut and pecan frosting..  and... since I was dying for choc cake with choc frosting and since I was pretty sure that Torry wouldnt eat the coconut frosting... I made choc cupcakes too!   Needless to say that I sent a lot of cake home with the kids.  (that cake doesnt look so appetizing in this picture!)  

IN other news.. nothing really.  Ive just been playing with birds and bird nests... tweaking my springy decorations.  The weather has been pretty crappy..   mother nature is just taking her time and its been cold.. and it snowed and hailed on wednesday night.    I  simply can not wait for warm beachy days!  Do you think they will come?   supposed to be sunny this weekend.. but not warm..  but I'll take the sunshine.  now if I just felt good enough to go out and do something in it.   hush!  I know youre thinking.. "shes had a lot of colds this year..."  I dont want to hear it! lol!  and yes its true! 

I need to get off of the computer and go take care of the dishes from last night.  I was too tired to do so last night..  but I sure dont want to come home to them later.. so off I go! 
have a great day my bloggy friends! 

Happy Day!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hello sunday morning

 Good morning!   thankfully, I have the whole day before me, basically unplanned.   starting out with lots of tea and I had a great big peanut donut...  I was going to have oatmeal.. but something happened....  and suddenly there was a donut right there.. beside my teacup..   and how could I ignore that sweet little thing.. just begging to share itself with me.  LOL!  
so really no set plans for today.  I have a LOT of bears to work on  and I bought this coloring book.. have you seen these?  a lot of our artsy fartsy on line friends have been buying them.  I saw this at Michaels and couldnt pass it up.  and Ive only worked on this back page so far.. but it is addictive and fun..   Remember how we liked to color when we were kids?   this is way better!  lol!  Im going to pick up some gel pens today too. Ive been using some fine tipped markers and colored pencils so far.    and my pencil sharpener broke.. so I'll need to pick up one of those today too.
(Some of those flowers look like pot leaves!  not that I know from experience or anything! LOL!  and if I did know, I certainly wouldnt admit that here! )
Hmmm.. I guess it sounds like Im going shopping at some point.   maybe just to walmart.   Anything else takes up the day.. an hour ride to rochester or buffalo.   I also thought about digging the rake out and doing some raking around the house.  but..  Tony said he saw a big snake by my fairy garden yesterday..  Really?   You want to know whats funny about that?  Yesterday morning Bethany and I were at the salon, me getting my hair cut and her getting a pedicure.  and we had everyone there talking about snakes and worms..  lol!    And I had just said that Ive only seen them in our yard a few times in the 30 years we've lived here.   Bethany is terrified or them.  they dont usually bother me.   But I dont like to be startled by them.  
 Also thinking about cooking out this afternoon.. what sounds good?  Maybe I should invite the kids over for hotdogs and hamburgers.   hmmm..   gotta think on this.    but for how.. I really need to get dressed and clean up the house a bit then I guess I shall run to the store!   
(♪♫do you know the mushroom man?)
Have a Happy Springy Day!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

just another thursday morning!

 Morning bloggy pies!  Happy thursday!   I was up early this morning , out of bed at 4:45, but wide awake probably around 3:30.  I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't!  I will be tired later for sure.  oh well.. anyways, so I played in my craft room and made muffins.  I made this little teeny tiny basket probably 8 years or more ago and its been hanging near my computer.  its supposed to be a necklace, but I don't think I ever wore it as such.  This morning it caught my eye and I decided to play around with it and it turned out so cute!  That tiny bear was also one of the first tiny bears I ever made and is one of my favorites. The baby doll has no arms or legs!  shes only about an  inch and a half long.  I think she is sweet.  Theres a doll show coming up on may 9th.  I always love going and I always look for the teeny tiny things!  probably no surprise there huh!

Im just so happy that spring has finally arrived..  no snow.. no cold.  I was so very tired of all of that!  And Im so excited for sunshine and warmer temps.  still very early spring here, no leaves on the trees or anything.  though there are crocuses up in the back yard.  I picked three the other day, but they dont last long once cut and brought inside.  oh well, they were sweet for the little while they lasted. 

Ive been doing my spring "nesting".  thats how I decorate for spring!  nests.. birds in nests, dolls in nests.. bears in nests.. and mushrooms..  got shrooms all over the place.  lol!    I know.. Im not normal. 
but I like to play.  I cant help myself.  And soon.. soon soon.. it'll be time to for flowers!  Im looking forward to doing some yard work and planting some pots and window boxes.  you know Im not much of a gardener, I just like to play around a little bit.  
I have been thinking of making my fairy garden bigger.  not sure how yet.. but hopefully I'll think of something.  And of course the dino garden too.   but.. I dont know how the garden stuff will go this year as tony will putting a new roof on the house and hopefully the porch will get redone.. and I want the house painted.. so the garden stuff may have to wait...  in fact.. I may need to move some plants when he starts working around the porch...  hmmmmm....  hadnt thought of this stuff til now..  

Yummy muffin!  cranberry orange.. with almonds!  I ate two..   Im supposed to be losing weight.. but I am my own worst freak'n enemy!  oh dear oh dear!
OK.. thats all for now girls..  Ive got to go to work soon..   have a great day!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

spring has sprung!

Good morning!! Spring has Sprung!! inside and out!  Yesterday was a beautiful day.. mid 60's and sunny.  Today promised mid to high 70's and maybe not as sunny.. perhaps a little rain later..  but thats ok..  70+ degrees!!!    Im so excited!
Yesterday I packed all my sweet little easter friends away and put spring out.  I really dont have a lot for Spring.  mostly just a bunch of nests and birds.  I dont know why it took me all day to put it out.  I just have a little OCD when it comes to decorating. I guess thats why....  
So.. I hope everyone has a lovely day...  I'm off to do a little blog hopping and then to get ready for work. 
just short and sweet this morning.. 
 Toodles friendies!

Friday, April 10, 2015

a quick hello!

Good Morning Bloggy pies!  Yippee its the weekend!
I guess I'm going to have to consider putting all my Easter friends away this weekend... Well, I only have to consider it,  it doesn't really have to happen yet.. it could wait another week.. or two.. or three!  But I shall at least start to consider it!  lol!
I also have a lot of bears to work on, so that's probably where I will focus my attention ad energy.  I should clean my bedroom too.  I don't understand where all the dust comes from!  I need a maid.  Yes, I need a maid and a big house for her to clean.   And a pool and a cute pool boy to clean the pool.  and, while I'm at it, How about a cook!  One who will do all the grocery shopping and keep my house stocked with lots of healthy low fat foods and make me awesome yummy meals to come home to every night!  and what else?? I don't know.     I had no intentions of going where I just went too! lol!  Oh.. I know what else,  a carpenter to rebuild my porch and put a new roof on my house!   You know, this could all be satisfied with just one wave of the wand, if my fairy god mother would just show up!  
Ok.. enough shenanigans!  Ive got to get ready for work.  need to jump in the shower.. though a thunder storm just started!  perhaps I shall wait a few minutes!   yikes!  its raining .. its pouring! 
gotta go! 
Happy Friday Peeps! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 Just some pics from Easter day.  I didn't take many and the ones I did take came blurry.  I need a new camera...  someday!    Had a nice Easter..crowded, crazy and chaotic..  as a Neroni gathering tends to be.  but we all love each other and love to see each other.   Started my day out early trying to finish up gifts for my daughters and daughter in laws, getting food ready and then went to church.

Then everyone came over and ate and hung out.  We had way too much food.  I forgot to get pictures of all the cakes and yummies!  It was too cold out for an egg hunt, so I didn't bother with it this year.  Last Easter the weather was so nice we were able to be outside a lot of the day.  not this year..   well, for one Easter is obviously earlier this year.. but also mother nature must be getting old and slow or something!!  Im soooo looking forward to warm weather!  

Later after most everyone went home, Jen, Nessa and I made a quick decision to go see the new Cinderella movie.   very cute..   but I had a headache so I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have.  I had that headache all stinking day long!  stupid headache!  Tiffany still wants Marla to see Cinderella, so I may go again when they go.  

Two sick babies for Easter, Lillypie was running a fever, and Torry pie had a nasty cough from a cold.    Poor babies..   doesn't it seem that someone is always sick on a holiday?  That's how it always was when I was a kid and when my kids were kids.. and now.. nothing has changed! lol!  I saw that Diana's, sweet cheeks was not feeling well on Easter either.  poor babies!

 look at my little scarlet below!  shes  soooo stinking cute!   Well... they all are really..  did you love the pic way up above, of Violet and her bunny tail?  lol!  

sweet little pies... make my life so sweet!

I love love love my family!

just need a bigger house! lol!

and I love my kitties too!  lol!  
have a great day!  I gotta get moving.. as usual Ive waited til the last minute to get ready for work! 
Happy day!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

here comes peter cotton tail!

 omg... how did we get to the day before Easter already?    so much to do.. so much to do.   looking forward to seeing all my family in one spot for a couple hours for brunch tomorrow.    have you see those ham sandwiches everyone is pinning on pinterest?  I'm doing those, a hash brown breakfast casserole, deviled eggs, orange sweet rolls, fruit,  banana cream pudding (homemade), and a bunny cake.  the kids are bringing. pasta salad, watergate salad, bagels and cream cheese and a cheese cake!     
I'm caught up in a hyper mode..  you would think that would be a good place to be when there's a lot of stuff to do.. but in reality...  I have a hard time focusing and getting started!  I get the "gottas"   I'll be working on one thing and keep thinking.. "I gotta do this.. I gotta do that.. I gotta.. I gotta!"  LOL!  
gotta clean, gotta cook, gotta finish some projects, gotta feed the bird... who is singing here comes peter cotton tail over and over right this min!  Gotta wrap some baby shower gifts,   gotta put together the veggie tray to take to the baby shower,  gotta shower,  gotta put some baskets together.. gotta go to the store, gotta pick up a drink dispenser and drop it off, gotta.. gotta gotta!    
but.. I made some lists; what needs to be done this morning.. this afternoon, this evening and tomorrow morning.     its all good...   
Nah, its all good...   I got this...    that's what I have to say to the gottas...  I got this...   I got this.. I got this!
and soo.. not only is today the day before Easter.. but its also our 34th anniversary!  I bought him tickets to go see Garrison keiler  this summer.  I think he will really like that.   

Hey!!!! how do you like my Easter bunny finger nails!?   Aren't they stinking cute!!?  I saw those and had three people searching for them for me!  seriously!  lol!  and my daughter Jen came through for me.  when I get obsessed about something.. it gets a little insane!   Have you heard of Jamberry nails?  there are so many cute ones!  heehee.. I have cute little bunny nails!  makes me smile!    I know, Im like 5, right?  lol!
OK.. I really do have a very long list of things to do.. which aren't going to get done with me sitting here... sooooooo   off I go..     I think I'll start be feeding Buffy...   who is now yelling... peek a boo!  
have a great day my lovely little bloggy pies!
ps.. those little easter chicks were a special easter order I did for a friend.  they turned out so cute!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

baskets full of easter joy!

Here comes peter cotton tail...  hopping down the bunny trail! 
He came here disguised as the mail lady and dropped the sweetest little Easter basket off to me this past Saturday!  

My sweet friend Mica was my partner for the swap.  She is such a creative, artistic, kind, loving soul.  She is a wonderful christian woman, an awesome mother to her children and an inspirational friend!  and I'm so glad that I "know" her.  

Mica sent me the sweetest basket ever.   Ive been dying to post pics, but I wanted to wait til she received my basket.. which finally arrived to her yesterday!   

Mica made that little chickie in the jello mold basket for me..  I can honestly say that is my favorite Easter treasure now.. I just stinking love it!  Her basket was filled with awesome things!

sweet yellowy springy goodness.. check out the wool roving!  
does mica have my number or what?

She sent these doggy stickies and little memos.. too cute to use!    and the card with the flower girl on it is Mica's art.. she is sooo stinking talented.  Her love for color oozes from her finger tips!

I love every single thing in your basket Mica, thank you so much!!  
you are awesome!

and this??  I'm obsessed with it!  I think its just the cutest darn thing ever!

I filled a little basket up for mica with lots of goodies too.. but for some reason I didn't save all the pics I took of it.  but here are the two pics I did manage to save.   I made Mica this little bunny and chickie.   I cant even remember what all else went into the basket..  lots of stuff though.

and candy!  lol!  we all need a little chocolate at Easter time, don't you think?
I had a blast with this swap.  I've been doing lots of blog hopping and it looks like everyone else has loved it too.  Its always fun to receive a fun package of holiday treats in the mail isn't it?
Only a few more days til Easter...
 as usual, it has suddenly snuck up on us! (is snuck a word?)
I've been buying tons of stuff for my grandpies Easter baskets.. exactly what I said I wasn't going to do.. 
but I cant help my self...  not much candy.. but lots of novelty toys and a couple summer outfits a piece.
Its too much fun playing the Easter bunny!  
And I just wanna see those babies all excited about their baskets!
Have a great day my friendies!  
I gotta go stuff a bear for a baby shower this weekend..