Saturday, June 28, 2008

girls week 2008 and year anniversary giveaway!

OH mY goodness.. I had the best time ever! 6 of us set out last saturday morning for ocean city MD. we wented a 2008 minivan of some sort, packed up and drove for over 10 hours. it actually took us about 12 hours total to get there, that was after a dinner break and getting stuck in a traffic jam for an hour! but the trip was worth it. we had the best time laughing, playing in the ocean, eating and drinking. we made friends with a few very good looking young men who worked on the beach taking pictures and we grabbed them up with in the first hour on the beach and made friends with them. they came several times a day to talk to us on the beach and we made sure we had cold drinks for them.. They were our eye candy! (they were our own kids ages!). We had soooo much fun.. I cant even begin to sort it all out to tell you about it.. but the highlight of our trip was parasailing! I dont know how they talked me into it. but I'm glad they did. I had no intention of flying 800 feet above the ocean in a parachute.... I did carry on quite abit about it.. I asked the captain of the boat, who was also quite a good looking YOUNG man..(good grief, how come all the really good looking ones are all so darned young!!) anyways, I kept asking him dumb questions.. have you ever dropped anyone in the water? are there sharks out there? are you sure this is safe? how long have you been doing this? have you gone up there your self? are you sure I'm not too heavy for this thing? you wont run out of gas will you? blah blah blah.. I laughed hysterically.. and kept saying I'm must be out of my mind.. My girlfriends laughed even more hysterically at me!!!
so, here we are, me and sweet Judy... this is lift off! off the back of the boat and into the sky...... i was hanging on for dear life!! ha ha ha!! judy was much more relaxed about it then I was!

and up we went... up up and away.......
higher and higher.. til we are but a spec in the sky! 800 feet above the ocean! we could see for miles around.. it was amazing.. we could see the bay and the inlet and azetec island, and of course we were surrounded by miles of ocean! we saw stingrays swimming.. in fact it was at the point that they started bringing us down for a dip in the ocean.. I got a little freaked at that point because those sting rays were right below us! luckily they werent there when we got dipped! we also saw a school of dolphins jumping and playing in the water!!!! how freaken cool!

then in for the landing! we had to land on our feet. I was a little concerned about that.. but I did it!! Now I can brag a bit and say that I have parasailed YEEHAW!! it really was awesome. the boat ride was less enjoyable though.. it was all smooth sailing up in the air.. but the boat was quite rough.. I was airborn several times.. and I have quite a few bruises on my arms and my knee from being thrown around so much! But all 6 of us did it! It was the icing on the cake of a wonderful vacation!!

I tried hard to not get sunburned.. I used 50 spf.. several times aday and I rented a giant umbrella which I spent a good deal of time under. but inspite of it , I did still get a little burn. and the bottom of my legs and my feet got sunpoisoning. they are a quite swollen still.. they dont really hurt though... just look bad and itch.

we had the best time... sitting around talking about our crazy lives.. we all have kids the same ages and our kids are all friends.. in fact that is how our families all met and became such good friends. One of the girls was just diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago and will be having a masectomy on the 11th. This vacation was soo good for her. We were an interesting group.. social worker, parole officer, midwife, farmer, executive secretary, and photographer! we had the best time ever and our hopeing to do it again next year!!
And now that im back home.. I have work work work to do! gifts to make, swaps to work on, house to clean, shopping to do... and today.. a wedding to go to!
I'll post about the pinkeep swap later.. still lots of room for more participants! I think there are only 10 of us right now.
OH my! I just realized I missed my blogversary! it was june 16th! so.. in honor of the day, I will do a give away! stay tuned! I think it will be something patriotic or summery.. I dont know what yet.. but keep watch here and I'll post something in a couple days!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

vacations and pinkeep swap

I'm back! I had a lovely time with my mother and my aunts. My aunts cottage is awesome and the property is even more awesome. I should have taken more pictures. I didnt get any of the front of the cottage.... duh to me! anyways.. she has a beautiful place. Her cottage is right on the lake which you can see is lovely!

These pictures are of my aunts and mom....

In a few days I leave for OCean City Maryland! yippee! I'm going with 5 girlfriends... We are going to have so much fun.. leaving at 4:30 sat morning and planning on being on the beach that afternoon! Ok.. to all my praying friends.. pray for wonderful perfect weather alllll week long! K? thanks! I have so much to do ... but i think I have it under control. I am taking craft supplies.. I took some with me over the weekend too, but only sewed a set of two miniature bear legs together!

I mailed out a few swap things today.. my fairy princess bear.. seen a few entries back, went to sweet Jillian, and my toadstool for the toadstool swap went out to Julie.. i do have to admit that my toad stool was really sweet.. did I show it to you yet? I also mailed out three jars of jam to my aunt! but you know what I didnt mail? I've been carrying it for 2 weeks... my fathers day card. I went to the stinking post office finally and forgot to mail it!!!!

oK.. so now.. I'm annoucing my new swap.. Its a PINKEEP swap. Imagine all the possibly pin cushion type things you might be able to make. I have a couple ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for weeks and weeks! I hope there are a few people interested! I figured a pinkeep is something most of us could whip up in an afternoon. I will make a badge later.. and will post it here for you to take. please spread the word. I'll take sign ups here through July 1st and will announce partners by the 3rd or 4th and we'll have a mail out date of august 1st. how does that sound? You can sign up here or at my email..

Once again I'm looking forward to seeing all the creativety that comes from blogland friends!

so.. I'm off to check out blogland.. and then will be gone for the week.. basking in the sunshine... that I know youre praying for!!

hugs to you all!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm off for the weekend. My mom is up from florida and she and I and my aunt are going to spend the weekend with another aunt at her cottage on Seneca lake> I think I have the essentials! clothing.. camera and craft supplies... will probably make a couple little bears while there!
see yas monday!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

baby its HOT inside and out!

We are having a bit of a heat wave here.. very muggy and hot. I have 5 fans going in the house, one in the kitchen, two in the living room, one in our room and one in Jens. Look at Marmalade in jens room. hes been in front of that fan all day!! I'm not a big fan of air conditioning.. but I could go for it tonight!

I just watched the movie "August Rush". Loved it. Most of you would love it also, if you havent already seen it, you should. Its about a a boy and his parents being separated and finding each other through the magic of music.. I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes at the end!

I'm staying up late.. Tonys still in the hospital, still in ICU. supposed to come home on monday. He seems to be doing ok. he really is difficult to visit, because he really doesnt want us there for long. Hes still in alot of pain and he is grumpy. all to be expected I guess. plus I'm sure he is going through nicotine withdrawal! my poor honey. So anyways, I go up twice a day for about an hour at a time.. and then leave. I'm still not liking most of those nurses up there. there have been three that we really like. one of them that he had the last two nights, was very cheerful and friendly and I couldnt believe it when I heard two of tonights nurses talking bad about about her. I so wanted to go out and tell them they needed to take lessons from her, but I have to leave my husband in their care, so "I is keepn my mouth shutted!" I just think its sad to be that miserable. oh well.. I dont know which nurse he had tonight.. but it didnt look promising. I think he got one of the unfriendly ones!went to a few yard sales today. I picked up a few little things, some vintage linens, a couple painted halloween bowls, and a sweet little tin plate with flowers and birds on it. Isnt it sweet? Got it for a quarter! That was it. I spent a total of 7 dollars at the yard sales. I also went out to lunch with my girls and a friend and did a little shopping at fashion bug. I got a cute night gown and a couple outfits. Well.. I needed something to wear tomorrow to WICKED!! I was going to buy a new bathing suit.. Was being the important word here.. GOOD GRIEF! trying on bathing suits is soo painful.. didnt buy one.. none looked any better on me then the one I have!! eh, no one will know me in ocean city anyways.. it wont matter that they thnk I look like a dancing hippo on the beach!! I wish my bathing suit was pink though and had a little tutu type skirt!
I'm just thinking about some swaps and gifts I have to get done. I'm hoping maybe Monday I can be crafty. I took the day off because thats when my hubby is supposed to come home. then next week, I'll post about the next swap. PinKeeps! I have seen some really cute ones.. and I have a couple ideas for some myself! so get ready those of you interested. Im thinking to have it done for end of july... any thoughts or ideas?? Okeedokie.. Ive got to go look at the new country living magazine.. (I bought another magazine today.. I have such an addiction!) and I need to go to bed!!
nightie night!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

fairy bear and hospitals

Good morning blogger friends.. What do you do when you hubby goes in for surgery? You cut out a tiny bear grab up a bunch of tiny supplies, needle, thread adn scizzors and your set for the day... well, and a quick visit down the magazine isle at the grocery store.. (6 magazines and 1 muffin.. 36.00!) not sure Im going to keep the wings on this bear.. what do you think? Her crown is a practice crown cause I have to make a princess bear for one of my sweet little blogger friends.. Jillian.

I really have quite a few projects that I need to get busy on .. swaps.. and gifts... I should be able to get a few things done this weekend... I hope.

Tony had his colostomy reversed. He was in a lot of pain when I left the hospital last night. but he'll be ok. The doctor said he could probably come home sunday or monday.. I told him I was going to see Wicked on sunday... so he said "ok.. monday then". POor Tony,, If he is really able to go home on sunday, we'll get him home. I have to tell ya, some of his nurses were not very friendly.. and one ticked me right off.. There were signs up all over about visiting hours in the ICU 11-4 and 7-9. Well obviously I had been there since 7:30 am.. at 4:00 I thought I was going to have to leave and was ready too, but no one said anything to me, so I stayed. I really thought it would be much easier to stay then come and go.. Tony was sleeping the whole time, so it wasnt like I was interupting his rest. Anyways, at 6:00 the nurses change guard.. oops I mean shifts! they of course have to do reports, and the new and the old nurses were all sitting together when I walked by them at 6:15 to go use my phone. We even talked a bit about my outfit, as one of the new nurses had the same shirt! anyways, I came back about half an hour later, and the day nurses had gone, and just the new guards .. oops there i go again.I mean nurses were there. ONe of them looks at me and says, "technically your too early for visiting hours" I said "what?" cause I really didnt think I heard her correctly.. she repeated herself in a snotty tone.. and I said, "Ive been here since 7:30 this morning , no one has said anything to me about visiting hours" she said well theres signs up all over.. I said yeah, I saw them. and walked into my husbands room. IF I had continued in the conversation, I would have gotten rude.. and there really was no reason to, except that I was tired and she was a bitch. SOOO... then, I hear her adn another nurse out in the hall whispering about people not following the rules and rules not being enforced... and bla bla bla....! Then she comes in his room and asks if I would like to step out while she does her assessment.. I said, "do I have to? Ive been in here all day long while nurses have done their assessments." She just gave me a dirty look. I then asked my sleeping husband if he wanted me to leave while the nurse looked him over, he opened his eyes and and closed them. I told the nurse, he doesnt care. And I didnt budge. I just kept on sewing my little bear and never looked up at her... Thennnnn.... at about 7:45, she comes back in with fresh bedding and nightie and bath stuff so before she could speak, I said, Oh look tony, its bath time! the nurse told me then that she was going to have to ask me to leave the room. so I told her in a cheerful, happy little voice, "Oh, I was planning on leaving now anyways, I just need a few minutes alone with my husband to say goodbye." she wasnt happy with me.. but I didn't care. I know you all think I'm such a sweet andwonderful person.. but push the wrong buttons and I can cop an attitude for sure! The funny thing about this whole thing is that she is the same nurse that we liked so much in DEcember when he was there. Shes the one that snuck (gosh is that a word?) him some coffee.. with some other mean nurse then took away from him! we call her the coffee gestapo! (is that how you spell that?) Oh well.. I could hear her talking about being on a diet and having no self control.. . I was thinking about making her some cookies! hehe.. oh..sorry, I'm being evil... I wouldnt really do that... she was just doing her job..

I'm tired! I never sleep well when hes not home.. I dont sleep well when he is home ,but worse when hes not home! I went for a sleep study not too long ago.. I do have sleep apnea.. someone was supposed to call be about a cpak.. but I havent recieved the call yet... I should probably follow up on it myself.. I suppose... though I really dont want to have to use the stupid thing.. I do so wonder what it would be like to sleep well one night!!!
I posted this last picture here for Melissa to see how the chenile bears turn out..

OK.. I have got to do some blog hopping myself! I feel like I havent been out to visit anyone! then I have to go to work. BLAAAAH!!! have a lovely!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Yay!! Its June, and its starting out with beautiful weather. Supposed tobe very summery around here this week. I'm so excieted! Probably should dig out my fans and clean them up. I'm in air conditioning all day at work, but I dont like it at home because I dont like to have the house closed up and like to have my doors and windows open.

I had a great weekend, even though I was on call and have about 10 hours overtime in. My daughter and I went to a creating keepsakes scrapbook convention and got a few sweet goodies there. We left a little earlier then we might have liked because of my being on call, but we had actually gone through everything, we just didnt go back through for a second run through to make sure we didnt miss anything! Here s pic's of some of the stuff I got.
I have to tell you there are the sweetest people out here in blogland, but if youre a blogger I think you already know that! I have to show you the sweetest things I got in the mail last week! This awesome little tiny bear is from Mariella from Italy! she and I were swap partners for the miniature swap. This may be the smallest little bear I own.. I'm just tickled over him and love him to bits!! thank you Mariella!

This adorable little piece of artwork is from my friend Jacque. She sent it just because she is a doll. I love it! I have another little piece she made me also just because she is so nice. I have both in my kitchen where I can see them everyday! Thank you Jacque!

Then Look at this wonderful bracelet that Barb made for me! For no reason other then that she is one of the sweetest girls in blogland! I ADORE my bracelet and have been wearing it since i recieved it! Look it says.. "viv on a whim!!" I love ya Barb!! thank you so much!

OK.. and so theres still more! Another sweet friend and IDOL, Jenny from the polkadot pixie, decided that she wanted me to have some of her adorable cards that she makes! they are soooo cute!! I dont know if I will be able to use them...thank you sooo much Jenny!

arent they cute???? Really thank you so much girls. I love all my goodies.

JUne will be a busy month for me... lots of stuff going on!

this week promises to be interesting .. My husband is going back in the hospital on Wednesday morning to have his colostomy reversed. He should be there for 4 or 5 days. NO one really looks forward to being cut into, but he is really looking forward to being put back together and really looking forward to getting rid of that bag!! but he'll be pretty uncomfortable and hungry for a few days! He will probably come home on sunday or monday. I'm goign to see WICKED on Sunday afternoon with my girls and a couple friends. I saw it in toronto a couple years ago.. I cant wait to see it again.

Next weekend, my mother is coming up from Florida and Im going with her and one of my aunts to stay with another aunt at her cottage for 3 days. I'm looking forward to that. My aunts are fun. then...I come back monday night and leave Saturday morning on the 21st for a whole week of fun in the sun at Ocean city maryland with 5 girlfriends! WOOHOO!!

After I come back there isnt much planned,but I did schedule my vacation for 1 day a week, so I'll have long weekends all summer!

Ok.. so I really need to get ready for work.. but I wanted to show you too more pictures.. Here is a miniature doll made by Jen W from the miniature doll and bear swap.. How cuteshe is! this doll was sent to Catie ann. there are only 4 more dolls to see I think.. hopefully I'll get pictures of them! Great Job Jen!
these two pics that Jillian told me to use off of her blog.. these are the sweet pieces she recieved in the miniature swap from Debra Schoch. Arent they cute!?
Lastly I shall leave you with a stand off.. Jasper and Marmalade.. which one will finish my cereal?? who do you think is the dominant kitty here? hee hee arent they cute!? Have a sweet day blogger friends!!