Saturday, July 26, 2014

a hodgy podgy post!

 Good morning good morning!  happy Saturday!  I love this part of singing in the rain.  do you like musicals?  I love them.   I taught buffy to whistle this song! lol!  now.. I should teach him to tap dance! LOL!  ok.. maybe not..

so heres a few more pics of summer decorations.  this next pic I took the mason jar vase and flowers away from.. I suddenly was looking at it and hated it. LOL!  so I incorporated those flowers into the hydrangeas in the pail and moved the pail and shell around a bit.  duh.. why am I even telling you this!? .. whooo cares! 
my poor brain.  I cant wait til my neighbors hydrangeas bloom so I can pick real ones!
so, whats new friends?  I joined instagram yesterday.. why?  I dont know.. why not?   one more thing to occupy my time.. lol.  Soo, just what would we all be doing if we werent attached to the internet?  seriously....  a good question.    
Today, Im going on a little road trip with Bethany and Vanessa and Violet. We're off to Vidlers five and dime in east aurora. a fun place to shop..  you can click on this picture if you want to see more of vidlers. 
A little shopping, a little lunch, and who knows what other trouble we can get into!  wish all my girls were going.  
I was orginally going to take Marla and Torry to the lake today, but they are calling for thunderstorms later.  so I cancelled until friday when right now, it looks like its supposed to be beautiful ... but you know thats a week away..  well, when ever the next good day is.. we shall go.

I finished 4 more bears this week and have a  bunch more to do;  an order for 3, one for 5 and one on its way for 16.   lots of bears in my life! lol!  Im not even sure how many Ive made in the last few weeks.. but a bunch!
 these are the two orders I just finished.  these three above still need to be delivered or picked up this weekend.  I love that brown adn blue plaid one on the right.  
I really should be getting ready to go as I told the girls I'd pick them up at 11:00 and Im still in my jammies at 10:15!  lol...   Im used to making a mad dash to go to work every day.. so I should make it on time. 
Just a few more pics and then really.. thats about it for my beachy decorating.    I made this wreath two years ago.. one of my fav. summer decorations.   I wonder if I'll see anything beachy cute that I will have to get today?   I sure dont need anything!
OK.. I shall leave you with this two tiny beach bears.  the first one I made the bear and his floatie.. the second is by one of my favorite miniature bear artists, deb canham..
OKeedokie... Ive got to runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Have a great weekend bloggy pies!

Monday, July 21, 2014

probably way too many pictures...

so, you know that I live in a tiny little house... and that in the summer I pretend its a cottage ( 'cause it basically is!) and in the winter I pretend its a cabin!  actually at halloween its a halloween house and easter is an easter house...   and .....   well you know how I roll...  You know I cant help myself and that I get a little obsessed about decorating....   like, for everything..  so much so that Ive actually thought about having pictures of all the presidents and making a presidents day tree! LOL!  or a martin luther kind day tree!  OK.. so while Im mostly joking..   Im also serious! LOL

my cousin Paul calls it "hyperdecorphilia".  I know Ive told you that before.  
so listen, this is how bad it is.. I shouldnt even admit this stuff...

you know Ive been decorating for summer, only one extra large bin.. should be easy enough, and it wasnt too awful bad packing up all the patriotic stuff and putting this other stuff out... but I realized that I NEEDED something while I was doing it.

I have a hook thingy for a small hanging plant over my kitchen sink.. and no plant.  and I thought ... oh, what a perfect place for seashell windchimes!  And then.. I became consumed... obsessed... and that was all I could think about.  I went all over the place looking for some.  couldnt find any.  Then I decided I would make my own.. but couldnt get my husband to get the drill out of the barn for me..when I wanted him too.  He would have done it... eventually.  He was watching something... probably a hogans heroes rerun that he had already seen a hundred times! lol! (but not really lol.. because it wasnt really funny...  ) 

well, Im just not that patient.  so I started looking on line to order one.. but couldnt find any that werent expensive.  I had a big conversation going on on facebook about it, with lots of friends commenting with good ideas.  (but, I know people think Im nuts.  I probably am.)   Anyways, Having no luck that day, I had no choice but to give up for the night and go to bed.

The next day after work, I got a text message from a friend from work telling me that the rite aid near work had them and they were 50% off.    So even though I had just come from Albion, I went right back and sure enough they had them.  not perfectly what I was looking for, but I found one that would work and brought it home, were I took it apart and redid it a little bit so that I liked it.   I liked the fancier ones that they had too, but they were way too long for where I was putting this one.  Now haha.. Im thinking about going back to get one for in the bathroom!  lol!

Oy vey... It was such a relief to get the one I got... and to stop thinking about it!  I think maybe I need some meds!  lol!!

Im leaving all this beach stuff out until I decorate for halloween.........  Im saving up my energy and  for all those big ol bins of orange and black awesomeness!  lol!  And, I think I can decorate for halloween in early sept!

So what else is new?  nothing.  I live a boring life. well, I suppose its not boring, but its not exciting.  I had torry overnight on friday, went to a family grad party on saturday and babysat for Violet all day yesterday.  I have today off..  and Im torn between working on bears or going to the beach!

I have a lot of bear orders...  thats a good thing, but I need to make myself do them.  Maybe I'll cut a bunch out this morning and do all the presewing and then go to the beach.  Then when I get home I can stuff them and maybe finish a couple tonight and a couple more in the morning before I go to work.

Is this post too long?  Is anyone still here with me?   There were a bunch more pics here, but I deleted all the rest from the living room.  I figured I'd save those for another day. these are all of the kitchen.

Do you think theres too much?  lol!  
Ok.. off I go to get some breakfast and to cut out some memory bears!
Have a great day all my bloggy friends!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


 Good morning bloggy pies!  I wish I was going to the lake today.. I really dont feel like going to work... probably why I am procrastinating getting ready!  I definitely should not be on the computer right now!

 Wouldnt it be fun if we could rent a big old mansion right on the ocean and we could all go for a week of beach and crafty time?!  Just think digging our toes in the sand and swimming, eating yummy beachy foods and sipping pina coladas and other frozen beachy drinks all day, then in the evening  crafting and creating and more eating and drinking!.. while we chatter and laugh away the evening!
Oh well.. time to wake up now... lol..   off to work I go!
have a great day my friends!

Monday, July 14, 2014

summer days!

Day off!
I love my summer hours..  I take a day or two off every week all summer long.. (Ive probably mentioned that about a dozen times before.. sorry!)  so with this whole day before me, what shall I do?  yesterday I packed away all my 4th of july stuff and got out all my summer beachy things!  I have the urge to go do a little shopping, though I need nothing.   I have bear orders I should work on, I want to make some burlap pillows,  the lake is calling me again... was just there on saturday.. one can never have too much time at the beach though..

but supposed to rain later.  wouldnt mind making some cookies.. but that is definitely not a good idea for me! lol!
oh well, who knows what I will do.. .just glad I dont have to be at work!
Have a  great week my friends!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

do you like summer pies?

 lookie at my new princess!  sweet lillianna!  I stole these two pics from tiffanys facebook.  Isnt she just stinking too precious!?
 She is so sweet and Tiffany reports that she is a really good baby. And Marla pie loves her little sister!
 we went over wednesday night to see the baby and to take dinner over.  Marla wanted me to bring her a present.. though I think her father put her up to that.   He told her to ask grammie for mega blocks.. but I know that she already has three giant sets of them... (her daddy's the one who wants more!  lol!)

 Anyways, I ran in biglots to find something for her and there was this princess dress.  the only one..  and so obviously meant for Miss Marla Princess Pie!  and they had crowns too!
 She loved it and wanted it on right away.  (Hey.. see the doll she drew on?  she calls it her monster baby! LOL!!!)  a girl after my own halloween heart!  LOL!

 She put the dress and crown on and I said, "spin princess spin!"  thats what she said to me when she spent the night last weekend, when I came out of my room in a ratty nightgown!  "oh grammie, youre a beautiful princess!  spin grammie, spin."
so spin and spin she did!  
Can I just tell you how much I love that girl?
omg.. I love that girl!
and this girl too!
and of course I love all the rest of my Pies too..
my sweet torry pie!  who I think I need to spend some time with today or tomorrow.

and little miss violet!  And guess what??  Violet wants to tell you something!

shes going to be a big sister!  woohoo!!
I am so blessed!
and just one more thing.. 
one more picture..
one more grand thing...
I have a  grand puppy !  lol!  Daughter Jen and her hubby got this little puppers this week..
lol.. you should see all the toys and the OUTFITS that she bought her last night!  Her name is penelope.
Im calling her penny lane for some reason.  I keep telling my husband that she is his grandpuppy.. but he says Im crazier then he thought and he's not calling her a grand puppy.  Lol!
some people are just no fun! lol
happy day my bloggy loves!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

sunshiny day!

 Good Morning Sunshines!  (my dad used to say that, or good morning Glory!)    Figgy and Frannie are enjoying the sunshine out on the porch this morning...
 I was trying to get a selfie with figgy.. Hes sitting on the awning to the swing.  but he didnt want to look at the camera.  At one point he was batting at my hair.. but I missed that shot.  lol!  
 And, Frannie, well, shes just beautiful.. isnt she?  she thinks so too.  lol!
 So speaking of sunshine... Im off to the beach today with a good friend.  lots of healthy food cut up and packed to go.  looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying the day.  
Hope you all have a lovely day too! 

back from the beach!
pink as a piggy!
had a great afternoon just relaxing.  hardly anyone at the beach we went too.  PERFECT!
just had an italian sausage with peppers and onions.. and now.. my naughty mind is thinking about a banana split!
im not even hungry..
have a great week!

Friday, July 4, 2014

welcome to the world Lillianna Grace!

wow!  I am pooped out!  running like a maniac here.. Marlas been with me since tuesday night and Im loving having her.. and I have to admit I am tired!  I totally get why God gives us our babies when we are YOUNG!  cause its hard to keep up with them when we are 53!  lol!  but Im having a great time with her here.  In fact.. Ive been told that Im a beautiful princess while in my nightie.. and "spin grammie spin!"  although, she told her grandfather that too.. so I'm not sure it was totally a compliment! LOL!

So, of course, we have a new baby in our family!  Lillianna Grace came into the world by C section at 10:15 (or so) on wednesday morning.  Weighing in at 7'14 and 20 inches long.   she is perfectly wonderful!
Marla and I were able to watch them cleaning her up and measuring her and all that good stuff just seconds after she was born.  
I love these pics of Marla checking out her new sister.  And Robert did well..  no one had to pick him up off the floor this time! LOL!

Look!  precious lilli pie!
I'm getting quite the collection of baby pies!  
Today we'll be heading out to the parade and craft show, picnicing with friends and then to the fireworks tonight!  Tomorrow, I'll be exhausted!  (lol.. grandpa boo boo is dressing Marlas barbie right now! )  
I'm running back to the kitchen ,  salads to finish making and lots of stuff to pack up for the day.
Im looking forward to playing with Marla, Torry and violet all day!
next year, lilli will enjoy the 4th with us too!  She will be leaving the hospital today and Marla will join her there tomorrow... then Grammie will probably collapse! lol!
Have a wonderful Independence day!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

what do rockets and kittens have in common?

 he flies through the air, holding on oh so tight...

as he speeds into space on the 4th of july night!

 soon rockets will be bursting with colors so bright..   
with kitty in tow... 
(hope it turns out alright!)

You know, sometimes I just cant help myself!  
lol.. definitely not a  poet!
keeping this one short and sweet...  
heading off to do some blog hopping!  
Happy Day my bloggy loves!