Friday, August 10, 2012

finally friday!

kelly 7 
So glad its friday.. only a week to the wedding now.. just was checking the long range weather forcasts... uhh... not looking so great...  now I can kick my worrying into high gear...  yikes!  what are we going to do in the rain...    I'm thinking maybe we should get another big tent!  We already have 2 that will seat 100 each.  there are 200 people coming.  perhaps we should get the third tent for dancing and whatever.  oh dear oh dear!  I need to think positively..   the weather is always changing.. It will be nice.. yes.. it will be.. I'm just sure of it......   (oh dear oh dear!)
kelly 2
Here are some pics of the little birthday bear friend that I sent my friend for her birthday.  I think she should have received it today.  I hope!  I hope she gets it before she sees it here.   I have lots of crafting stuff to do for the wedding this weekend.  but I also have to babysit all day tomorrow for torry and baby pie.  its bachelor and bachelorette day.  so Im pretty much thinking I will get nothing done tomorrow.   Sunday will be THE day to do it All!   wish me good focusing.. and good luck!  I will need to get in the zone and be very productive!  maybe tomorrow I will be able to get my craft room cleaned enough to be able to be productive in there.   its a mess right now!
 kelly 5
so, you know I'm always asking people for prayers.. if you just wouldnt mind sending up a little bubble prayer for perfect weather for next saturday.. Id so appreciate it.   I guess it will be what it will be though.  My will and Gods will dont seem to be lining up together this summer though and that worries me a little.
 kelly 6
Heading out with Jennifer tonight to go to the homegoods store.  she called me earlier and said they had lots of great halloween stuff out....   uh oh!!  I'll probably be squealing all through the store!  lol! I have to behave though.. really.... Need all my money for the wedding now..... but we'll see... dum dee dum dee dum.. I hope I can control myself! 
I hope I get my own computer back soon.   I will not be able to post any new pictures until I do.  please computer guy.. hurry up!
have a great weekend girlies!


Unknown said...

Enjoy the weekend with your grands!! Sending prayers and good thoughts for great weather next weekend!!


NanaDiana said...

Oh- Have fun this weekend. I am sending up extra prayers for a nice weekend for you. We are hosting an outside party for my granddaughter on Thursday night with about 15 girls so I am praying for good weather here, too. I'll just tack you right on the weather list!

Love that birthday bear- He is darling- xo Diana

My Vintage Mending said...

Viv that bear turned out darling. It will all be fine. You could always just pick up the chairs and dance under one tent. People will figure it out. Not to worry. Certainly not worth the extra expense of another tent...enjoy your time and lots of pie...smiles..Renee

Musings from Kim K. said...

You have a full weekend. Enjoy every second of it. I'll be your weather prayer warrior. Count on it. I can't wait to hear all about Halloween and Homegoods. I'm orange with envy. The closest Homegoods is 2 hours away. Hugs.

Chenille Cottage said...

Dear sweet Vivian,
I love visiting you on your darling blog. I always feel a bit more loved having spent time with you. You have a heart of gold and I consider you a precious blogging friend!
I will be happy to pray for the weather for the wedding. I, too, don't understand why our prayers are answered in the way they are...and when I get to heaven I am going to have a long talk with God about it! I'm sure He will have some pretty good explainations.
Your fuzzy little creation is sure to put a smile on your friend's face!
Have a sweet weekend, Viv!
Hugs across the miles,
Carolynn xoxo

Kai said...

Forgive me for my negligence this past week or so. I was sick, then CRAZY-busy, then decided to take a blog break. But I HAVE read each of your blog posts!!! Honest!!! Love, love, LOVE the bd bear & cake for your friend! You're a TREASURE! And, if I know YOU, regardless of what the weather does, you'll do the best & most fun wedding anyone EVER attended. I WILL keep good SUNNY thoughts headed in your direction, tho'! I promise! Wish I were close to you - I'd jump in and help! Hope you had FUN with the Halloween stuff! I think Hobby Lobby has already put up Christmas so I am going over THERE soon to get my HO-HO-HO fix! LOL! I just LOOOOVE you, Viv!

Japolina said...

Keep thinking positive, dry thoughts. I'm sure it will be perfect!

Theresa said...

I will pray for good weather:) The weather is constantly changing and the forecast is seldom correct! Have a blessed day, happy shopping! HUGS!

ImagiMeri said...

With you being involved with the wedding, it's a no will be the loveliest, and bestest one ever!

Give those grandbabies extra sugar from blogland.

Please remember to breathe and have a great time at the wedding next week.

Love ya'

Barbara said...

i don't look at the forcasts...i look out the the weather people don't seem to do WILL BE BEAUTIFUL...IT WILL IT WILL!!!

Barbara said...

i don't look at the forcasts...i look out the the weather people don't seem to do WILL BE BEAUTIFUL...IT WILL IT WILL!!!

Unknown said...

Vivian, I knew the wait would be spectacular. Your self always can be seen in the movement of your creations. I think we are all getting nervous along with you about this very large wedding! Holy cow! 200 people! Stay calm, stay calm, E

Debby said...

Oh how I love this sweet bear. What a lucky friend.
Good luck this coming week, I hope it all goes well including the weather.
I didn't get my swapping information. It could be a problem with my email BUT no need to worry, my swapping partner contacted me. We are good to go. I even have met her. Thanks Viv.....((((HUGS)))))

Fran said...

Have a great weekend. Hope the weather is nice for the Wedding. CONGRATS to the kids on their Wedding Day.
LOVE the bear you made. I love all your creations.
Have A Great Weekend
Luv & Huzs

Linda said...

In spite of the will all have a grand time...

Linda :o)

Rhissanna said...

Good luck and Sunny Thoughts and Prayers. However it goes, it will be wonderful! Honest!