Monday, September 24, 2012

witches hats!

woohoo!! Renee Rocks!
so I have to tell you that I ended up with 3 partners for the witches hat swap.  not because I'm a partner hog, but because thats how it worked out.  and believe me, I'm not complaining!   I knew I would have 2 partners because I kept Hope (pixies ponderings) as she is swapping from england and I love to swap internationally.  Then I was left with an odd number,  so when I matched everyone up, I picked another partner for myself. And, lucky me, I ended up with Shirley Hatfield (zettas aprons!  So, after I had sent out all the emails, a day or so later I realized that the first person to join in had been at the bottom in my email file and as the list filled up, her name dropped onto the next page. And, of course I totally overlooked that there was a second page.  That person happened to be Renee (vintage mending).  So (oh darn) I kept her!  So that my friends is how I ended up with 3 partners.  And believe me when I say.. I'm not complaining one bit!  Ive enjoyed making my hats and all my little treats and getting everything together to send out to the girls, which I will mail this week.
Just look at all these great halloween treats that Renee sent me and that freaken awesome Hat!!
The Hat is part of a box and the box was filled with all these treats!  what  a great idea.    no surprise that Renee would come up with an awesome idea like that.
I love everything Renee!  I feel like in in halloween heaven!  And shame on me.. I recieved Renees package a couple days ago and totally didnt email her to let her know.  being on call and sick had totally consumed me I guess.  (sorry Renee... Im such a forgetfut thing!)  but I am totally thankful for this awesome package!
thank you, thank you thank you!!
So, then Package number two arrived I think on friday...
From the fabulous Shirely Hatfield.
Her hat is extra tall and came in a BIG box!  Shirley also spoiled me.

 ane sent a whole big bunch of halloween treats!  Again.. Halloween Heaven!
This weekend I found places for my most awesome witches hats on a shelf in the living room.  but I'm thinking I need to buy a hall tree with the hat holders at the top.  And I hung all the sweet ornies from both girls on my halloween trees. ( I have 4!!)
I sort of feel like a halloween snob.
Again, thank you soooo much Shirley!  I love everything!
I cant wait for the girls to get my packages!!
and one more thing........  Meet my new Friend!! 
new friend 
he needs a name... Any ideas??
 give away coming up soon girlies!
 have a happy day!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


My Vintage Mending said...

Shirley's hat is amazing. I love the height. Look at all your goodies. You have really scored here with the hat brigade. Happy that you got a chance to add to your halloween collection...smiles...Renee

Unknown said...

Both the hats you received are just AMAZING!! And all the treats included so fun! I love seeing the different ways bloggers decorated their hats!!
Happy Monday!!


Kai said...

WOW!!!! What AWESOME swap packages! I know your partners will love YOUR goodies, too! And a hat tree! SMART, CUTE IDEA! You can justify buying it by using it for Pilgrim hats, Christmas hats, bunny hats, Spring bonnets, Uncle Sam hats etc.! Your new skelly's name? Hmmm ... How about Le An Cuisine? BWAHAHAHAHA! (Ooops. Sorry. LOL!)

Susie said...

What a bunch of wonderful treats for you Viv. My gosh there are some awesome crafters out there. :):) Enjoy !! Susie

Cindy said...

What wonderful hats and treats! I need to get my stuff ready to mail and I can't wait to see what I get!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What great hats, Viv! I can't wait to see everyones. I sent and received my hat from Debby. She did a great job and sent some lovely goodies. I have a post for that this week.

Shirley Hatfield said...

I am so glad you liked your hat...I had a time of it to find a box...never took that into! Renee's is awesome! I love her creativity...she always makes me want to to better! Fun, fun, fun!

"Bone Appetit?" "Bone Apart?"
"Bony M?" (a musical group from my Germany days)

Musings from Kim K. said...

Oh my goodness. You really deserve to have multiple Halloween partners (Ms. Queen of Halloween)!! I love seeing all the various interpretations of these mystical hats. Such amazing treasures from each of your partners. I'm sneaking in a blogging peek at work. You made my morning!!

ImagiMeri said...

Wowza, you hit the Halloween bonanza! That's some awesome stuff, and so much of it......woohoo!


LBP said...

What fun! 3 hats! I love all the goodies that you have gotten from your swap partners. This was such a fun swap. Thanks for hosting.


RetroSandie said...

What wonderful witch hats!! And surprises! Such a cool idea, Viv! It's exciting to see everyone's crafty ideas. Thanks for sharing all the pics! And...a name for your skelly about "Boney Jones" or "Creaky Pete". Or for a girl..."Skelerella". Let us know what you DO name him/her!!!!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Holy Shmoly! You really scored some great Halloween things to add to your collection! Everyone did a great job in the swap! It was fun to watch!
Erica :)

Lynn said...

What great goodies and lots of fun! I really like the cones to hang on a tree! I'll go with an obvious name for your new friend, how about Slim:@)


The Halloween hat swap was a huge sucess! LOTS OF AMAZING hats!
I think Mr. Old Bones thinks so too!
You are in your "happy place"!

Kim Budash said...

I have a name for your skelton, how about Barney Bones!! Good luck on your search for a great name.

Unknown said...

Just one word....WOW......I am speechless!

Unknown said...

Oh and don't ask why because I can't tell you but the name Arthur jumped into my head for Mr.

Unknown said...

Those are great hats and goodies! I received my hat and goodies from E. and she spoiled me!!! Thanks so much for hosting the swap!

BTW You should receive your parcel by tomorrow

Sandy xox

Linda Jo said...

Great Halloween goodies!! Love the hats! You definitely scored big! Boney Maroney is adorable! Oh...and happy birthday!