Saturday, December 31, 2011


happy new year!

WOO HOO!! HAPPY NEW YEAR BLOGGY PALS! this year went by sooo fast.. I feel like Ive been spun around and around and am still dizzy from it all! It was a good year.. it was an interesting year.. and it was full of lots of craziness!
You all already know the scoop.. new babies... weddings.. kids moving out and in... sunday dinners with everyone here... (these are the things that make my heart sing and my hair turn gray! other then that, in all other departments, the rest of the year was pretty much the same old, same old!
I have a few thoughts that drive my life these days..
1.... I am not in control of much of anything.. and I am just along for the ride!
2... Just do what you have to do and try to find ways to enjoy doing it!
3... freaken just smile and be nice to people... everyone is struggling with something.. we are all just human, trying to make a nitch for ourselves, just trying to have a life! lets not be the cause of making someones struggles any harder then they already are. just smile at people.
4... create joy for yourself and others where ever and when ever you can.
5... count your blessings and be thankful...( things could always be worse!)

thats all.. those are my little life secrets I live by. Im not a very deep or philosophical person.. (infact.. cant even spell that.. ) but I am pretty much a happy person... and these five thoughts really do help me to stay that way.
( dont get me wrong.. though.. I do have bad days too! lol!)
so with all that said..
I do wish you all a very happy new year!!!
now, in other news... (LOL)
a few of you have emailed me and asked if I was going to host a valentine swap. i havent hosted an open swap in a LONG time.. not since last dec I think. (i think..)
anyways. Yes, if enough people are interested I will..
so.. how about a valentine heart swap. a one to one swap. Each person would be sending their partner a little package of valentine hearts. sign ups would start now, through next friday the 6th. I will match partners and notify everyone on saturday and packages should be mailed out to your partners by feb 1st! So if you want to join in.. please email me at
and to help pass the word.. copy and stick the button on your blogs.
and sooo.. for today and the rest of the weekend.. I am doing what I love to do best... puttering and playing.. staying home. cooking and cleaning and creating. Not touching the christmas decorations for at least another week. and teeny tiny baby pie is coming home today! Oh, and we are going to our friends house tonight to ring in the new year. wooo hoooo!
Happy new Year sweet friends!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Your New Years Eve bears are just adorable!! Have a blessed 2012! Love your advice Viv...especially the smiling part! Count me in for the Valentines Heart Swap.

papertrails leaver said...

Happy New Year to you! It's just going to get in the new year! i am emailing you for the swap! :-) Amy

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Happy New Year. Hugs, Marty

Kai said...

Viv, those are VERY wise words & I am going to TOTALLY agree with you! We think a LOT alike! (That probably should scare you a bit 'cause I am a NUT - LOL!) Seriously, you're a beautiful example of how people should treat their fellow human beings, and I am SO proud to call you my dear friend! Have a fun time tonight, kiss that sweet baby girlie for me, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you & your amazing family! I LOVE YOU!

Cindy said...

Happy New Year to you, Viv! I love your list of advice. I'd say that sums up my attitude on life also. I am going to email you about the swap. Love to do it!

My Vintage Mending said...

Viv Happy New Year...wonderful advice. Enjoy those darling babies...I am so happy to share in your joy each post and can't wait to participate in your Valentine Swap....Smiles....Renee

Lynn said...

Congratulations on everything!! I love your 5 rules to live by! I may copy them and print them out and frame them! Pretty good things to live by and to do by!!!
I am so in for the valentine swap!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Happy New Year Viv! I can't believe 2012 is in just a few hours. How does it go so fast?

Anonymous said...

Hi viv, congrats on your new granddaughter, I would love to be included in the valentines day swap, thanks!!!!! Margie

Anonymous said... Sorry forgot to include that part. Oops

Unknown said...

You always make me feel happy and uplifted! I love you and your blog!!! And yes, I would LOVE to be in a Valentine Swap, I am not an artist, more of a paper gal, but I sure would like to please don't link me with a super sewing, artistic type, OK??? LOL LOL
Happy New Year! And may this year be wonderful for both of us! Hugs, Sandy

Anonymous said...

Happy New Years. Love the bears, love, love your list, what a great one! xox Corrine

Lisa said...

Happy New Year's Viv! Sending a smile your way...
Enjoy that sweet new baby - life is so full of blessings, isn't it?
Count me in on the Valentine's Swap. Sounds so fun!

Linda Ruthie said...

Happy New Year Viv! I need a bit of time to decide on the Valentine swap. Sounds like lots of fun but sometimes I end up stressing to finish in time. Is the swap for Valentines made in whatever medium we choose to work in? My mind is whirling with ideas for paper Valentines, heart shaped pin cushions, beaded hearts...I'll let you know soon.

Scrap for Joy said...

OMG! See what happens when I'm gone for too long? Another grandbaby! She is beautiful! Congratulations to your growing family. I loved this much to think about and consider. I love, love, love Valentine's Day and would love to be included in the swap. I'll email you. Here's to more blogging and crafting in 2012!

Unknown said...

You have been so real,
You have added so much color to blogland...
You have given me great joy!
You have inspired me and made me tired at the same time trying to keep up with you! Wink!
You are awesome, inside and out and I'm happy to be your blog pal.
It's a promise, I will return as always in 2012.
Cheers from Gnomeland-
Jackie and her gnomes.

emily dg said...

Happy New Year! :)

Nan said...

Hi Viv and thanks for those great 5 points to live by I totally agree especially with the smiling at everyone. I'm a smiler myself and this alone gets you so far with making strangers feel like a friend and relaxing them. I always feel good when someone smiles at me rather than frowns! Happy New Year my friend, we just go along with it don't we! Love Nan

Luna und Luzie said...

Happy and healthy new Year to you and your family and congrats to the new sweet grandchild!

Love the photo with the New Years bears.

I really would love to join your open valentine heart swap if international swapper are allowed!
Emailing you now!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Sweetie! It looks like yours has started out beautiful with a brand new Grandbaby. Wow, I have missed so much. Congratulations on having a new snuggle bunny to go with Tory-pie.

Wishing you all the best in 2012.
OX's...Tracy :)

kandeland said...

Love this post Viv!! You are always such a happy person! That's why i love you! Happy New Year and can I please sign up for the swap?? xo

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, dear friend! I love your philosophy, and I try to live that way, too.


Linda Ruthie said...

I can't resist. Please add me to your Valentine's Heart Swap.

Kim Gillian said...

Please include me in the Valentine Swap!

Fran said...

Sign me up for the Valentine swap, please. I need to do one of your swaps again. WOOOHOOO!!!
Luv & Hugs

donna said...

Happy New Year. I just found your lovely blog. What a sweet little girl. I am your newest follower and I see your are having a Valentine swap. I see I am to late. But if you have any straglers please count me in. Please come visit me at I look forward to hearing from you.