Friday, May 20, 2011

thankfully... friday!

Happy Friday! Ivenot been on the computer too much this past week. Got caught up in a swap project that I got obsessed with! cant wait to show you.. used lots of those supplies from the last post.

Ihad to bring all my hanging baskets in the other day as they are soooo saturated with rain that im afraid I may lose them all! this weather has sucked this spring. hoping for a nice afternoon today adn a beautiful day tomorrow then back to rain on sunday.

SOOO much yard work to do.. and thankfully my new son in law is going to come help me! I am so thrilled about that, because I dont like yard work!

well, I am going to be late if I dont get moving here.. but I just wanted to say Happy Friday to everyone! I have been buzzing through blogs, but havent left many comments.. I'll catch up this weekend!

I also have to catch up on my house work.. eiy yie yie!! its a disaster in some places around here!

Huggles all and have a great day!


Musings from Kim K. said...

What a lovely area in your yard to unwind in. Today is suppose to be dry and most of tomorrow for Emma's bday party and then the rain reappears for the next six days. I feel your pain on the soggy plants. Have a splendid weekend!!

Unknown said...

Hi Vivian! We are as wet as can be as well here in Ohio. Two straight months of rain. Our farmers haven't even planted corn yet. Please let the sun come out! Thanks for the tip about too much water, my husband keeps setting my hanging baskets out in the rain. Loved the post about the Buffalo stamp store. Can't wait to see your creations for your swap! E

Samantha said...

Happy Friday to you too! So sweet of your new son in law to help with your yard work. We have rain Sun. and Mon. here too, but then it looks like spring could finally be here...could it be? :)

jenneroni said...

Tony is hoping that it will rain on Sunday so that instead of working outside, you guys can just stay inside and eat. Haha! :-p

Suze said...

Your flowers look beautiful! Yeah this rain we've been having in PA has been way too much. A week straight! Haven't even made it to Lowes to buy my flowers yet...waiting for the sunshine this weekend.
Hugs, Suze

Suz said...

That's a lot of hanging baskets, Viv. Seems to me you talked about a great deal. It's a lot to take down, too :-)
Have a good weekend...and I hope you get to see your little Torrie-Pie!

PCovi said...

Wow,wow,wow!!!! That swing surrounded by flowers and red toile pillows...right down my alley!

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

I am your newest follower. I love your blog and can't wait to find more time to go through it. I'm glad you had help with the yard. I get some help now and then too, and I sure do appreciate it. Getting old I guess. I'm sure your yard looks better than mine. My gardens are not done yet, need weeding and tilling and planting, and the grass is terrible, but I still love it! When I go out there I just look at the beautiful flowers and vegetables and all the good stuff, and ignore the rest. This morning I cleaned out the chicken coop, and within two minutes of not paying attention to them they ate all the kale I just planted, as well as the very first strawberry of the season, not quite red enough for me to pick. Little stinkers! You should have seen me yelling and waving my arms and chasing them from the garden. I'm glad nobody else was out there, probably looked pretty silly. From here on in I'm keeping a close eye on them. Hope to talk to you soon and get to know you a little better! Thanks for visiting me and for leaving the really nice comment. I sure do appreciate it! have a good weekend.