Saturday, May 28, 2011

rain.... insane!!!

sneak peek... for marlene

I signed up for Amy Powers birthday treasury box swap, and I got the fabulous Marlene Haveron for my partner. I was so excited and was burstign with ideas and I ended up having her box done with in days of knowing she was my parnter! Now Im just dying to send it to her and to post pictures of it! It really did turn out cute and I think shes going to love it. In the pic above, Frannie was checking it all out.. probably looking for pipecleaners.. her favorite craft supply!! lolplaying(these became a sweet little garland for my office at work)

I'm so glad its the weekend. Just wish it wasnt RAINING!! I think Ive gone RAIN INSANE!! lol..ha! I've discovered a new mental diagnoses!regardless of the lovely weather that mother nature seems to want to share with us, I will be heading out shortly to do a little shopping. need to pick up some supplies to make those flowers I showed you last post. and I want to grab a few things for the shower. and.. some flowers... to plant when it stops raining.. some day.... no, really I think tomorrow and monday its supposed to be nice out.. and hot! I'll take it.. then you'll hear me complaining that princesses dont like to sweat! bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
well, I guess I'll be buzzing along now! need to make a few quick stops in blogland before I disappear for the day!

Have a great day all you wonderful bloggy girls♥


Musings from Kim K. said...

It's raining here in West MI too. Have a wonderful weekend despite the raindrops. Can't wait to see your projects.

PS. Chris was outside painting until 11pm. The treehouse is coming along nicely. I'm so ready to start decorating!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Sun is all shiney here thank heavens! We have had so much rain here it's been depressing!

LOVED the pic of Frannie!!

Happy Weekend Girlie!

kandeland said...

yes, this rain! but tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be nice so enjoy it! i am going to use today to head out and do some shopping and then spend the evening crafting! tomorrow is garden/yard work day hopefully followed by a night out!
have fun Viv...xox

Maija said...

Great catch phrase Vivi! Rain Insane! I haven't suffered from that in the 12 years I've lived in the desert! Of course now that I am Colorado bound, that's going to change!!

Kai said...

What a fun swap! And I stared at beautiful Frannie so long she had to MEOW at me to stop watching her! LOL! She's such a beauty! And RAIN? What IS that, again? We are in such a severe drought here it's frightening! AND HOT! 98 degrees three days in a row. This is AUGUST heat - not end of MAY heat! UGH! Finally, if that adorable bee baby is what you've made for the Bug Swap, OH, how I hope you are MY partner! I LOVE THAT!!!! And I love YOU!(But you already KNEW that, huh?)

Unknown said...

rain...ugggh...hang in there darlin'....the sun is soon coming I am sure...Hope ya have a great Memorial weekend, maybe the sun will peek out in the next couple days... Love the bee dolly...thanks for popping over while I was sick...feeling a little better...only a little. Hugs to ya, Mica

Farmchick said...

Ughhhhhhhh.....rainy dreary weather here too....we are having a heck of a time getting our crops in!
Come say hi... :)

Diane Shiffer said...

Two things: first, I have that cute little shorts outfit that Torry wore still at my house, So sorry.. I forgot to tuck it into his diaper bag. eek! I can drop it off at your office if you like as I drive by there alllll the time☺

Second, the most adorable little stray kitten showed up at Bob's house. Looks to be maybe 5 weeks old or so and seriously he is gorgeous! All white, but with a few orange tiger markings on his forehead and back haunches. His eyes are this lovely mottled pale blue-green. I just couldn't stop looking at him. He looks like he's been through the ringer poor little guy, all scratched up and with a tummy full of worms too, but he's be fat and sassy in no time. No name as yet;-}

Beki said...

So glad it's not just here in England it's raining, I'm terrified we've had our Summer :o(
Love the bee doll, soooooo cute!

B xxx