Saturday, December 22, 2012


shadow box from KIm
I get the best unexpected things in the mail from the sweetest girls!  
thank you Kimmie!  I love this wonderful glittery little shadow box!  it is just delightful and I love that even decorated the back!  soo sweet!
back side
And to Chris!!  thank you so much for this adorable little tree in the little tart tin!  I love it.  You know I love bottle brush trees.. this one brings the count up to 93!  I dont think I told you all how many I counted after I played the little guessing game.. i need to go back and see who was closest! 
tree 3
And another big thankyou to my dear friend Kelly! 
so much fun in her package!
thank you Kelly
And I LOVE this big ol snowman head pillow!  
Isnt he wonderful!!
I love this snow friend!
 Sooo....  I am done shopping.. Not NEEDING to get anything else... but I might run up to medina today to get some candles.  Other then that.. I have some crafting and some baking to do.. Hubby has to work til tonight... so I will be home alone blasting the nutcracker and dancing around doing what I love to do best... creating and baking cookies!  Oh.. and I am planning on watching white christmas.  I want to watch its a wonderful life, but I dont have the dvd and it wont be on until christmas eve, so I wont get to see it unless I rent it.  well, maybe I will...
Okeedokee!!  off I go to make the bed and get ready to play!
oh, and by the way.. its snowing and blowing outside..  just in time for all those people who have to go out shopping today!  so glad I dont!
have a great saturday before christmas!


NanaDiana said...

Oh-I love all your things. 93 trees? wow...thatsalottatrees!!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and can have a bit of rest before Christmas rolls around- xo Diana

Musings from Kim K. said...

How fun are your gifts!! You are so cute with your snowman. I've been addicted to making shadowboxes lately and knew that angel needed to come to your home. Enjoy your Saturday. We'll be doing some major traveling today. My to-do lists will have to wait a few more days.

PS. Your sweet little snowmen arrived yesterday. They are perfect on our sunroom table and will dressing up our Christmas eve dinner. HUGS!!

LBP said...

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!



Perfectly Printed said...

What fun gifts!!

Merry Christmas!


Cindy said...

Such sweet gifts! Have a very good day - sounds perfect. I have to go out for a few things, but the sun finally came out here in Indiana. We had that wind and snow the other day.

Unknown said...

What an amazing bunch of gifties! Isn't it great to have friends who GET what you are about? You have a little Christmas glow in your face there. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday! Thanks for sharing with us all!

kandeland said...

enjoy all your fun gifts! and these last few days before the BIG DAY! hope we get some more snow! xo

Nan said...

Oh my what wonderful gifts you have there I love them! Your snowman below is really cute and the little candle cups I was looking closely to see how clever you were to make those! Have a great Christmas even w/o your snow. We here in Alaska seem to be in the same spot. They keep saying it will snow but clear skies stay on.

Terri said...

Love your energy and all your sharing. Merry Christmas dear friend! Hugs, Terri

Theresa said...

No shopping for me either! I may not shop until after NEW YEAR'S day! Enjoy your weekend, I know you will:) HUGS!

Grace said...

I decided to move furniture around! Yes I did!!! I am so tired just wrapping up some gifts and do the last of the vacuming! lol Have a very Merry Christmas! Grace xoox

A Little Creation said...

Have tons of fun with your sweet grandbabies!
Chris =]