Sunday, December 16, 2012

christmas in my livingroom!

living room 1
Ok, finally!  I can show you my christmas house!  I took about 90 pictures yesterday morning!  I think I have saved about 50 of them.. but I obviously wont post them all!  well, at least not today.  I thought Id start in the living room.  I  love decorating for the holidays, did you know that ?  LOL!

tree 1tree 2
There are three trees in the living room.  two smaller ones and this one above, which is also small.  i think I told you that my grandmothers parrot takes up the spot where we always put a fresh cut tree, so Ive downsized to this little tree.  which, though I miss a fresh tree, I love this one.  And I can put it up myself, dont need to wait for hubby to feel like going to cut one down!

angels we have heard on high
You probably know that I collect Lori Mitchell figures , these are some of my favorites and they hang out with my favorite table top tree.
santa and friendstree on tv
the reindeer and santa above were swap gifts from Debra Schoch of hophopjingleboo, one of my favorite artists!    And on this tree is a bunch of very special swap ornaments!  so much sweet stuff!

in the front window
Dontcha love this snow guy?  made for me by my special friend Kelly!  (Wait til you see what I made for her for christmas this afternoon!  I want to keep it! lol)
front doortree picture
just stuff around the living room..... 
on the china cabdeer on the door
I used to put out a ton of bears.. but I dont get them all out anymore.   however, there are still a lot of bears in here.. dont be fooled! lol!

living room shelves
My favorite shelves to play in for holidays.  so much fun in there!  someday, my grandpies are gonna be begging to play with this stuff!
on the chairsantas 3
santa 1santa 2
I used to make a santa every year and Ive given a bunch away, but I still have a few.  I havent made one for myself in a few years.. Maybe its time again! 
living room 2
My house is very small.   I like to think of it as a cottage.  a cottage in the summer and a cabin in the winter!  lol.  anyways, yes, it is cute.. but I kid you not... it needs WORK.. major work.
lliving room 3
Frannie was trying to get in all the pictures! lol!
OK, thats it for the living room.  I didnt take pictures of everything, but you can get the idea of what this room looks like.
on the coffee table
This weekend has gone by so fast!  but I had a productive day.  Yesterday morning I worked on a christmas project, then went to rochester for the neroni chelini christmas party.  
but today, I got a lot done, finished the project I started yesterday, wrapped most of the christmas presents, cleaned the house, went shopping for a couple hours, had a great dinner, steaks on the grill, mushrooms,baked sweet potatos, brussel sprouts and garlic bread!  yummy! and then made my friend Kellys christmas gift.  Now.. here I am.. and in a minute I'm off to the couch!
sooo toodles girlie pies..   
9 days til santa comes!
I wish there really was a santa....   I was so heart broken when I was a kid and  figured out that there really wasnt one!
Ok.. sweet dreams!


Musings from Kim K. said...

A perfect way to end my Sunday night. Lovely pics,viv. Your home is just so cozy. Your decorations are splendid.

Denise said...

What! No Santa ? Oh No! I just know there really is one because I am Mrs. Claus.Love your Christmas living room,it's soft and cozy looking. Hugs- Mrs.Claus

Blessed Serendipity said...

Love your Christmasy cabin. Everything is so cute and cozy.


A Little Creation said...

You have the sweetest house/cottage/cabin. I like how Frannie just happens to be doing something nonchalant in all the photos ;)
Chris =]

Simply Shelley said...

Such a cozy Christmas room....blessings

Kim Budash said...

Your house looks so awesome, I enjoy reading your blog so much and love to read about your swaps. You are one talented lady, everything you do is great. Have a blessed Merry Christmas!! Oh yeah, I love to read about your family too, nice family!!

Chenille Cottage said...

Merry Christmas, my sweet friend!
Your home is so cozy and is filled with so many sweet Christmas treasures. I would give anything to be able to stop by, pick up and touch and oooo and ahhh at all your creations. You run with an amazing crowd of gifted bloggers, my dear. Each little tike is truly a work of art.
I, especially, love seeing your kitty enjoying it all. Christmas without cats...would be like candy without sugar!
Big hugs, Viv!
Carolynn xoxoxoxoxo

Perfectly Printed said...

Love seeing Christmas pictures of your winter cabin! Looks great!!


Cindy said...

Love all your Christmas decorating! Your place may be small (mine is too) but it looks very warm and cozy.

Unknown said...

I love your sweet little looks so inviting!!!!! I baked cookies yesterday ( it was raining here) and tonight I wrapped all of the presents....I am tuckered out! And what do you mean there is no Santa Claus???? I always told me kids "when you quit believing in him, he quits coming"....believe Viv...believe!!!!! There is a bit of Santa in all of us! :)

Unknown said...

I would love if you had the time that is to pull together a little home tour for me this week...tee hee of all your beautiful Christmas decor in your home. Pleeezze!!! Let me know??? Hope your having a great week. we are adjusting to my mom's house. Hope you got your package. Hugs, Mica

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Everything looks so pretty, Vivian! What a great shelf to play in for all your seasonal changes. It looks wonderful dressed up for Christmas. I'm surprised the grandkids don't want to play with them now! My granddaughter wants to touch everything! : ) said...

Your decorations are so lovely and I think they shine brightly because many were exchanged gifts. The love just comes through. Thanks for sharing. Peace, Donna

Kai said...

I HAVE to start with the end of your post!!! Vivvy - there IS a Santa Claus!!!! Yes! He's REAL! If you watch the original MIRACLE on 34th Street EVERY SINGLE YEAR, you'll see him. Oh, he sometimes PRETENDED to be an actor who played OTHER parts. But the ACTOR died long ago. Yet SANTA never dies and he IS Santa. So wish no more, my precious friend! He's REAL! As for your house - it may be small (tho' it LOOKS big to ME because my house is VERY small) but it's sooooo happy & friendly & beautiful and I LOVE IT! And I love YOU to gingerbread, peppermint sticks, and Christmas cooky pieces!

Nancy D said...

Your home looks so wonderfully cozy. It belongs in a magazine.

Theresa said...

I loved visiting with you in your home! Love all of your pretty decorations! AND I love that rug, can I have it? hehe! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Susie said...

Wow, that is a lot of decorating. I am wore out with one tree.LOL I hope you get to sit and enjoy the decor for this season. Some times, I just sit and look at the lit tree and think of ornaments, i have collected thru the years. Most are about, from, or for my children. xo,Susie

My Vintage Mending said...

Viv...big or small it is absolutely lovely. Wishing a wonderful Christmas.


kandeland said...

everything looks so cozy and festive! now it's time to kick back and ENJOY it! xo

Grace said...

What a cute cottage! I love all your decorations they are so fun. You are such a sweet adorable soul. Love you to pieces Grace xoox

Unknown said...

Your place is even cuter in person :)

Jean Knee said...

looks like you are all set....

Susan said...

Everything is perfect. I love all the decorations and how you displayed them.

8 more days till Santa...Ho!Ho!Ho!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Everything looks wonderful.Your shelves are just a treasure, must be a treat for the little ones when they visit! so many interesting things to touch:) Very cozy.

Jeanne said...

Viv, your Christmas cottage/cabin looks so cozy all decorated for Christmas. I love how Frannie likes to be in all the photo shoot.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

Holly Loves Art said...

So wonderful... so beautiful!So much enjoyed seeing your holiday decor. LOVE it! Happy holidays to you!

Julie said...

Hi Viv!!! It has been forever since I have been blog hopping but yours is the first I am visiting. Your home is just beautiful all decked out for Christmas!! Don is done with treatment and this time next month - we will be hearing the sweet words I have waited forever to hear - that he is cured of Hep. C!! He just went back to work and we are dreaming of building a house...not that I don't like our barn apartment ...but I want room for our grand kids and a fire place!!! Merry Christmas Vivian!