Sunday, January 12, 2014

this week ....

Happy Sunday!  Its, been a crazy week!  started out monday when Tiffany had some bad back pain and we were worried about the baby.  But after a trip to the doctor we soon knew that the baby was fine!  sweet relief!  and as for her back, they didnt know why she was having pain.  she seems to be ok now.  thankfully! 
We had those cold cold temps all week, which were difficult to deal with.  Some of you may have seen the post I put up and then took down, but Bethany managed to get stranded on monday night in the blizzard in Genesee county.  she went off the road on the wrong side and her brother and her boyfriend went to her rescue her in weather with white outs and zero visibilty, which caused me a tremendous amount of stress!  but thankfully everyone made it home ok.
then Tuesday, I didnt feel good, called in and stayed home.  would have liked to stay home again on wednesday, but had stuff to take care of at work.. so I went.  but i have to admit I felt much better by that afternoon.  
Then Wednesday;  not sure if I've ever mentioned that daughter Jennifer and her husband have been renting a cute cottage on the lake but a few weeks ago they had a fiasco when their place flooded.  Luckily they did not lose any of their stuff other then an area rug.  They had to have someone come in and suck the water out of the carpets and clean them, but they survived it and seemed to get past it fairly well.    Until this week on wednesday when due to the freezing sub zero temps and windchills, some pipes in the cottage froze and burst, causing more flooding, as well as causing a ceiling to cave in in their bedroom!  This time not so lucky, they needed to get out of there.  So it was a made dash to find another place for them to live.  Thank God, he of course came through for them and they can start moving in to their new place now. Not on the lake, but a much nicer and way bigger place then the cottage they were in.  shes been spending nights here since tuesday which has been of nice for me, cause I loves my jennifer! 

So lets see, what else?  disasters past.. the temp went up to 50 something yesterday and  I managed to get all of christmas packed up and put away.  I even carried all of those bins back upstairs by myself!  Then I dragged out my valentines bins and got most of that done.  I have a little tweaking to do this morning, but thats the fun part!    

And then a fun, fun thing is that this afternoon all of my girls, Jen, beth, Tiff, nessa and my friend Sarah are coming over to do some valentine crafting!  so I'm off to finish tweaking my decorations and to do some cleaning and some baking!
What will my bloggy pies be doing today?   I hope something valentinesy and fun!


Musings from Kim K. said...

What a wild ride this week for you and your family. I'm glad everyone is ok. I'm amazed at how productive you were yesterday with your decorations. I don't know how you have the energy, Viv. Enjoy your crafting time today with your girls. I'm hoping to play with some Valentines this afternoon in between loads of laundry. Hugs.

Theresa said...

You inspire me sweet girlie pie to get my Valentine bins out of the attic:) Haven't done that yet! Hope all is well with the baby and that her back is better and better each day! BIG HUGS and many blessings heading across the miles!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Sounds like a fun day you have planned, Vivian! I have a few remnants of Christmas to bring up to the attic and I guess while I'm up there I should bring down my small amount of Valentine's Day décor. I did actually do a Valentine's project this week {and will share this coming week}, which was fun. Plus I had everything on had which is always a good thing!

Japolina said...

WOW, that is a lot of drama. Glad everything seems steady now. BTW, I had horrible back pain when I was pregnant with my first son. I even went to a chiropractor who specialized in pregnancy. (It did not help). The thing that did help was a special elastic belt that I bought at the maternity store. It lifted the baby bump up a little and offered instant relief when I wore it (It still hurt after I took it off) but it was a lifesaver. As soon as the baby came, the pain instantly went away!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I am so glad that Bethany is okay. How frightening. I have "weather fatigue" right now, this winter has been too extreme for my taste. Our sidewalks are hazardous skating rinks. Your Valentine's decorations are beautiful, I love your taste.

NanaDiana said...

Wow-That is quite a weekly review there, Viv! At least everything turned out okay in the end but it is getting to that end that drives you nuts.

Your Valentine's stuff is so darned cute. I haven't done anything yet for Valentine's Day but will need to with the kiddos coming 'round.

Enjoy the time with your crafting today- xo Diana

Perfectly Printed said...

Holy moly what wild week! Glad you made it through safe and sound! Your Valentine "stuff" is so cute...have fun crafting today!

Cindy said...

I'm so glad everything turned out OK last week. What a week it was! We are having a dinner to celebrate son Eric's birthday. 23! But I may get some crafting in today. Have a good one!

Stephanie said...

No more disasters! You have had your share for the remainder of the year, at least! We have some warmth here in Colorado too. It's so sparkly outside this morning, I'll be out there soon with the doggy!!


WOW, now that all that "stuff" is over, things should be better for all! I just LOVE seeing your Valentine treasures. I almost didn't read the post, just looking at the photos distracted me!LOL!!!
Have FUN crafting for Valentine's day! Crafting always lifts me up!

Debby said...

I did see your post and I think I made a comment after it was removed. I knew that you were scared about the accident. So glad that everyone is okay. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were bad days. Wed. a little better but it wasn't a good week.
Love your decorations. I am anxious to get out al the heats from the last two years of swapping. It takes me awhile to get over Christmas but it is starting to happen. Glad you feel better as well.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What beautiful pictures. I loved catching up with you today.
I hate your daughter had to deal with so many problems with her cottage. We had pipes burst out here on the North Forty and ruin a rent house. Not fun.
You are so creative I know your going to make some beautiful Valentine creations.
Happy New Year