Thursday, January 16, 2014

a tiny whine..

Can I just whine a little this morning?   well, Im gonna..  nothing serious or anything.. but omg.. 
first of all.. weird dreams and foot and leg cramps last night!!  yikes!  
second of all..
I have been just soooo freaken achy lately!  like every muscle in my body just aches.  my legs... my neck.. my arms..   not so much my back.. isnt that just weird?   so stiff..  and uncomfortable...  everytime I get up or change positions, its like moving in slow motion and achy stretching.  and I am feeling very lazy lately too.. maybe its just old age and the winter months  setting it!
I am not going to the doctor.. but this has been happening for a while, seems to be worse the last couple of days.    And its not like Im coming down with the flu or anything...   not sure whats up with the stiff achy muscles.. unless its just that Im carrying this extra weight and not getting any exercise.  and that Ive been eating any and everything that I shouldnt be eating!
I feel like I need a 3 hour massage and heating pads wrapped all around me! oh wishful thinking!
Well for today I will eat very healthy and stay away from sugar and artificial sweetners and drink lots of water.
Been helping Jennifer the past couple nights after work do some packing as they will be moving on saturday.  really, just the kitchen is left to do.  She will be on her own tonight as Im going to be babysitting for torry and Violet while Ness and Beth go to the gym.  I think thats the plan anyways.   
As long as I'm home to watch american idol, its all good! LOL!
Okeedokie.. Im done whining and I should probably get ready for work.  
toodles for now!


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What sweet Valentine decorations!! Love your little tree, its full of pink and red goodies!! Hope you have a good day at work and start feeling better! xo Holly

Perfectly Printed said...

Take care of yourself! One of the engineers at work started a little, really quick stretching group....we meet for 15 minutes at 2:15pm....sure seems to help the ole body feel better!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Definitely take care of yourself. I like the idea of a stretching group. My husband has been so sore lately and he's started stretching every night before bed and is sleeping much better.

Keep sharing your Valentine treasures. I always enjoy a peek into your sweet home.


Your newest little "cutiepie" is indeed very CUTE!
FUN burlap hearts! Maybe it's the long winter and cold weather!
Take a long hot bath!

Shirley Hatfield said...

I've been feeling something pretty similar the last few days...achey, tired, and not very motivated. My daughter Amber uses one of those special lights to help her mood in the winter...we tend to crave more sunlight than we're getting. I am so loving your fun Valentines makes me want to head on down to the craft room this morning. Always a good thing!

Theresa said...

Age changes the way we feel! BUT... if those feelings continue, get it checked out! I have been helping my Daughter at least one day a week doing their laundry! There are 6 of them and lots to keep me busy! It is nice to get it all done! Hope you get it all done and feel better my friend, HUGS!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Just love the sweet bear peeking over the canisters! I can't sleep through the night without a Tylenol PM because of leg pains. Yeah, age and winter. Like it or not, seems like we'd better start that night stretching, lol.

NanaDiana said...

Viv- I get like that when I eat more sugar than I should. I feel like I am coming down with something tonight and I NEVER get sick! UGH!!!!

Hope whatever is going on with you is just a passing thing and doesn't last. xo Diana

Stephanie said...

Meet me in the Bahamas. (I wish)

NanE said...

Hope the aches and pain go away soon! I think you need to take a nice hot bubble bath, with a glass of bubbly in one hand and a box of chocolate in the other! :) Here's to a nice relaxing weekend, Nan