Thursday, January 30, 2014

my sweet little babies!

oh I love my little babies!  my precious little kitten heads!  arent they so sweet!?   some of you have been my bloggy pals from the git go and  might remember when I got them... they were just sweet little babies then.. (well they still are really.)

werent they adorable?   now remember they are not related.. they are two separete litters..  well really they are related because Im sure they are husband and wife! lol!
OH  I miss these days!  three litters and figgy never left her side and he fathered those kittens right along with here.. I couldnt find boxes big enough for all of them.
So stinking precious!!  I wish we could have another litter.. but everybody's fixed now.  Three litters was enough.  I dont think anything can beat the sweetness of a little of kittens!!
Well anyways.. I hadnt intended to post kitty pictures other then the first one this morning... but I got caught up in a fluffy moment!  lol.
lets see.. what all is going on around here..   not much.  my kitchen drain is frozen... this does not make me happy.  but hoping that it will thaw tomorrow.    supposed to finally warm up a bit.
today is Vanessa's birthday!  Happy Birthday nessa!
I've been working on part of her present this week.. cant show it yet.  but I will take pics to show after she gets it.  not even any peeks.. cause she is sneaky... arent you Nessa!  
I need to try to figure out when we can all get together for her birthday.  Its getting harder and harder now to get everyone together with all the crazy schedules!  okeedokie.. thats it for this morning..
see yas later!


Japolina said...

I grew up with a siamese cat. She only liked my Dad. She pretty much hated me. When I met my husband, he had a siamese who also hated me. She only loved her person!

Your babies are so sweet. Hope you thaw out soon

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your furbabies are precious. We love our two cat so much. They have such different personalities and remind me of my two girls. Our older cat can be extremely feisty (Emma) and the younger cat has a ton of energy and is very-happy-go-lucky (Josie). Don't tell them that I said that.

Have fun celebrating your daughter's birthday. Can't wait to see pictures of her present.

PS. Another storm is expected during our work commute home this evening. Dang. Enough already!

Cindy said...

Those kitties are so precious! We are going to get a kitten this summer to add to the two we already have and I can't wait!

DollZandThingZ said...

They are so wonderful! When I was growing up we had a female Siamese that we bred and she had three litters. Seeing your photos brought a little tear to my eyes. I have no pictures from those days. Your kitties are them from afar!!

NanaDiana said...

Awww....look at those precious baby kitties. I don't think there is anything cuter, do you? Well, unless it is grandbabies! Happy Birthday to Nessa...can't wait to see what you made for her. xoDiana

Theresa said...

Oh SOOOOOOOO cute! Love those pictures, made me say "Awwwwww"!

Can't wait to see what you are making! Happy Birthday Vanessa!

Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS:)

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

They are too precious! I miss having cats, but the dog we nave now would terroize them. Frozen drains, ugh..hope you defrost soon.

Happy Birthday to Vanessa!

Diane Mars said...

Hope those nasty drain problems get better I cannot imagine what that would be like, but I bet the snow is beautiful. I remember those little kitten Days. Hugs, Diane

Shirley Hatfield said...


Lori said...

Such sweet kitties! Funny - we had frozen water downstairs, too. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Farmchick said...

They are still sweet....even as a grown up married couple. :)