Tuesday, September 2, 2008

flickr date!

A rather large blind date! On Sunday night I met up with Natalea and Jenny, and Sue as well as sue and Jenny's friend claudine and my daughter Jen at the Cheesecake factory~ most of us had never met before.. we know each other from Flickr and blogging. with the exception of Jenny used to work with Sue and claudine. We had the best time! 4 and a half hours of chit chatting, story telling, a few good jokes, and a lot of laughter! We had an interesting enough waiter, who Jenny thought looked like Nick lashay (dont have a clue as to how to spell his name) we entertained or possible annoyed the waiter.. ehh.. who cares which.. we were there for our own enjoyment!
The girls were awesome. how fun to met up with others who understand the urge to run to buy a new piece of scrapbook paper, or some new ribbon.. or to take a picture of some silly thing and to post it. They are kindred spirits, creators of art and whimsy! You cant beat spending time with people who really get it!! I do have a couple friends not on line who do understand.. (Brenda.. thats you!) but mostly people think I'm nuts.. well I probably am.. but at least I know there are others who are just as nuts!! So much fun girls! just cant wait to have a chance to do it again! Makes me wish i could go to silver bella! here are a few picks of us! arent they all adorable?

I had hoped to work on my halloween dolls on labor day, but ended up at the lake again.. (sunday and monday!) we had such a good time..Sunday I went to the beach with my beach buddies, sandy adn becky and their kids! Then on Labor day My family and another couple spent the afternoon and evening picnicing at our new spot down the road. I may have been pushing my luck a bit, because I knew I was coming down with something.. bad cold, and sore throat... but I spent a good deal of time in the lake.. .. now I really feel pretty ill.. There was the most gorgeous cat at the lake last night.. I would have loved to bring him home. But besides the fact that I just cant, I thought, well, geez, if I lived in this beautiful place, I would not be happy if someone took me away from it!!!

Bethany practicing to be a mermaid!!

Aint she sweet??


Lori said...

Viv, that sounds like such a fun time out with the girls...it looks like you all had a great time...kitty is adorable:)

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful to meet up with people who share the same passions.


Anonymous said...

Hey thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the coastal Hurricane! We got lucky this time. No damage and no flooding! Looks like you had a ball meetin up with them!!! hugs


Jessi Nagy said...

hey there,
aah you are all so cute.
how fun
im glad jenny got to hang with you gals.

Unknown said...

What fun Viv! Yes Nat and I will be roommates and she's coming over on Sunday. Seriously we all need to book a weekend at Niagara on the Lake and create art together, go wine tasting and antiquing etc!!!

Sandy xox

Julie said...

Oh - I just love to get together with my girlfriends...which is pretty rare! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I wish I could have been there. I know that was loads of fun. That is one beautiful cat. I would have wanted to take him home too. Have a great week creating wonderful goodies...m...

Farmchick said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Good for you. Haven't "seen" you around lately!!!! Have a great day!

Kai said...

If I didn't just love you to pieces, Viv, I'd be soooooo jealous! I WISH there were some crafty-girls around here. I KNOW there MUST be but they are hiding behind their projects! Waaaah! Seriously, I'm GLAD you had a blast! And SORRY you aren't feeling well! How are you NOW? Better? Incidentally, that kitty would have tempted me beyond reason - SO PRETTY!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Viv,

I found your blog from Natalea's blog. What fun you gals had. It is so much fun to finally meet our blogging and crafting buddies.
Your blog is very pretty!
I will be back to visit again, soon!

Barbara said...