Sunday, September 21, 2008

newest creation

This kitty in this box is named "Shadow".. therefore.. this is a shadow box! hahahaha!!. I just kill me sometimes!
(sound like you dont I bambi!?) Anyways, I made this for a special friends birthday which is this friday.. I dont think I can wait that long to give it to her though! this needle felting is addictive! I hope my Brenda birthday girl likes it!
and this.. I have no idea what I'll do with it. I had the little bear, its not one that I made, but I thought Id dress it up a little for halloween and make her a pincushion to sit on.. She might end up as part of one of my halloween swaps..
Ok.. now on to regular life.. Yesterday was daughter Jens birthday. And she was in a musical, Your a good man Charlie brown. She played Sally Brown. She was so funny! I wish I could have video'd some of it.. but I forgot to!! I pretty much missed the hole 3rd act of the show because I'm on call this weekend and had a situation to deal with.. at least I didnt have to leave! I could go again today to see it, but I have sooo much stuff that needs to be done here and I have to do a homevisit for work... All of which I should be doing instead of hanging around here!
Jens Godmother, who is my dear friend from JR High days... came to her show, then we went out to eat at Perkins afterwords! Doesnt she look soooo young!? I swear she looks exactly the same as she did at 14!!! Honestly!!
Anyways.. thats all for now .. I really have to do something constructive!!
Enjoy your Sunday everyone!
OOOHHH! one more thing!
go to FatJakOriginals for a wonderful fall giveaway.. she is absolutely so talented.. you'll just want to check out her blog anyways! you will love her artwork... I promise!


Bob and Joanne said...

Love the Shadow box, and your funny!

My kids tell me it's a good thing I tickle myself, because no one else thinks it's funny (but when I start laughing, they can't help themselves).

Debb said...

Thanks for dropping by Yesi know they stop and don't leave acomment.I was just tired andnot feeling good.But I did get a rest, I took a class in Iowa with Sherry Goshon and Jean Bernard. Just put The doll up hada blast.I love your felting you are doing I find this pumpkin I want to do someday.

Barbara said...

YOUR SHADOW SHADOW BOX IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! as is your spooktacular pinkeep!~!!!
I just got a bunch of my art posted finally...whew...been a long week!!!


AwtemNymf said...

I am so in love with Shadow and your shadow box art! That is sooo cute and I still am in awe that thats your 1st needle felting creation! I wonder- is the book thorough? I have it on my wish list too and wonder if it's pretty good at step by step explaining?
Too often I get disappointed when I buy a "how-to" book and discover that it still doesn't get to the basics.
I'm more of a visual learner and it helps if the books are REALLY a "how to" book. Know what I mean? (I know it made sense when I thought it) *lol*
The Charlie brown cast pic is darling! Looks like a lot fun. I was in drama in JR high & HS and I had a great time!
Have fun needle felting! Your doing GREAT!!

kathy said...

vIV -- oh how i love theatre . It is especially fun when your children are involved -- esp as adults - 2 of mine do that as ministry at church - too fun -- I love all your creations -- kathy - GA

Debb said...

The pumpkin is paper mache and I put an old earring under it. My daughter use to mamger good will and they had a big box of jewery and I brought it.Want through it took beads apart and earing and use them on my halloween.

Carla said...

Love that shadow box! And the pincushion is just darling. You are so talented.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun way to celebrate your daughter's birthday-even though you were on-call!

Unknown said...

P.S I love your 'Shadow'!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love the little pincushion...m...

Lisa Kettell said...

Lots of magic here, from the amazing artwork,( so magical and too cute, you are so talented VIV), the play (love Charlie Brown), congrats to your daughter TOO!, everything so wonderful!
Magic and Much Joy!