Friday, September 12, 2008

I decorated for halloween!

new! love him!! from tj max.. they have the best halloweenies and cheap! this was only 12.00 he had a friend there, but I passed that one up.. now i wish I had gotten him! but believe me, I dont have room for another halloweenie! I got everything out the other night after going to dinner with my in laws.. stayed up a little late getting things moved around.. I just love halloweenies! i have a couple sweet pieces on layaway.. I have to remember to pick them up!

this is my "ugly thang" pinkeep for halloween.. actually I thought he was kind of cute, but my daughter has convinced me that they are ugly! oh well.. some things are supposed to perfectly ugly for halloween!

wow.. this is my 151st post!

I have been so busy this week. My inlaws were camping near by so we went up to see them and enjoyed the campfires and campfire treats everynight. I finally got my kitchen cleaned up tonight! My table has been covered with craft supplies all week. and I just mopped the kitchen floor at 11:00 tonight! I really need to clean the kitchen and porch windows.. but I dont think its going to happen this weekend!

I got a phone call from my brother yesterday, hes in NY. so we are all going to my aunts cottage to visit tomorrow for the day. I havent seen my brother in probably about 10 years!
then tomorrow night my friend who we had the pink party for, is having a bunch of us (with our families) over.
sunday I have to meet a lady who is ordering 8 memory bears.. so my weekend is pretty much taken.. any extra time that I have will be to do laundry. I may get some time sunday afternoon to work on a halloween ball doll .. Im thinking that I might cook a ham on sunday...maybe with scalloped potatos and corn on the cob.. and squash.. and maybe a peach cobbler! yup.. I think i'll do that!
tomorrow morning I have to make a potato salad, and some pumpkin bread to take to my aunts. I also have to make taco salad dip to take to my girlfriends tomorrow night. I'll have to get up early.. which I always do.. but I should probably get my butt to bed as its 11:45 right now!

I mailed out my 3 for 3 animal swap goodies yesterday for grace's swap, and Im mailing out my wand swap tomorrow.. as well as finally my pay it forward stuff.. so you girls be watchimg your mail. I have a few things left to work on. I have one of my halloween ball dolls finished and ready to mail.. the other just needs to be dressed. My sweet and sinister stuff is pretty much ready to go.. i have to find something vintage still. I also have something ready to go to marie, for the sept swap that mary isabella is doing! then... I have a couple special little bears for 2 very special swaps I'm doing! (blaah blaah blaah.. do you get sick of my rambling? swap swap swap... blaah blaah blaah!!) after these things are finished I'll probably not do any swaps for a bit.. welll.... at least til christmas! haha!

well, I shall leave you with some pictures from the lake the other night when my inlaws were camping..

mother and daughter deeries!

A very lovely heron!

and a gorgeous sunset! the sky was on fire!

night night!!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Love the Halloween things. Have a great weekend..m..

Mrs.Kwitty said...

OMGosh woman--I am tired out just READING about all that!! LOL Holey schmokes!

I love your "halloweenies"--I'm too lazy to decorate for halloween with the exception of some window thingees that I put on, so I really admire those who do!

Have fun this weekend, sounds like you'll be having a lot of fun and lots of good eating!
Smiles, Karen

Terri said...

Your halloweenie looks so sweet! I'm sure your home must look great! You are one busy swap mama. I have just finished some Halloween swaps.
Your pics are beautiful and I do look forward to all your post. Enjoy your busy weekend! Hugs, Terri

Unknown said...

Oh how I wish we had a TJ Max here! I LOVE that jack-o-lantern! I saw your ugly thang on flickr and it's just darling! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I just posted mine so come and visit!BTW thanks for the congrats too!!!

Sandy xox

Ruey said...

Hi Viv!
These pix are beautiful...and I love your halloweenies!
TJMaxx and Home Goods have the BEST finds and CHEAP!!!
I'll take some pix of my recent purchases and share them soon...happy swapping and go girl!
xxxooo Ruth

Julie said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for all of your prayers for us and all the nice comments you made on my blog. Yeah - Ike is gone! Now we just have to clean up after him!