Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekends over... but I had a good weekend.. mostly stayed home puttering.. I didnt make do anything very creative, but instead cleaned a little and cooked and baked. I did make this little spider to sit on the lamp above.. but that took all of 20 minutes or so.. I love my little spidey though!.
Its definitely looking like fall now.. the trees are really starting to turn.. Im hoping the sun will come out later and maybe I'll be able to get some pictures on my way home from work. When the weather starts turning colder, I start wanting to bake and cook again.. so saturday I made this apple pie, (which really no one has been eating! there are only 3 pieces missing.. soon to be 4 as I think its calling my name for breakfast!!) I also made my friend Brendas pumpkin bread. Which I call, PUmkinhead bread! it has mini choc chips in it and is sooo good. Brenda always has the best recipes for goodies!

LOOkie at what I got! I recieved a package from my friend Sherry campbell these goodies from the wand swap hosted by bella enchanted. what a fun swap! Thank you Sherry!!! Sherry is a sweetie.. you should visit her blog.
This is the wand I sent her. and to be honest, I know I put a couple of other little things in the box, but I can not remember what they were!!

Once again, I just have to say how special the girls I've gotten to know out here in blogger land are! I recieved this sweet pincushion and wonderful card from Natalea at Kandeland this weekend for my birthday! I love them!! Thank you soo much natalea! Natalea is one of the girls i met a few weeks ago at the cheesecake factory. We are planning a day out together in a couple weeks. we'll be hitting up the clarence fleamarket and antiques shops.. not to mention, pumpkinville will be open too!

Quite a few of you have asked how jasper is doing. Hes really not doing very well, but he is still with me. He doesnt want me to go to work today.. he told me! but I do have to go. He is so precious! I hate the thought that Im losing him.. thanks for asking about him. Its been a tough few months.. Right now is particularly hard as I feel like I'm watching him waste away before my eyes.. He used to weight close to 12 pounds.. he is down to 6 3/4 as of sat am. The vet put him on some antibiotics and prednisone, then I took him back saturday and they doubled the antiboitic and added another medication that was supposed to help with his loose bowels.. (probably more info then you want huh??) anyways, I think it made him worse, so i didnt give any of it to him yesterday.. I just feel so sorry for him.. damn pets.. wish they didnt have to get old?? ya know?? I'm going to call the vets this morning and ask if her really has to take the medications. If I thought they were going to help Id give them to him.. but why stress him out and make him sicker!?

Believe it or not, this kitty, Marmalade, is Jaspers son!!! Marmels is 15! This is not a great picture of him as I think it makes him look elderly!. He's still healthy and weighs over 14 pounds! isnt he precious ??

Well, I could ramble on about a few more things. but I should get ready for work! BLAAAAHHHH!!!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Great decorations and your needle felting is wonderful. I've always wanted to give it a try! Your Halloween pin cushions are really cute too! Sorry about your kitty. I know exactly what you mean. Our lab died a few weeks ago and then our new kitten snuck outside and was picked up by an owl! The owl dropped her and she is recovering, but soooo scary! It's always hard.

Rosabears said...

Hi Vivian thank you for visiting my blog. I wasn't ready with my blog and I had my first comment from you already. My English is not very good but I do my best.
Is it alright if I link you on my blog? Later on I will be back to read your blog better. For now have a nice day and you hear from me later.
Greetings Marja.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Cute sweet kitties. Cute spider too, and I don't even LIKE spiders! :)

kecia deveney said...

hey viv! sorry your kitty isn't feeling well - that is quite upsetting. it is so hard when our beloved animals grow old before our eyes; heartbreaking it is. your a good momma to them. we will do our swap when the time is good - so no worries, ok? i'll be heading out on 2 different travels, so we'll figure something out!

Valerie said...

Hi Viv! I LOVE your blog! So much fun! Sorry about your kitty though. That's sad. I've lost 2 dogs over the years.
I'd like to send you one of my doodles! E-mail me!

Bob and Joanne said...

Oh, poor Jasper. I hate that he is ailing. I know he has always been your special buddy.

Aren't you just having great fun with all of your Halloween decorations!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I think of you and Jasper very often. It is so hard to watch some one so special being sick. My pets have always been special to me also.
I love the spider!!! I want one! LOL...Have a sweet week..m..

Unknown said...

Love the decor and that sweeeet wand! What a lovely gift Natalea sent you too! She's always thinking of others! Sigh..I wish I could join you guys next week..


Anonymous said...

Loving all the dolled up kitties!