Sunday, April 19, 2009

yackity yak~

Marmalade is finally feeling better and about back to his old self.. he likes to hang over my shoulder while I'm on the computer!

spring has sprung! weve had several beautiful days in a row.. things are turning green outside and my daffidils are up and the forsythia is blooming!

I feel like I havent been here if forever, though I know its been only a few days. I've been on call this weekend and have been busy besides! I did get all my easter stuff put away. Two full bins. I left a couple things out that I just wasnt ready to part with yet. My house hasnt been in its "normal" look since before halloween! I decorated for halloween, then left out just the fallish and thanksgiving type stuff and then went to christmas! After Christmas I put out All the snowmen (there wasnt room for them when christmas was out!) from the snowmen, we went to valentines .. I left valentines out for a couple weeks longer.. and then put out easter! so.... When easter got put away.. I just didnt know what to do. I found a bunch of stuff that I had stored away and played around with those things.. I must be missing a bin somewhere with summer stuff in it.. cause I didnt see it when I was sorting through things.. its not time for it yet,, but I will be wanting it in a couple months!

So, Ive posted a few pics of easter replacements! keeping in the spirit of spring.. I thought plants and flowers and nesting babies would be appropriate!

so what have I been doing? besides undecorating and putting my house back to "normal", I got caught up in making those little flower charms which you probably saw in my last post. I got a little obsessed (I know.. thats no surprise to some of you who know me in person ( brenda and bambi) and made a lot of them. I left work on Thursday night and ran to michaels to buy beads and more hardware.. and blew 35.00 dollars! then this morning I ran to rochester to joanns and spent another 30.00. Yeah, I will never ever use all that I bought.. but I couldnt help myself. It was fun! so, I made a charm bracelet and am making another one. I hung a bunch of them on a little tree. Ive made some that will be for little blythe necklaces.. they are just fun. Besides the little flowers, I also made little felted ball charms too. I tried wet felting .. very easy.. and fun to decorate afterwords!

Believe it or not.. I dont have something dancing around in my head dying for me to make it! that doesnt happen to me very often.. I'll have to go in search of some inspiration! I do have one idea for a needle punch piece, (not needle felting ) I'll talk about that another time.
So I guess thats all for now girls.. but hey! where have you all been, I've not had many comments this past week.. I missed hearing from you all! I thought maybe ya'll didnt like my flower charms or were just tired of me!
I'm off to find something warm to put on my cold little bare feet.. then I'll be back to try to catch up with all your blogs!


Lori said...

Viv, your kitty is so adorable...i love your nesting babies, they look SO cute!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Viv! I found that ever since March break that it has been so quiet in blog land too! Anywho, I like your idea of adding the baby dolls to your spring decor :0) I hope you didn't have to be called into work this weekend. Have a great week and I will keep praying that the great weather is here to stay!


Farmchick said...

Hi--just thought I better stop by for a visit...I have not had much time for visiting lately! Hope you have a wonderful (springlike) week!

AwtemNymf said...

Hi Vivvy!! *waves* Thanks for stopping by! You can always have a doll swap? An Annie swap? *hint hint* I can never make or have enough Annies!
Hugs & Faerie Dust!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

So glad your fur baby is feeling better. They worry us just like those human ones! It is very quiet in blogland! I was just reminscing(
?) about our Hippity HOp swap Last year. I loved your sweet birdie! I actually never made myself one of those spring bonnet girlies. Silly me! but I am now trying to get ready for a Mad Hatter Tea Party next week! Thought of you with the Paper moulding...
See you Soon

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

A "Kitty Cat Necklace"...oh my. Your "replacements" are all adorable too. We had a wonderful weekend "weather wise" and in every other way too! Spring is certainly showing her beauty!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Susan said...

Popping in to say hi. For some reason your Friday post didn't show up for me, I'd better check my settings. I know how it is at Michaels and Joanns, are you signed up for the coupons you get on line? That gives the perfect excuse to go more often and you get great discounts. Give Marmalade kisses from us. Those pictures are just too cute. Take care.

Lydia said...

Vivian, You are such a sweetie:)

I love my apron and use it a lot when cooking. It does such a good job protecting, and is bright and cheerful:) ! And you made it for me !:)

I especially love the Marmalade pics, and the forsythia picture also:)+++

Keep up the cute jewelry. I hung Alex's charm bracelets on a feather tree for a show. They look cute and visible on the tree. xo la

natalea said...

I love the pics with you and your cat Viv! so sweet!!!
And what a fun idea to snuggle those little dolls right into the nests! So cute. Is it raining and dreary up there today? Good weather is coming for the weekend- yay! when can we hang out?
xo nat

Cheryl said...

Beautiful photos as always... but my favorites are the ones with your cat draped over your shoulder. How precious!!

Anonymous said...

Marmalade looks so cute on your shoulder and glad he's doing better!!!

kathy said...

Hey girl , we are still here and love ya -- Not been in a creatin or bloggy mood much -- need to update my blog -- Got burned out with all the swaps -- now gotta spring -(uh really fall , winter etc ) clean my studio -like you the Holidays got jumbled one on another -- Love your flowers and the bebies in nest - lovely -- Have nesty stuff and the new nest banner to display - but gotta remove all the other -- So will see - HUgs kathy - ga

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

The pictures of you and your baby warms my heart....m...

♥zoe♥ said...

Oh her i am Viv!!! I had gone back again for my dad's & group of artist Art exibition so just reached home today:)
Well i think is great to have some original look for your lovely house but i love your little spring dolls *TeeHee* no worries about inspiration why not make yourself some break? haha died for making something out is not too good well it should be enjoy and happy progress:*

Love your home sweet home pics

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Marmalade looks like he's found a comfy spot. Cats are so funny! My kitty likes to sit between me and the laptop key board. If I let her wedge in...she'll eventually sprawl across the whole thing making it impossible to see or type anything and then she gets very annoyed if I try to scoot her over a couple inches to make room,LOL!

When my kids were here, my son tripped over a huge box (one of many) and asked what could it be?
I responded (casually) "our Christmas tree." He gasped then they all broke out laughing! I said "We were actually thinking of putting it up with Cinco De Mayo ornaments on it," that really got a laugh. I've still got a couple Easter items on the kitchen table. Your nested babies are a cute idea. It's such a long wait for Fall decorating. I do a little for the fourth of July. I can't go completely cold turkey. ;D

My guess is... the summer weather has probably taken bloggers away from their computers.
I *ALWAYS* return my (blog) visits. It may take me a bit, but I do. I feel very strongly about those friends who stop by. My frustration lately has been the blogs I visit over and over who never come by! I've a few (blog) friends who have over 100 followers and yet they find time to visit. I just think it's the polite thing to do.

Sweet wishes,

Elizabeth Fedorko said...

Hey Viv!~~~Your dolls in nests are just too adorable!~~~Love your blog and thanks for finding me!~~~XXOO, Beth

Barbara said...

...just checkin in! HAPPY EARTHDAY! hugz and love!

Valarie said...

VIV, thanks for trying to help me get my links set up!! I was trying to pass along an award, and it was going to you, along with 7 other talented women, come by and see me.

CottageBliss said...

Just found your blog...LOVE it!!

So glad Marmalade is feeling better, give him a hug from me.

The wall paper in the second photo was in my last home...I miss it so! I have one roll still in the garage and may have to find a place for it now, yours brings back beautiful rosey memories.

Adding you to my blog subs,

Anonymous said...

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