Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!

happy easter blogger bunnies! wont keep you long today.. we need to spend today with our families and friends! And in church... which Im not.. (naughty me!)

Check out this crown! one of my most favorite easter goodies ever. I recieved this last easter from Tracy WEbster whom I was partnered with in a bunny crown swap! Isnt this AWESOME!!!?

She did so much work on this and then sent it off in the mail. If I had made this, I would never have been able to swap it! the one I sent her was cute.. but not even close to this level of artistry!
Just look at all these tiny pictures! and you cant see it in these pictures, but on the inside of the crown its the same way, only with different little pictures.. really just fantastic!

LOOK at all the bunnies!! EEEKKK!! i love this so much!
And, in those eggs? is 100.00 dollars for my boys to find on their little egg hunt today! umm, they are 20 and 22 years old.. Iwanted to buy them something special, but they couldnt think of anything and just wanted money! well, if they are getting money, they're going to have to work for it!

Heres the eggs Gert (bethanys nick name) and I dyed the other night. those will soon be made into todays deviled eggs!

And COOKIEs that the girls and I made yesterday.. robert watched and spilled the sprinkles all over the kitchen while he tried to drink them out of the jar! (yes, i said hes 20... eiy yie yie!)
Happy EASTER my friends!
Remember that Jesus lives.. and thats the reason for easter!


Carla said...

Happy Easter to you and yours Viv. Those cookies look yummy. Shame on the boy spilling on the floor LOL

♥zoe♥ said...

Lovely bunny crown swap very delicate and so nice every year you can just bring them out and showcase:) You are so lucky girl to have so many idols! Having a blog really fun especially from here we really get to know so much interesting and talent people:* You are one of my idol too Miss Viv:* mucks

Happy Easter have a wonderful dinner!


Le_Vintage said...

Those are so adorable mmm Yum Yum cookies!

those crafts just brought a smile to my face, happy easter!


Jessi Nagy said...

hey sweets,
happy easter.
darling crown

Unknown said...

Happy Easter my dear friend Vivian!! Love that bunny crown.

Jennifer said...

Happy Easter! That is a very lovely and unique crown you got last year! Wow!

Barbara said...

oh love love that crown!!! needing a new crown...!!! summer fairy crown...may be in the i saw your bunny one!!!

natalea said...

fun pictures Viv! it looks like even with your kids grown up, you guys really know how to have fun still! hope your day was wonderful! xo natalea

Cathy said...

Viv, That is the most awesome Easter Crown I've ever seen. You are quite right, NO WAY would I have been able to part with that stunning beauty.

Hope you had a great Easter. The sun is shining here today, so I guess there is no excuse for me to snuggle under a blanket and watch t.v.

xo Cath

kathy said...

Hope you had a great day - we certainly did !!- The crown looks so yummy - drooling =-beautiful !!
But the cookies too - oh make me hungry-- Kathy =- ga

Unknown said...

Hi Viv! Hope you had a great Easter! My daughter did the same thing in trying to drink the sprinkles out of the bottle and dropped it everywhere..LOL! That crown sure is priceless! I love how everyone's eggs turned out for the swap too.

Tootles! Sand

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I hope your day was filled to the brim with joys..m..

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

lucky, lucky you! That crown is amazing. Yummy cookies! Hope you had a great Easter!

Andrea said...

So cute! And those cookies look yummmmmmyyyyy!

Lydia said...

Fabulous crown!!!!!OMG- and yummy cookies. Can I have one?:)

Julie said...

Just got back into town on Sunday and I am catching up on all of my firends blogs...Oh my gosh - I am ohhh and ahhhing over all of your beautiful Easter decor. I feel bad this year I have done so little decorating for any holiday and I really miss all the fun of it. The eggs are so unique!

Charmed Life said...

That crown is over the top AMAZING!!! You are a lucky girl. Your son and the sprinkle incident gave me a good laugh for the day. I love it!

Hugs to you Miss Viv!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I've got a bit to catch up on...starting with that PHENOMENAL crown! The craftsmanship and passion that must have went into constructing that masterpiece is overwhelming. You're the perfect recipient for such a treasure.

Does the artist have a web shop?

Sweet wishes,

Anonymous said...