Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the eggs...

OK girls, here are pictures of all the eggs that were made for the egg hunt swap. some of them are in the packaging and you may not be able to see them well, but you can check the sites on the previous post if you want to see better pictures of them.
Thank you all for playing and I'm glad everyone had such a good time. It was a little bit of work, but well worth it! I loved seeing what everyone came up with. Each person created something different from the next. You are a very talented and creative bunch of bloggers! All but the first two pictures have the names of the creators in the pictures, and I'm not going to narrate along with the pics.. So just scroll through and enjoy the differentness of each set of eggs! the first picture is off Lisa Kettells eggs and the second is off Sherrie Nordgren's. Oh, and I have misspelled Stefanies name.. its stefanie, not stephanie. Sorry if any of the others are spelled wrong! Enjoy! and thanks again for joining!
OOPs.. and I have to draw a winner.. be right back.. going to the online random number thingy..
I'm baaacckkk! number 6 is the lucky winner.. and that would be julie robertson! so Hopefully tomorrow I'll get your little giftie out in the mail.
also, the winner of the easter basket never notified me, so If I dont hear from her by thursday, I'll use that random thingy and try again!
OKeedokie.. enjoy the pictures!


Anonymous said...

They look so sweet! Everyone did a great job!!

Lori said...

those eggs all look so cute...what a fun swap this was Viv!!!

kathy said...

VIV thanks for all the hard work and this beautiful display -- I did go to each site to see them but how great to see them all together -- Gals -- you have a lot of talent out there in blogland !!
I love my eggies -- and VIV you are the best -- Kathy - ga

Geralyn Gray said...

Viv-----thanks again for being my Easter Bunny this year---look at you still hard at work posting everyone's eggs. I hope you have a joyful Easter!!!! You deserve it!!!!!

Lisa Kettell said...

It is egg-topia, All so amazing. I blogged about the egg swap yesterday, and have some freebie Easter Style collage images for all to use!

Thank You for hosting such a wonderful swap and event!

Grace Garton said...

That's so cool to see all the eggs together! Good Friday tomorrow hoping to be able to do a bit of Easter decorating. Thanks again Vivian you did an awesome job!

♥zoe♥ said...

Omg Viv!!! All of them just so beautiful and awesome! Eveyone really did a great job on their own eggs and so much effort too!
Wonderful swap:*
I couldn't imagine how excited i am when i receive these pretty eggs in the mail! hahaha


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