Tuesday, May 10, 2011

lets make cupcakes!! (tutorial)

Id like to be able to give credit to where I got this recipe from, but the truth is, I have no clue. I searched the internet looking for recipes and found a bunch of them. this is one of them. You can find lots more by searching "faux cupcake recipes". This one worked out well for me. The only problem I had is that you cant start and finish them on the same day. And I am not a patient person. So I was really chomping at the bit yesterday to get home from work to finish them.

Its sort of funny, the things that get stuck in my mind. Most people probably never sit at work all day thinking that they cant wait to get home so they can put their fake cupcakes together and frost them! But that was what was in my simple little mind alll day long yesterday!

Luckily there were left overs from mothers day dinner and hubby wasnt home so I came right home and got started. (after seeing little torry pie for a few minutes and feeding him while his daddy had a doctor appt!) I didnt have to try to engage myself in any conversations and pretend I was interested... cause I really would have had to struggle to stay focused if someone had been here and wanted my attention!!

OK.. so I think you already know that I get a little obsessed sometimes.

So, here is the "recipe" :

you need cute cupcake papers of course
plaster of paris
2~1/2 inch styrofoam balls, cut in half
paper clay
lightweight spackling
paint to color your "frosting"
You will also need a cake decorating kit. I have just a cheap little wiltons kit. I bought a few disposable bags ( bet you could use lunch size baggies with the same results!) and i used the star tip to frost with.

day one

I mixed 3 cups of plaster of paris with 1 ~ 1/2 cups of cold water, and then filled 7 cupcake liners (in cupcake tin) about 3/4's full. These will have to sit 24 hours before you can use them. (I popped them out of the tins the next morning and let them sit for the day.)

Then I cut the styrofoam balls in half and covered the rounded tops with a thin layer of paperclay. Thats all you can do the first day.

day two
paint the rounded cupcake toppers choc brown.
when they are dry, glue them onto of the plaster bottoms. I used fabri tac glue cause thats what I use for everything since I discovered it!

Then I mixed about a 1/2 cup of lightweight spackle with a few drops of what ever color paint you want to use. fill the baggie and have at it! the 1/2 cup of spackle will frost at least two cupcakes. I made "frosting" several times so I could use different colors.
as soon as one is frosted you can add your "sprinkles".
You should use tiny seed beads and glitters..
I did not. I used real sprinkles, but Im assuming that in time I will have to toss them and make more with tiny beads and glitters. I just didnt have any that i wanted to use at the time, so I used the real thing!
(a little edit here.... dont use real sugar sprinkles, they stay wet too long while the frosting drys and they swell.. )
anyways!! thats that! then youre done. I dont know how long the spackle takes to dry. mine were still soft this morning.
Thats it girls.. now you can make your own.. but really, there are lots of other recipes out there if you want to try something different. I love how mine turned out though!

happy day!


Cindy said...

Hi Viv,

Thanks for the tutorial. Sounds pretty easy and they end up so cute! I'm like you, very impatient! And I also sit at work and think about what I will do when i get home. Crafting and gardening!

Kai said...

THANK YOU, SWEETY! They are yummylicious! And, lo & behold! I have everything already EXCEPT for the plaster of Paris! DEFINITELY buying some Thursday! I'm soooo excited!

Jane said...

Wow, thanks so much for the tutorial! I've wondered how people make them & now I can try to make some myself. Will be very good for my diet!

Susie Scott said...

Hi Viv,
I've made these before. They are great and yours turned out so cute.
I need to practice more with mine. My styrofoam balls were too big. I get impatient also and you do have to be patient.
It is so nice of you to post the tutorial.
By the way I thought I was subscribed to your blog already. I guess I wasn't and I apologize.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I've been on pins and needles to read more about these infamous cupcakes. Very cool tutorial. I completely understand about obsessing over a particular craft. It's much more fun to craft than work!!

Unknown said...

Good Morning Viv! I've just been reading up on your last few post to see what I've missed. Those cupcakes turned out so good. Bad thing is now I'm craving them. Did you use a star tip to get the pretty piping? It looks like you had a perfect Mother's Day. That edible arrangement was cuter than any they could have bought, lucky you.

Have a awesome day. love ya...Tracy :)

P.S. My swimsuit giveaways at the top of my blog. Come on by and enter. I should have some more giveaways coming up in the next day or so.

Julie said...

Those are almost as adorable as you are Viv!

Your comment on my blog brought me to tears. Thank you so much .. I would love a memory bear for my Dad.. and the minute I read it - I knew that I wanted it to be made from one of his old lab coats! I have to make sure that it is okay with my brothers though .. before I take the coat. I am hoping that he has more than one.

You are such a kind hearted person Viv.. I know you just earned a star in your crown!!

Julie said...

Viv - I have a friend who wants one for her Dad.. can you e-mail me and let me know how much you charge so I can tell her?


Unknown said...

Bravo! That's one big effort, all in the name of over the top...cute!

I can always count on you for a spoonful of sugar to make a rainy dreary day go down.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I have been wanting to make these too...they are so much fun!

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day Vivian! I absolutely loved your MD post. What a wonderful photograph of everyone! You truly are blessed with kids who are crazy about you. OMG! That grand baby is too delicious! Speaking of... I thought your cupcakes were real! Holy Cow, if only the real ones were are calories free as these! Have a great weekend! E

Fran said...

Thanks for the recipe for the cupcakes. Wouldn't these make great conversation pieces at a birthday party? Especially at say my grandkids birthdays. LOL!! ]
Studios are coming along BUT OH! MY! I have way too much STASH!!
Can't wait to see what you create next.
Love & Hugs

Betty said...

Oh my gosh! I saw your cupcakes on flickr and thought they were real. I was so jealous cuz I couldn't have one!! LOL They really turned out great!

Suz said...

Those are adorable, Viv. Two Christmases ago, I looked and looked for the recipe. This is fantastic and I am going to go for some ornie this Christmas!
Love that little Torey-pie!

Woman in Love said...

Thank you!! I do find it VERY hard to read that color font on that background, though - I had to copy it into an email and plain text it to read.

I'm going to try to let the spackle frosting dry then apply real decorations with a Modpodge mix without water to avoid swelling then, when that's dry, coat with another mix of Modpodge mixed with a smidge of water and glitter glue to give some sparkle.

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