Wednesday, June 3, 2009

funny home videos!

we interupt this blog to bring you this funny home video!

YOu need to scroll down and turn off the playlist music first before you try to watch this!

My children have not changed a bit over the years!

Jennifer the oldest is still singing.. in fact, she is a choral music teacher at a local highs school and sings in a couple choirs as well as does theatre. In fact this weekend is opening weekend for Nunsence in which she plays sister mary hubert. And in july she will be the hillbilly grandmother in Oklahoma. One of the funny things about this video is that she picks a song that no one else know and just keeps on singing.. even after... robert gets hurt... You know, the show must go on!

Then theres Bethany, the second oldest.. always doing her own thing.. singing and dancing to the beat of her own drum.. that is still exactly how bethany is.. i love the ending... when she looks a little drunk! The video isnt very good, because I taped it off the old vhs tape as I watched it on the tv.. I dont know if you can see it or not.. but bethany has a big koolaid smile !

Then, theres little tony.. forever the easy going one.. just goes along with everyone else.. sweet as sweet can be. robert bashes into him and he just trys to move over and pulls his pants back up..

And then.... theres the monster.. oops, that would be robert! the wild child.. always trying to get everyone else wound up forever the playful child the one who will purposely disrupt the world! No. he has not changed much either..

Who would have ever thought that this little snippet in time17 almost 18 years ago, would be a perfect forcast of the future???

This video is referred to as "the video" around here.. we show it to everyone.. and we laugh hysterically at it.. every time.. though, I do feel bad that we laugh so hard when Robby does end up hurt in the end..

Well hopefully it opens right up and you can watch it.. i hope you get a little kick out of it!


AwtemNymf said...

hahahaha! Bless Jennifer's heart for keeping her composure and continue to sing her heart out! She was the serious one in the whole bunch. Your daughter does look like the Kool-Aid with the bright red outfit (by no means of size darling). And bless the one boy on the left for really trying to be the "good boy". I can't believe they had a lil' wrestling match there for a minute. hahaha Poor lil' one- got a boo boo and starts crying. It is funny, even now I'm sure he can look at it and think it's funny- even at the time I'm sure it wasn't *winks*. What a classic Viv! Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

Diane Shiffer said...

wowsers does that ever bring back the memories!! aww... i was thinking of bethany in daisy scouts and brownies, and all the afternoons she spent over at our house♥

ya got some great kids there girlie☺

Lori said...

Viv, your kiddos are fun and sweet just like you:) what a great video...

LOVE the circus collage box that you is gorgeous!!! the colors are so fun...and i do love those bears!!!

kathy said...

Oh I love old videos of my own children -- Yours are so cute -- !!_ Kathy - ga

deltamiss said...

Viv, the video is PRICELESS!! :D

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love it!!! happy weekend...m.

Lydia said...

The video is great! I never thought of taping it from the original! We've got some classics. Now I'm getting ideas here, hum:) so cute!

Flora said...

AHHHH!!! Too cute!!!!A time of worry free innocence.I remember those times!!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Hi Viv! I know your busy, but if you get pictures of the Sweet TWeet Swap up on your post. Let me know. Thanks again for that GORGEOUS bracelet. It is incredible. I borrowed pictures from you to post on my blog. Thanks again for joining this swap. You're a doll, as always...of course you're my sis!

Bob and Joanne said...

This reminds me that I need to transfer our VHS tapes over to something that we can watch before VCR are obsolete.

Cute video.