Wednesday, June 24, 2009

fairy in my window box

Good morning girls!
Have you ever had the feeling someone is watching you?
I was just doing up the breakfast dishes and I felt that strange little feeling..
but there was no one there..
then I saw something moving around outside my window..
I thought it was a hummingbird.. and didnt think anything of it..
but then again, I felt that strange feeling that little eyes were watching me..
I peeked again out the window and there she was, the sweetest little fairy, dancing around in my window box singing a little song..
" the sun is out, the day is bright, the air is full of flowers sweet.. come out and play, lets have some fun.. hurry before the day is done!"
I told the sweet little fairy How very happy I was to see her, and that I would like to do nothing more then come out to play today, but that sadly, I am stuck in a silly grown up world and that I have to go to work.
She smiled and said she understood
and I closed my window and finished the dishes...
then I wondered to myself.. was this a dream?
that couldnt have really happened...
I finished the dishes and then opened the window back up to water the window box where I thought I had seen the fairy,
and there on the window sill was the tiniest sweet little bouquet.
No I dont think it was a dream!
And so , now its off to work I have to go.. back to reality..
ho hum..
I do so think I would much rather have preferred to dance with the fairy in the flowers today!

PS.. Dione... I know what youre thinking..... youre thinking... "shes a freak!"


Kai said...

Viv, anyone who writes such a cute post DESERVES to stay home & play ALL DAY! That lil' fairy is precious, the flowers are sooooo pretty, the rhyme adorable. And YOU? You are absolutely a TREASURE! I'm GLAD you feel better! Have a good day (even if you DO have to go out into the old work world - bah, humbug!) LOVE YOU!

Diane Shiffer said...

maybe she'll come visit you at your desk today.....♥

Unknown said...

What a cute post Viv! Enjoy the heat!

Sand xoxo

natalea said...

Cute!!!! love that little fairy...will she be at the tea party?

Anonymous said...

aww how sweet! fairy visits are a wonderful way to start out the day!! maybe she can come back this evening! big hugs


kathy said...

Dear VIV -- I too am fortunate to have a fairy visit at my house -yours is so adorable and couldn't visit a more wonderful person -- Mine is an Art fairy -- that checks each night to see what has been -created that day ! -- HUgs , Kathy - ga

Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

awww, sweet, Viv.. yes, sometimes being a grown-up is kinda sucky, but people like you take time to Play!! Yay!

Happy Wednesday!

Cal said...

That's such an enchanting little post.
Cal :>

Unknown said...

wow what a sweet lil story... I loved it so... Hugs Mica

Here is to many more visits from your fairy....

Anonymous said...

dancing with the fairy does sound fun! Happy Fairy Day!
:) Missy

jenneroni said...

Oh my goodness mom.
Please don't let your boys read this.

Barbara said...

...DON'T LET THAT INNOCENT POST FOOL YOU...Viv WAS out there dancin...NEWS AT 11...

Maija said...

I'm so glad you are better, Viv!!

Bob and Joanne said...

I can't wait until I don't have to be an adult any longer! I want to stay home and talk to my roses.

AwtemNymf said...

Happy Fairy Day my friend
*sprinkle sprinkle*

Stop by my blog if you have a moment... I'm having an "Enchantmwnt Surprise" Give Away! :O)

Sweet post.... Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

you are a freak, viv

MJ Ornaments said...

Love your little fairy! I hope you have time to play with her this weekend.