Friday, June 12, 2009

on my way to canada!

I'll be on my way in just an hour or so... god only knows what I'm doing on the computer cause I still have a bunch of stuff to do! just wanted to say see ya later..
Like the bear? I'm not keeping her, she is for someone else. But I most certainly will have to make myself one cause she is so cute. She is made out of an old bedspread that my mother in law's aunt had on her bed for 40 years!!!
(uh oh... those little kittens just figured out how to get up on my craft table.. I've been dreading them figuring that out!)
LOok how they are helping me pack!!
gotta goooo! Niagara girls retreat! yeehaw!
See yas sunday!

I'm going to miss these precious faces!


kathy said...

Have a great time sweet VIV !! _ kitties too cute !! TAke lots of pics -- Kathy - ga

LuLu Kellogg said...

I hope you will have a wonderful time! Your sweet kitties are just beautiful!


Bob and Joanne said...

Have a blast!

How can you leave those little precious faces behind? :D

AwtemNymf said...

Hahahaha- Jasper & Marmalade must have whispered to them and given them tabs on the best snuggly hiding (comfort) places! I can see them BOTH jumping from one basket to fabric stash to teddy-bear making scraps to bags! AWwwww! Have fun in Canada. Your pink bear is adorable! Be Safe and can't wait for you to return (sheesh you haven't left yet and here I am... already missing ya) *winks*

Cheryl said... that the very same blanket I bought for a buck at a yard sale now made into a bear? cute-cute bear...but--but---but... the blanket...gasp! lol

Lydia said...

So cute- the bedspread teddy- beautiful work, as usual, Viv.

But, the kitties- OMG sooooo cute!!!! they want to come with you.

Better watch out and pack all those needles well before you go!My friend's cat ingested needle and thread. Had to get it out right before it exited the bottom of the kitty-got a little stuck. They got it though!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

You MADE that teddy bear??? It is gorgeous! You must make one for yourself now!
I hope you will be posting lots of pix of your retreat when you return. Have a wonderful time!

Barbara said...

...have an awesome time!!! we will miss you! (i did hear tell that the kittens...were scoping out your studio....for the "while mom's away" party...)


hmmm...teddy bears....swap? i'm sooo

hugz and love

Anonymous said...

That little bear is so sweet and so are your babies! What precious little faces!

Lori said...

i just got home last night from my trip Viv, i had a blast and i hope you did too...your little ones are adorable:)

martha brown said...

I had a fabulous time!!!! Did your kittens miss you????

icandy... said...

I am a Siamese kitty lover... we have a huge male (named Monkie~ hehe) and he is just sooooo darned spoiled rotten! :)