Friday, June 19, 2009

summer home!

Yup! this is our summer home! and our winter home... and our spring and fall home.. Bethany used to answer the phone..."Neroni's summer home.. some are here, some are not!"
I always pretend my little house is a cottage in the summer and a cabin in the winter. Of course I prefer the spring, summer and fall months.. I only like winter til about a week after christmas. then Ive usually had enough.
Its been very rainy here this past few days and the rain has beat the heck out of my plants! this poor peonie bush has been beaten to the ground!

But they are still pretty. I think i might go pick a bunch to bring inside since theyre just going to fall apart there on the ground! I have white and red ones too. I want to get some soft pink ones also, one of these days.

Thank god its friday. I've been a bit lazy all week, which is really not like me at all. I have off on monday. I try to take a vacation day everyweek during the summer, either a friday or a monday. This way I always have a 3 or 4 day weekend. So when I get home on friday nights, i usually try to clean the house up and fix it up for the weekend. I also try to get my grocerys on thursdays during the summer months also, so that come sat morning, i'm free!!
This weekend I will be staying fairly close to home. Its fathers day and we have a graduation party to go to. but other then that I will be sitting at my sewing machine. I have 2 memory bear orders. one for 12 and the other for 5~ so I will be busy for the next couple weeks.
Also... mY car is in the shop.. blown head gaskets! 1000.00 to repair! oh so wonderful.. that really sucks! I was going to put in a patio... I dont think thats going to happen now!

OH look! I needed to show this to you! I was in that circus cart swap and this is what I recieved from me very talented partner Rachel Christy! I adore it!!

She did a great job and I this is the second mermaid that I own.. she even wrote a little story to go with her. YOu might be able to read it if you click on the picture.. (maybe~)

anyways, I love it!
this next picture is a picture of the sweet yo yo doll I recieved from Natalea on our niagara weekend! and the other doll in the picture is from maija! such sweetness!

and lastly this cute little raggedy is from marcel, (auntpittypat) from her annie swap. isnt she cute!? I have to find a better place for her though as figgy and frannie keep attacking her!

In other news, there are two confirmed cases of the swine flu in our little school! One of the foster boys I work with was really sick last night too and his mother took him to the hospital and they tested him for the swine flu. scarey!

Well, I need to get off the computer.. I will be back tomorrow, as I need to post something about my two year blogversary which was this past week!

night for now!


Anonymous said...

I just love your summer home! hehe I bet its just as cute in the other seasons! ohh wouldnt it be nice to have a summer cottage somewhere on the beach! big hugs


♥zoe♥ said...

Wonderful house! Love the flower so pretty indeed:)
so many of pretty gifts?!?! Lucky doll you!


Bob and Joanne said...

So funny about your summer house! Everything looks so green and wonderful. We're already going into dormancy with the high temps and no rain. Ugh. Our peonies are long gone. They barely make it to Memorial Day usually.

That Raggedy Anne is adorable.

Enjoy your weekend!

RR said...

your home is so pretty!and gorgeous peonies.

and what sweet swap gifts!

have a fun weekend!


Farmchick said...

Love your summer home Viv! :) Your peonies are very pretty even if they did get beaten down by rain! Have a great weekend!!

Diane Shiffer said...

ooh swine flu? would that be the little school in your town? or some umm.. neighboring town? yipes? i had no idea we had any in the county. this makes me nervous for my Millen *shudders*

anyway, the house looks lovely, i love the colors you've used, and what a sweet lot of dollies you have too♥

kathy said...

Glad to see ya bloggin - Girl so busy -- Have a great summer --
your peonies are so beautiful - LOve your mermaid --too wonderful
Kathy -ga --

Lydia said...

Great Mermaid Circus Swap piece. Lucky you.

I'm off to a barn sale at Chartreusse and Co. YooHoo -What cheap goodies may I find???

LuLu Kellogg said...

I love your home! I loved your swap piece.

I found you through Sandy and Maija and just love your Blog!


Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

Hi Viv! Love your summer house -- do I see mauve shutters?!?! I'm jealous.. still trying to talk hubby into a pink polka dotted shed. ;)

Such yummy goodies in your swap! And how fun that you could get away w some artsy friends.

Feel better soon!

manila property said...

very colorful home.. so lovely!

vintagepaletteart said...

Lucky you! For all the swaps and the gorgeous house too! Love the colors!

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Viv,
I am Suz (Susan Reaney) and I am a freshman Bella...aged 59! Your house is lovely...and similar colors as we those colors! Glad to have a husband who will live in pink!!!

I am journeying through blogs...I have really been enjoying yours a lot. I read a couple of the women who had been on the Canada trip and it lead me here.

I hope to do this soon but first comes the Etsy site. May be coming soon...for sure, before Bella.

Hope to meet you there.

Suz (Susan Reaney)