Sunday, June 7, 2009

art retreat!!

Its almost time for our niagara art sisters retreat! Sandy camarda, natalea Kandefor, maija, martha brown and I are all getting together in canada at the beautiful niagara on the lake. Jenny K (be cherry) was also supposed to be coming with us, but due to life events.. she is unable to attend... which is so very disappointing, for us and for her!

We will arrive on friday afternoon and spend the weekend creating, shopping and hanging out, and having a good time.

Natalea, Jenny and I have hung out a few times together, but I havent met sandy, martha or maija yet and I cant wait. I have to work on some things today to get ready to take with me. (shh... I'm making a little something for all the girls!)
We also are doing a "softie swap" heres a sneak peek at mine!

So this week will go by quickly i'm sure and before you know it well all be there.

Im a little worried about leaving my kittens for the weekend, but my husband will be home, and he needs some bonding time with them! he doesnt get to when I'm home.. He actually had the nerve to call me the Kitten hog!!!!!

frannie pants and figgy puddn! arent they freaken cute???!!!♥♥♥♥

Also, wanted to share this video. Jennifer played sister hubert in the SPot On production of Nunsense this weekend. I went both nights and was able video the second night. Thr first night I was sitting too far back to even bother trying to take any pictures! There were some parts that were so funny I was about dying laughing! Here she is singing Holier then thou. Not the greatest video.. but its alright. Be sure to turn the sound off on my play list first. Oh, and speaking of playlists, I just uploaded about 10 new good old songs from the 70's too!

Hmmm,, its taking this video a long time to upload. (ok.. its like taking forevar!)

lets see.. while we are waiting for that video... plans for today??

steaks on the grill, I probably should get them out and marinating. Gotta make a mac salad, I should start that now too. Playing in the craft room... getting stuff together to pack for this weekend. If I get tired of being home, then I might run out to get a few more flowers as I still have a window box and two pots to fill. I'm hoping to be productive at home today.. but a trip to the flower place wouldnt take too long.. really!

hmmmm.I have a little head ache going on.. just took a couple tylenol though and made a cup of tea.. hopefully that will nip it in the bud!

ok.. girls.. thats all for now. I may be back later if I find myself with anything interesting to say! later!


Unknown said...

Heeyyy I can't see the softy sneak peek!! Hope you get all your stuff done. I can't believe our weekend retreat is FINALLY here! I'm sure you kitty cats will have fun with dad this weekend!

Sand xox

Bob and Joanne said...

Frannie and Figgy are soooooo cute! You kitten hog.

Have a wonderful trip. It sounds so fun!

Maija said...

You are going to LOVE us, Viv! And I know we will love you, too!

AwtemNymf said...

Hahaha- it's okay to be a kitten hog! They are flippin' cute!! And I'm sure they'll play with Dad too! How fun- an art retreat! How nice to meet other artists and just hang out and create! Wow! Canada! YOu must be so excited :O)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Aren't you the lucky girl to have such a wonderful weekend coming up! I am jealous...I hope you have a blast!

Stay Cozy & have fun,

Diane Shiffer said...

well, dear it sounds to me like you need a coupla more kittens.. just so you'll have enough to go around to all family members, you understand... yeah.

and oh, what do you know? i just happen to have a couple of *beautiful* kittens here. that i'm willing to part with. cheap. so let me know when you want me to deliver them.. that's right! i'll even deliver 'em. yeah, i'm just nice that way;)

have fun on your crafty get away... i'll try not to be too jealous☺ said...

Have fun, sounds like a good group!

natalea said...

oh I can't wait!!! I am so excited to get on our way! We are going to have so much fun!
Call me when you have time so we can plan meeting up...xo nat

Susan said...

What a fun video. Jennifer has a fantastic voice.

Anonymous said...

Your retreat sounds like fun!! I love the peek at the softie!! The kitty pictures are so sweet! They look adorable!!!

Gina M Smith said...

Oh pooh! This could have been me, too! Will have to meet you all some day, esp. YOU, Viv and Sandy and Maija and well, the gals I don't 'know,' too.