Tuesday, June 30, 2009

pinkeep giveaway and a little video! (a little edit here)

For Valarie for my giveaway this past weekend! I hope she likes it!
(EDIT: girls I did not make this little bear. I had collected all the littlest gund bears at one time and I have a ton of them. But I dont have them displayed anymore, because I have so many more that I like so much better, that are either artist miniatures, ones that I made or some that are just really special to me.. These little gunds are cute, but they are all the same and they are great on pinkeeps and in some other art work. so .. NO, I did not make the little bear! Just thought I should let you know that.)

Look how freaken cute they are!

they are getting so big...

I have got to get off this computer~

I have got to get sewing on these bear orders, I have 17 to make.

One order for 12 the other for 5. I'll be sure to post their pictures when they are finished. I have the 12 all cut out, i just need to get off the computer, plug in the sewing machine and get busy! But first I have to eat dinner.. just left overs.. but good ones.. I made homemade chicken cordon blu, mashed potatos and corn last night! yummy leftovers!

OK, so Off I go.. hi hohiho!



Hi Viv.
Your swap for the 4th looks awesome...lots of great treasures to make the 4th special!! I was looking around my house..and I don't have a thing for the 4th...guess I need to run to the thrift store and pick something up!
Happy 4th !!
Deb :)

Diane Shiffer said...

oooh cute kitties!! *almost* as cute as my little boys;)

i need to ask you about your bears.. do you sell them on etsy? or what? anyway, we should actually .. like.. talk sometime!

Anonymous said...

I love your kitties. Which is the female? And are they talkative? My part Siamese talked ALL of the time.

Valarie said...

Vivian....I love the pinkeep. I am so excited, I can't stand it. Did you sew the cute little bear? I thought it was needlefelted. I love, love, love it, thank you my sweet friend. xxoo Valarie

Anonymous said...

Your pinkeep is beautiful, Viv!! Your little kitties are so cute!!

Diane Mars said...

Darling little kitty cats, you sure keep busy how do you find the time? And such wonderful creations, keep it up I always like to pop on over here and see what you are up to.
Hugs, Diane

Lori said...

Viv, your kitties are so adorable...i love the bear you made for Valarie...and she will too...he is precious!!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

How funny that you posted a darling video of your kitties! Last week I posted one of my grandbabies dropping parachute guys from our 2nd story. Who can resist a video clip of little darlings?? Not me!
My mouth was on the ground as I viewed the Americana swaps below. Coming over here to your Site is like going to the playground. Thanks for sharing! : )

TiffanyJane said...

Awwwww!!! The kitties are getting bigger, they are sooooo Adorable!!!!
Sounds like you have lots of orders, you better get busy!!!!
Happy 4th!
xo Tiff

AwtemNymf said...

Awwwww- everything is cuteness overload! Love the pin keep! Lucky Valarie! :O)

And Figgy & Puddin' Pie are adorable. Their loyalty to each other and you is indescribable. Thanks for sharing! CUTE!!!

Hugs! Have fun sewing those bears!

Maija said...

OMG- those kitties are so stinking cute!!!!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, your kittens are so precious! And what Fabulous works you ladies have been up to with your 4th of July swap! Just Wonderful!
Sandra Evertson

Barbara said...

*SIS BOOM BAH!!!* (INSERT SPARKLERS GLITTERING IN THE NIGHT HERE) your posts sure put me into the FOURTH OF JULY MODE!!!! We had our fourth of july parade last nite (thursday) and maddy got to carry the bumper banner for her school!!! today we are organizing a bit of the house more..and we are having Island grilled pork chops, ranch potatoes, corn on the cob, and banana cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting tommorrow we head to a picnic and fireworks tommorrow nite..then sunday our county zoo...has a HUGE free day for military members and their families!!! draws thousands of people...AWESOME EVENT...HAVE A FANTASTIC FOURTH...can't wait to see the bears!!!
hugz and love!

Carla said...

That is the prettiest pincushion!!!