Sunday, January 18, 2009

when life gives you snow.. make snowmen!

I'm so thankful for a three days off this weekend! I've got so much stuff to do! I went out yesterday shopping and playing with my daughters, just to get that running around that I love to do out of my system and now today and tomorrow, I'm planning not to step foot outside! and.. I think we might be having a heat wave today.. I heard it was going up to 20! but, in spite of all that delightfully warm weather, I think I'll still stay inside!

Its been sooo cold out ! I know its been much colder in other places.. I do believe Ele and farmchick have had the coldest weather and the most snow also! (so I shouldnt complain!)

Do you like my little snowman?? his name is snowy snicklefritz! named after my son tony.. because I call him snicklefritz.. (though now that hes almost 22, do you think hes too old for that name?) I wonder what snicklefritz really means?

It was obviously too cold to go out and play in the snow, so I brought some in! I made two, one for the kitchen window and one for the bathroom window, but I couldnt get that one open, it was frozen shut! I would love to make a bunch of them and sneak around putting them on peoples window ledges during the night so they would find them in the morning!! wouldnt that be so much fun? kind of like mayday, when people used to leave flowers on doorsteps!

LOOKIE what I got in the mail yesterday! Isnt this the cutest, sweetest little easter pin? Lori from faerie window sent me! I just love it. Thank you soo much Lori, you are soo talented!

My friend Elaine at Artful Spirit, is having a giveaway.. you definitely need to go sign up.. She makes such awesome little creations! I want one of everything she makes..

I think I have the details together for my easter egg hunt swap. I'll be posting soon and starting sign ups! I think Its going to be the best swap ever! I still need to design a button! so stay tuned!!

did I tell you I'm going to Florida in march? Im flying down with my aunt. My mother and brother live down there and my grandmother who will be 93 on March 3rd. we're actually going down for grandmas birthday. My dad lives in florida too, so I plan on seeing him also. As much as I'm looking forward to it, I also dread it! I really hate flying. plus, I dont want to leave Jasper when hes sick.. I am hoping he is much better by then.. we'll talk more about Florida later I'm sure! I do so love the ocean!

well, I've got to go make meatballs for tonights dinner and frost a cake for Roberts girlfriends birthday and I'm dying for choc chip cookies.. which means that I have to make them! (umm not doing to good on that changing my bad eating habits thing... nope.. I'm sure not.... )

got some projects to work on .. valentine things for swaps ! and my 200th post/valentines giveaway giftie! heres a sneak peek at my valentines swaps for nataleas swap

Ok, time to get off of this computer and get busy!! have a creative day!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

You've always got a lot going on! The little snowman is cute. Our weather has finally warmed up (for us). We're actually in the above teens! Heatwave! I love the nickname!

Anonymous said...

I love Snicklefritz! I love the idea of putting snowmen in your window. How cute!

Carla said...

The little snowmen are a hoot!! Just love your idea about putting them on the neighbor's windows. LOL

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I do so want snow. I love it!!! Those are the cutiest snowmen ever. I am praying for jasper!!! Have fun on your days off...Mary

Barbara said...

ADORABLE SNOWFRITZ..(ooops...did i spell that right?) we, too, are heading into the (GASP!) 20'S...with those cold temps last week...makes them feel so warm!!!

Lori said...

Viv, your snowman is just adorable...cute name too:) so glad that you like your bunny pin!!!

Fran said...

Your little snowman is soooooo cute. :-)

Unknown said...

I am sooo jelaous you get to go to Florida!!!! We may just go to Great wolf Lodge during March break. I am hybernating from the deep freeze but your snow man put a smile on my face! Isn't Snicklefritz from 'Loonette the Clown':) The valentines ornaments look cuuuute!!! I'm pissed cause mine still haven't arrived at Nat's (it's been 3 weeks) I'm worried that the drug sniffing dogs smelled the dried lavender I used in them..LOL! Lucky you to be receiving one of Lori's cuties!