Monday, January 19, 2009

easter egg hunt swap!!

Ok ladies, get out your easter baskets and bonnets! Its time to sign up for my easter egg hunt! I thought I could put it off a little longer, but I just sat down with the calender and realized I better get started.
SO here is the scoop, theres a little eggstra special twist to this swap:
This will be an easter egg hunt. Everyone who joins must have a blog, other wise they wont be able to hunt for their eggs creator!
1) you will have a blog.
2) you will need to make 2 of the sweetest easter eggs ever. they can be made out of any medium, but need to be less then 3 to 4 inches each and not too heavy.
3) YOu will have until Feb 2nd to sign up. sign up by emailing me at When you email me, you must include your full name and mailing address and blog address. (if you dont have a blog and want to join.. start a blog.. it really isnt hard, believe me, If I CAN DO IT, anyone can!!)
4) you have until march 2 to make them and mail them to me. They really have to be in the mail by march 2nd. In order for this swap to work these dates have to be met.
5) YOu will also need to include 6.00 dollars for postage. (I think that will cover it) If its more, I'll have to cover it.
6) when I get them, I will randomly choose 2 partners for each of you. (I will not be swapping in this swap myself.. though im sure when I see all the sweet eggs you girls make I'll be wishing I was.) I can't do it, because i would not be able to hunt, because I'll know where all the eggs came from and where they went too!
After I choose your partners, I will repackage the eggs and send each participant 2 eggs each from two different girls.
7) I will mail the eggs out to you sweet swapper girls by march 23rd.
8) heres the fun part.. the HUNT! ON APRIL 5TH, we will all post pictures of our eggs on our blogs, the ones we made and the ones we recieved. I will have posted all of your links (and I will make sure they all work) on my blog, so you will start at my blog and go bunny hopping from blog to blog on an egg hunt looking to see who got your eggs and whose eggs you recieved! A couple days later I will also post pictures of all of the wonderful beautiful fabulous eggs that all of you artistic, creative and talented ladies made! YOu wont have to send me pictures this time, because I will have had the eggs here and will take pictures of them all myself.
OK, So thats it! sounds like fun doesnt it!? I think I've explained it well enough, but I could have left something out.. if you have questions please ask..
Also please post the badge and spread the word about the swap, (even if your not going to join)... the more the merrier! I'm hoping to have a big turn out for this swap.. It should be a lot of fun! Ok.. I'll be waiting to hear from all of you creative and talented swappers!! sign ups begin now!


Malissa said...

oooh, I'm in! E-mailing you now!

Leslie said...

I found your swap on my twin sister Malissa's blog! This sounds so fun!

Anonymous said...

hey chick! count me in! Im off to email you! big hugs


Debb said...

I understand , don't worry.Your swap sound some much fun.Will have to join later.Have to bake a cake for Dominic today. NO my birthday is tomorrow think I made a lemon pie for me sound goods I don't feel old but my RA is acting up couldn't walk the other day and my hands hurt. May have to gaveupmaking dollssoon..But I can still blog!!!!!!!
Thanks for the BIRTHDAY WISH.
love Debb

kathy said...

VIV I e mailed you about wanna hunt eggs lol - hmm somehow I have you in my address book twice -- so hope you got it - Blessings -
kathy - ga

Libby Buttons said...

Sounds like great fun! Count me in.

Julie said...

Oh - this sounds like so much fun. Sadly I will have to watch from the side lines. This is busy show season for me.

Sherry said...

I'm emailing you my info now. This swap sounds like so much fun!


AwtemNymf said...

Ooohhhh- sounds like a lotta fun! I'll email you tonight! I'm running out the door right now! I"ll email you soon!
Hugs & Faerie Dust!

Nancy D said...

I wish I had enough time to join in but I just have too many irons in the fire already.
I wanted to let you know you have been tagged to write 6 random things about yourself. You can find out more by going to my blog.

Wendy Hue said...


I think this sounds like too much fun - I'm going to join before I leave work today!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds fun! E-mailing you now.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hunt too

Unknown said...

Hey Viv!!
Wow, this swap sounds like a lot of work, for you!! You know you can count me in. I'll email you the info. Hope your sweet kitty is doing ok. Give him big hugs from me!! :)

Kit said...

My daughter's say I have to do this and I love the idea! Count me in please. Sounds like lots of fun.

Fran said...

OOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm not going to get to do the Easter Egg Swap. :-(
I'm going to be out of town some and I've got lots of work to finish. WELL!!CHICK!! I really LOVE doing your swaps. I hope to catch one later. I'm Sad but there's always the next Swap. Love looking at your blog as always.

Puddles of Grace said...

Ok, I am not even sure how I got to your page but I love the idea of being a part of this Easter Egg hunt! Sign me up! Thanks!
Charlene Hormann

Courtney Short said...

awwww shoot! I hate that I missed this swap.. I will have to keep up with your blog for the next one :-)

Anonymous said...

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Cathy said...


How did I miss this swap? I'm bummed out. I didn't even realize you were doing an Easter swap. boo hoo...

By the way, the Siamese music is sooo funny I can't concentrate on reading your blog. Hysterical.

xo Cathy