Friday, January 9, 2009

copied from my flickr.. just thought id share.

Was tagged on flickr to post a picture of myself and write 16 things about myself.. thought I'd share it here too! I wont tag anyone specifically in blogland to do this.. but Id love to learn more about each of you! I know... when you comment.. (and I hope you will) leave me 3 facts about yourself!
OMG!!.. going to hobby lobby tomorrow!! cant wait.. its brand new and Ive never been to one before.. I understand I'm in for abig treat!!!
HEY! wasnt I a cute little thing!? then age sets in.... blaaah!!! ok.. 16 things about me....

1) I was supposed to be a princess...

2) I'm pretty sure i was switched at birth

3) I hated school hated it hated it hated it!!!!!

4) I always got in trouble at school.. (can you believe that??? ) Really I rarely went to school!

5) I eventually went to college and got a bachelors degree in social work.. (huge accomplishment for someone who truely didnt go to school!!)

) I work with juvenile delinquent boys.. and I like them! (well, there are a few that I could live with out!)

7) I have 4 children, 20, 21, 23, and 27! I had my first child at age 10.. yeah, thats right, 10 and that makes me 37!!! (heehee!!) not a very good liar am i??

8) I've been married for 28 years.. and have been with my husband since I was 16 years old!! (god.. thats.. amazing.. and hes still alive.... thats amazing!)

9) I have two kitties.. 16 and 15.. my 16 year old is old and sickly... poor precious baby!!

10) I have no grandchildren and none of my children are married yet!

11) I have always loved to make things, since I can remember.. I used to make stuff for my barbies and dolls.

12) I LOVE tiny things..

13) I'm obsessed with creating.. live and breath it.. daily.. I take things to work to work on on my lunch hour!

14) sadly, Im a bit obsessed with the darn internet and flickr and blogging and it takes up way too much time.. I think my husband thinks I ignore him...(how do you think I've stayed married this long!!) (just kidding!)

15) I'm a people person and have been truely blessed with many great friends.

16)I love seeing what everyone on flickr and blogger is creating and how they spend their time and live their lives!

ok.. thats it.. 16 boring things about myself! so I have to tag someone now.. I know just who to tag.. oh and let me add one more..

# 17... I used to have this awesome roommate.. saint magenta!

I'll probably post tomorrow after my hobbylobby experience!! night night!!


Malissa said...

my 3 things:
1. I love 80's pop culture
2. I am extremely intuitive
3. I am a powertool chick....(doing the "tim the tool man" grunt now)

Flora said...

CUTE , darling pic!! who is it?...hahaha!!!
1)I love to talk unfortunately,
2)I'm very shy, so I get flustered very easily.
3)I am extremely forgetful,I was the brunt of many jokes for many years in my family, it hasn't

Lori said...

Viv, that picture is PRECIOUS!!!
how exciting that you got a hobby lobby...the one here is SO far away and i have never gone...i did go to the one my mom has in tennessee and it was GREAT!!! i hope you find LOTS of goodies there:)
1} very shy...almost crippling so at times, but this is improving with age
2} i love to read...while suffering my current sting on non~inspiredness i have read 6 books in the last 2 weeks
3} i love too many house is a crazy hodge podge of rustic antiques, pretties and folk art

Jeanne said...

Love your Blog! And love your creations! Wishing you all the Best for 2009!

Debb said...

If you come over to my blog there an award for you.Our Hobby lobby is closed on Sundays .It about 25miles away. Here 3 things
1) I will be a year older this month on the 21.(age unknown)
2)married for 40 years got married young
3) have 3 child's ages 39,37, and 32 and 4 grandchildren 12,10,8,6
love debb

Terri said...

Viv love the pic! I want curls!! I went to the Hobby Lobby in Texas.
1. I love art
2. Just got in touch with my boyfriend from 38 yrs ago
3. I'm really a millionaire..friendship is priceless

Anonymous said...

You are too adorable!! Happy New Year to you!! Smiles, Elaine

Gina M Smith said...

Sandy's bear is too cute for words. Happy New Year-maybe this is the year we get to meet!

Farmchick said...

You are too cute! Hmmmm my three things:
1. I love to dig in the garden.
2. I love the smell of freshly cultivated dirt wafting through as my husband is working our land.
3. I love being outside in warm weather....
Can you tell I have spring fever...could be because of our 50 inches of snow!! Have a great day..our Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays...

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

This is so funny. I love it! You are a cutie pie, (still are). Have fun at Hobby Lobby....can't wait to hear your view on it!

kathy said...

OK just wanna say -- fasten your seat belt - gonna be a bumpy ride -- Have sa Hob LOb - 20 min - away - ah !! I so love it -- doesn't have many altered arty stuff - but I get lots of great basics there and they hav egood sales -- and ya cna buy cute home and gifty stuff -- and ..... see waht I mean - Thanks , glad you are enjoying the goodies -- Kathy - ga

*Linda Pinda* said...

Oh, Viv!!!
You were indeed a beautiful little girl. How precious...

I loved reading a little more about you. Seems we have oodles in common!

I just googled Hobby Lobby earlier today, and the closest one is many hundreds of miles away... waaaaaa.... I want to go too!!! LOL!

My 3 things?
1- I probably will never blog it out loud, but I'm beginning to wonder if the two bunnies was really such a good idea... LOL!
2- I hate Mondays because the kids go back to school, But I love them because it's hubby's day off and we get to spend time together.
3- I love my online friends like you, who put a smile in my heart every day :)

Hugs... *Linda*

Unknown said...

Girl I still have nightmares about school for how much I hated it too and I KNOW I must have been switched at birth..LOL! I think you asked me to add a picture and facts to my flickr but I'll leave you with 3 facts about me:
1)I am a bit psychic and intuitive
2)I despise my wide Julia Roberts mouth (you'll notice it more when we meet in person)
3)I am fluent in Foul Language..LOL! Just ask Natalea what I mean!!


P.s Don't think I've ever been to a Hobby Lobby. Is it like a Joanne's?

Anonymous said...

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