Wednesday, January 7, 2009

sandy, dont peek if you havent gotten your mail yet!

JUst a few things...

This little felted bear pinkeep was made for SandyCamarada! I hope she likes it. I think she should recieve it in todays mail. Its a belated birthday gift. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY sandy!!

And, I ve been wanting to show you a couple things I recently recieved! these sweet things (not a great picture..sorry!) came from Kathy of countrychintz! I love them. I didnt put any of them away with my christmas stuff, because I didnt feel that I've looked at them enough for the year yet!! Thank you soooo much Kathy!!! I have them all in my craft room!

This sweet tag came on a swap package from DEbrina.

We did our own special swap and i couldnt have been happier. I love my little fairy in the jar! How sweet she is! And how sweet Debrina is!

I made this little blue bear for her, which she loves and she named him teeny tiny! I'm glad he went to a good home!!
well, off I go.. its time for a little breakfast and then some crafting. I am home from work today, not feeling so great. but I can always craft, unless I am dying. though, I do have to say, ive had a couple bites of this... and cant eat anymore of it.. I think I will have some plain toast later!

I hope sandy gets her present today!! see yas later!

I have a little edit to do here.. I recieved a package in mail this after noon and since I was sort of doing a little show and tell today, I wanted to add this to it! Look at this sweet little owl and doll from Carla . I had told Carla that I loved the little owls and then she wanted to send me one! so i expected that, but I didnt expect the sweet little doll! Love them both Carla and thank you soo much!

Everyone out here is soo good to me! thank you girls! love ya all!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I am amazed with your felted friends. They are just too cute! You have wonderful talents.

Jessi Nagy said...

eekkk cuteness.

she is going to love it all.
happy new years


Lori said...

what sweet bears!!! the fairy from Debrina is gorgeous:)

Anonymous said...

I love your felted teddy! He is simply adorable!!! Carla's doll is a really cutie too! You got a lot of wonderful things from your friends!

Our Hands For Hope said...

My birthday is in December!
How cute is that bear! Great job...and 9 in two days! WOW. my two day maraton sewing spree this last week were two velvet bridesmaid dresses. Girls came into town thurday eve and wedding was Sat afternoon. Note to self "never out instead and sew bears with Viv!"

Miss Rhea said...

Love the Pinkeep bear, and the blue bear that you made is adorable !! :) Way too Cute !! Looks like you received some great goodies in the mail :) Have a Great Day !! :)

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Bear is TOO cute for words Viv!!!! I know she is going to love it!

Unknown said...

Eeeeek, I just got the cute birthday bear-pinkeep in the mail! I LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE it!Thanks so much Viv! Can't wait to see you in a month!


Libby Buttons said...

WoW Viv,
What great goodies you've given and received. I know your crafty but not sure if you knit or not. I'm having a little giveaway on my blog and wanted to let you know.

Anonymous said...

love what you received and I love the bear! sandy will be so happy!
I'm off to write you an email now!
xo nat

Anonymous said...

hey!! I love the cute items! love the bear! I wish I knew how to do those felt animals! they are so precious! let me knwo when ya post about yoru swap! I will most likely join! hehe big hugs


Kai said...

Viv, you are a WONDER! I love the little cuties you MAKE and also all the things you receive! Visiting your blog is always a pleasure because there is so much eye candy & so much FUN STUFF to READ about!

Malissa said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE that birthday bear!

Carla said...

How did I miss this post??? Cute little bears! Thanks for putting the owl and doll up. I'm glad you like them.