Thursday, January 22, 2009

A lot of talk about nothing!

Hello girls .. Almost Friday! yay!! did I have an extra day off this week?? I know I did, but why does the week seem to be dragging ?

Well, partly because my dear precious Jasper is still ill. I did take him to the vets on Tuesday and was told that he has a tumor the size of a golfball in his belly. the vet put my hand on it and I do think I felt it. I think they thought that I should put him down.. but I couldnt do it. Though I know he is sick, I'm not convinced that he is suffering or that he is ready to go. In his prime he was 12 pounds (that was a few years ago) he is now down to 5 & 1/2. He still wants to eat, though he is now eating mostly babyfood meats and real chicken. I'm giving him anything he wants. he is still sweet and wants to sit with me all the time (like he always has). I know he is not always comfortable, but I dont think hes in constant pain. I would put him down if I thought it was time.. Im just not sure it is. When I called the vet back today to tell them that i wasnt bringing him back today (I originally told them I needed to take him home to say goodbye for a couple days) I told the Vets office that he isnt ready to go.. and they told me, no, that Im not ready for him to go... well either way.. who cares.. its just not time yet. So thats my jasper update!

I have all my valentine swaps finished and ready to mail out! Cant post pictures of them yet.. but I have posted a bunch of valentine pics from around my house!

I'm about ready to move on to easter, but I have to make a special valentines bear first!

There are 21 girls signed up for the egg hunt swap so far. Though I do hope we get another 10 at least! So come on girlfriends.. sign up!
I was tagged by Nancy of dogpatch critters to list 6 random things about myself. So here are the rules and then my 6 things..
THE RULES (for this game of tag):
7. DON’T BREAK THE CHAIN (not actually a rule)

1) I am almost always cheerful!
2) I am the oldest of 4 kids.
3) I am a magazine addict.. (though very concerned because some of my favorites are going out of business!)
4) I am obsessed with tiny bears and dolls!
5) I love decorating and puttering around the house.
6) I am a worrier! I worry about my kids all the time..

ok.. so Now I have to choose 6 people.. there are so many to choose from... you know keeping up with these tags and awards is sometimes very difficult! I got 2 awards a week or so ago and ended up not posting them at all.. but I am so thankful to the girls that gave them to me! ok I'm going to choose the first 6 girls that signed up for the egg hunt!! thats pretty random dont ya think...

Now, if you havent signed up for the swap.. just keep scrolling down and read about it and then sign up! Thats all for tonight folks.. Im pooped out!


Mia Sophia said...

Im so sorry to hear about Jasper. You know him better than anyone (even the vet) and you are the only one who can decide what is best for him! You'll make the right choice at the right time!

Fran said...

So sorry to hear about Jasper. You will know when he is ready to go.
I'm with you, keep Jasper as long as you can. You will know when he is ready.

Lori said...

Viv, i am sorry that your Jasper has that tumor...glad he is not suffering though...the other girls are right, you will know when it is time to let him go...
your valentine decorations look SO cute and i love them all!!!

Geralyn Gray said...

Love your decorations. I rec'd your tag and hate to not tag back. I am trying to figure out the linky link thing--I did get your egg swap up on the side last night with a link. I like you am finishing up swaps and have jury duty next week. I will try!!!!!!!! Thanks!

kathy said...

Viv , I am sorry about your dear pet . we one of our two dogs two years ago . Our other is 13 and a little 10 lb lap buddy - so I truly understand your love for him .
So excited about the eggs swap - already planning my ideas --
All your Valentine lovelies make me wan to decorate - but got one swap to finish up -- Kathy -ga

Bob and Joanne said...

I'm so sorry about Jasper. I had to make the same decision about Sheba years ago. As long as Jasper is enjoying your company and still eating, I don't see the pushing need to do something. I knew it was the right time for Sheba when she didn't want to be held any more.

Love you. (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about Jasper but I can certainly understand your feelings. I was the same way with my Sebastian. They are just so precious and loving creatures. You will know when the time is right and it doesn't sound like you feel that now nor does little Jasper. My thoughts are with you, my friend.
Viv #2

Farmchick said...

That is so sad about is very hard to put an animal to sleep..but if they are suffering then it really is helping them. You will do what you need to when the time comes.

Love all your valentine pics...everything looks great.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

ON your list I am number 2 and number 6. I too am the oldest of 4 children and do worry allot about my children!! I am praying for Jasper and you doing this very hard time...Hugs...m.

Jeanne said...

Vivian, I emailed your PWGL swap info on Jan.18 and resent it today. I am sending to your yahoo addy. Please check your spam folder as it may have ended up there. If you cannot find it, please let me know with an alternate email addy. Thanks! Jeanne

Anonymous said...

I love the child cupboard! That is so cute. Love your blog. This is my first visit, so I will be back. Sorry to hear about Jasper. Have a good week

Gina M Smith said...

Hi Viv- Good luck with Jasper. Mookie was 18, and having problems. The day I finally thought I had to take her, apparently she agreed, because while I was up getting ready she went peacefully in her sleep. If Jasper's not in pain, then I'm sure he'd much prefer to be with you! Thank you so much for the pinkeep-I emailed you, and I will be blogging about it. I love it! BTW, did you make those two red paper mache figures in the tree photo? You are too much! Almost time to get out my chickie box again!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What precious little treasures on your shelves! Love all your pretty things! I am looking at them in detail! I love so many of the same things!

Papier Creatif said...

Lovely blog, girl... You are so talented. I was moved to read about your beloved, Jasper. It is a very difficult decision. A few years ago, we had to put our Sheltie to sleep. My vet was kind enough to come to our home. I wanted our dog to rest in our yard and made a cross. Then, I lit some candles and placed them near her before he put her down. We told her we loved her and she drifted off. She was in a lot of pain & I knew it was time. There were days when she was ill that she'd still run up the driveway to greet us. I am thankful for those last moments. So I understand your feelings about this. {Hugs for u & Jasper}