Sunday, January 4, 2009

sunday morning mumblings!

wow! This is post 196.. I'm going to have to do another give away soon and I havent even mailed out the last one yet.. thats because it was a christmasy thing.. and now that its past christmas, I want to send something different.. so Gina.. I have not forgotten you my friend.. something will be coming.
So stay tuned... I will do something valentiney for my 2ooth post giveaway!
a few of you have asked if I will be hosting a valentine swap.. I would like to, but I'm already signed up for a few, so I suggest you check out Dollys Valentine swap! She would like to get 100 girls involved. I did her swap last year too and it was alot of fun.. so if youre looking for a swap.. thats the one to do!

I will however be hosting a beat the winter blues swap and a special easter swap.. details to follow soon..
My big plans for today are to stay home and work on a valentines project and also on a little bear. i'm so glad I completed the orders I had! I did however recieve two more orders for 4 bears.. but I havent recieved the clothing to make them out of, so I dont have to start on them yet!
My other plan for today is to take the tree down. I dont really want to... This is the first year the tree wasnt in my way somehow and its sooo much work to put every thing away and then to redecorate. Actually that is probably what I will do with my day.. my crafting may have to wait. I'm also planning on making scalloped potatos and ham for dinner.
So many things I want to do ! AND!!!! There is a Hobby Lobby now in WEbster. I've never been to one before, but my daughters went the other day adn told me it is amazing!
Dying to go now.. but I really need to hold off until next weekend. Some one told me that there is also a new one in Buffalo.. I think I'll google it and see what comes up!
I had a little tea party yesterday.. a few of the girls I went to Ocean City with this past summer. We had a sweet visit.. My friend Cheryl is finished with her Chemo and she has the softest peach fuzz growing for hair now! I'm so proud of her, she has weathered the damn cancer storm with such an amazing spirit!! Now shes gearing up for reconstructive surgery in the spring! she is awesome!!

oh dear we're sideways in this picture, but thats because, I looked better sideways then upright!!! beats me why, but I liked it better this way! heehee!!

OK.. I'm off to tackle that darn tree!!


Barbara said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ON TO 2009....(but where oh where did 08 go? or maybe just blocked it out COMPLETELY!!!)


Carla said...

I'm trying to put decorations away. Been making a 142 mile round trip to see Michael in the hospital. Thank goodness he might be coming home tomorrow or Tues. I tried to mail your little package twice now. Once I was too late, closed. Second, Saturday afternoon...closed. I can't keep track of the days but your little guy will be winging his was to you soon!!!

deborah said...

<3 hobby lobby = 10 minutes from my house.

tony loves the girlies *:)

Bob and Joanne said...

I love Hobby Lobby. I can always find something there. I try not to go too often!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! You'll love Hobby Lobby! We recently had one open up here and I LOVE it!!!!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Ahhhh the tree! I STILL need to put mine away! Of course, I just barely put it up 5 days before Christmas so I am not quite ready to let it go yet!

Happy New Year ((((hugs))) Jenny

Sea Dream Studio said...

Hey Viv~ Happy New Year! You will LOVE Hobby Lobby!!
Love all your cute pics!

kathy said...

VIV looks like you are raring to go with lots of new ideas --girl you amaze me !! Looking forward to the swap ideas sounds fun !!!-
Kathy - ga

Anonymous said...

Hey chick!! I cant believe you have never been to a hobby lobby wow! I would live at that store if I could! when you walk in the doors your going to want to get down on your knees and thank god! lol thats how awesome it is! I too am dreading the take down of decorations. dont ya just wish you could just pack the stuff away with a twitch of your nose like bewitched. back to reality! well off to get ready hugs


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am in the Valentine's Day swap. I know it will be great fun. I cannot waitor your swaps. I am still fighting this demon headache and can only do a couple of minutes on the computer once or twice a day. I am sitting in the dark with no T.V. no reading or crafts. I am going nuts!!!...hugs..m..

Julie said...

Is it over already??? Wow - the Christmas holidays flew by fast this year!! I still have to take down my tree too...bit by bit - I am getting to it...and how come I have to buy more and more plastic containers every year ...okay - I know - it is because I keep buying stuff..not that I could squeeze anything else into my little barn-house!

Your gonna love Hobby Lobby!

Unknown said...

Wow looks like lots of fun sewing in the new year for you young lady. I love the new look.. how chic!!
Aweeee Hobby Lobby.. you just don't know who you will see there :)
Hugs and Happy New Year!!!

Lenae May said...

Thanks for dropping in on my blog, Vivian!
And thanks for the add to yours. I love all your color!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year you have a great blog!

Malissa said...

I think I like your picture sideways better, too! Looks like you guys were having a lot of fun!!

Farmchick said...

Just stopping in to say Happy New Year!! Love your all just look so cute and happy!!!